Are Male Cats More Affectionate?

Everyone wants to have these cuddly companions and their affection is just an add-on bonus. But have you ever thought that maybe the gender of the cat affects how affectionate it is? It is because as per studies, there seem to be several different opinions on this, as some people claim that male cats are more affectionate and playful in comparison to female cats while some argue the opposite.

Are Male Cats More Affectionate?

Is there a personality difference in reality between male cats and female cats?

What’s the answer?

The Answer: It depends on mmultiple factors.

Behavior in any living thing is affected by multiple internal and external factors. And when it comes to cats, a majority of the discussion is about instincts.

Similarly, many cat owners affirm the fact that the environment plays a huge role in cat’s behavioral patterns, too. Moreover, a properly socialized male or female cat displays a much friendlier attitude to others even as compared to humans.

And any cat which has been raised properly since its kittenhood is very comfortable around crowded places and people as compared to the ones grown up under one owner.

From the above discussion, it seems to have a set of mixed reviews whether male cats are more affectionate than female cats.

Let me burst out your bubble,  in general, it seems that gender plays almost no role and it majorly depends on the surrounding of the cat in which it grows.

Cats are unique plus different and each of them has its own personality. So, what to do then?

It’s not just enough till here. Let’s explore more.

What factors determine how affectionate a cat is?

There are multiple factors affecting how affectionate a male or female cat is. Some of the major ones to keep in check are as follows:

Breed of the cat:

One of the major factors that affect how affectionate a cat is its breed. Different breeds create different impacts and help in determining the level of affection too.

You can’t exactly tell which breed is more affectionate or what but you can’t ignore the importance of some specific ones like Scottish Fold, Ragdolls, Sphynx, Persian, Siamese, American Shorthair, Burmese, and Birman, etc.

But the breed is not a 100% foolproof determinant of how affectionate a cat would be.

Facts to know:

  • It is a known fact that male cats enjoy being the center of attention and female cats are more laid-back. That’s why it is considered to be more affectionate.
  • As per observations, the male British Shorthair cats are a bit friendlier with their owners rather than their female partners.
  • A similar case is with male Siamese cats, as it is more cuddly and loving than the female Siamese cats.

Cat’s environment:

Another significant factor to keep in check is how affectionate a cat is in its environment. If you have an adopted cat, it’s best to know about its background, whether it comes from an abusive home or was astray left on the streets. If you found it from a shelter, even then it’s necessary.

Why is it so necessary?

It’s because an abusive or harsh environment impacts badly on a cat’s behavior. It has a lot to do with what kind of personality and kind of emotions it would shape. Mostly they become aggressive irrespective of their gender.

Do you know if it gets worse, a cat can develop a major disorder i.e., a high post-traumatic stress disorder?

Don’t worry at all!

What you should do to get your cat out of that harsh experience?

Even then despite all the known facts, it’s true that if you treat the cat with utmost love and affection, it would turn into a playful and relaxed personality sooner or later; but everything takes time. You would have to explore more what it enjoys, about themselves, and how they play to generate a bit relaxed personality.

Remember one thing, the four first months of a cat’s life are very important. You have to take care much at this stage about the environment. Whatever you give them as caretakers, it would help them to become more affectionate and playful as compared to other kittens. And it’s all due to a good amount of human interaction.

Cat’s socialization activities:

We have already talked about the importance of a cat’s breed and environment, but there are some equally significant other factors too. It is how much or little your cat socializes with humans or other pets plays a crucial role in its development.

For example, those cats that usually stay outdoors or have an astray background are likely more aggressive while the indoor cats are more mannered, and exhibit a loving and affectionate behavior.

One more thing to take into account here is that different cats have different personalities. That’s why some like to more open and are comfortable with interaction while others don’t like it for no reason at all.

If you are someone who is more outgoing and would love to take their cat along with you then keep the cat’s background in check. If it doesn’t like the outdoors much then it might behave slightly aggressively towards you. And if you are someone who loves indoors and would play and cuddle with all day, then it’s evident it would show a more pleasant attitude towards you.

You may also browse for some cats/ dogs stories about human affection and it would truly blow your mind, how it shows empathy for their owners. And there may be different ways of showing love and affection, so you would have to explore yours.

Cat’s Age:

Older age has its problems and challenges, plus mood swings are one of them. Observation claims that older cats are grumpy, like to stay in their confined shell, hard to please, and choose to remain in themselves for no apparent reason. Sadly, there is not much which you could do about it.

Is there any Disease or Physical Injury? :

Lastly, a cat may act aggressive or arrogant if it’s sick or has a physical injury. So, make sure if the cat is injured, you can expect signs like inflammation or limp.

One more evident sign is that a cat will avoid coming closer to you if it would be scared to get touched at the sore place. Sometimes a similar behavior is being observed when it’s constipated or dehydrated.

Whether the cat is spayed or not:

It is also one of the most important factors which can’t be denied at any level and determines how outgoing your cat would be, is that whether the cat is spayed or not. It is irrespective of gender whether it is male or female.

Non-Spayed Male cats

Through a wide observation, it is said that non-spayed male cats are a bit more affectionate and loving towards others than female cats. They are more frank, enjoyable, playful, and like to be cuddled. It is one of the core reasons that many people are not inclined towards getting a female cat as they assume male cats to be friendlier.

However, it is also true that during the mating season, male cats become angrier and territorial while on the other hand female cats tend to become more loving. At that time female cats prefer to be caring and tend to rub them against people and almost anything.

Why Non-spayed female cats are not affectionate?

Unspayed female cats are seemed to be less affectionate. The main reason behind it is that non-spayed female cats are usually mothers. And that is why the female cat’s utmost attention, love, care, and affection would exhibit towards its kitten rather than another human companion.

However, it doesn’t justify that a female cat will be aggressive. They tend to become a lot more loving, caring, and affectionate when they are in heat.

It is so interesting to observe these behavioral differences among male and female cats when they are not spayed or neutered. It is because as it is closely related to their sex drive.

Remember one more thing, most animal shelters, and adoption centers, agree to the fact that cats should be spayed and neutered. It helps in their less aggressive behavior and a more effective way to decrease their population and negative behavior.

Verdict – Why Male cats are more affectionate than Female cats?

In the light of the above discussion, it seems that exactly gender has nothing to do with a cat’s affection in nature.

If someone claims that female cats are bossy and demanding, remember it depends on the cat’s personality and life experiences. Like some particular breeds are naturally aggressive or noisier than others, it has nothing to do with attention-seeking.

Similarly, hormones also play a great role here, the male/ female cats who haven’t been neutered become aggressive at times to see your attention.

In short, female cats are a bit aloof due to their motherly instincts and prefer cats over humans whereas male cats are more affectionate because of their independent nature.

How can one make male cats more affectionate?

Here are some ideas for bonding and achieving that natural connection with your cat.

Show your male cat that particular gestures it looks forward:

Cats enjoy some specific gestures and appreciate them a lot.

Like whenever you come home or wake up, point out a particular sign towards them to let them know that you are glad to see them.

Every cat has its preference; some of them like kisses, but some enjoy scratching. A great way to make them affectionate is to demonstrate how much it means to you.

Give a relaxing Massage to your male cat:

Massage is the best way to release stress. Unfortunately, people don’t realize how stressed cats get.

Remember some of the do’s and don’ts while giving massage to your cats.

  • Be gentle and mainly use the palms of your hands, not your fingertips.
  • Avoid using massage oils or lotions.

Make sometime daily for a half-hour play session:

Buy some good-quality cat toys as it gives you a chance to interact with them on a different level. It helps to enhance the cat’s instincts. Half an hour play session in the evening would work wonders for your male cat and strengthen the bond between you.

Dedicate some music time with your male cat:

Who knows, maybe your male cat would love music.  Sometimes music is one of the best reasons to relax the cat from a chaotic or unsettling environment.

Make your new cat feel safe:

If you have a separate room at home, set up all the essentials for your new cat over there.

Such as a litter box, cat food, water, cat toys, and bedding.

If you don’t have a room, set up an extra space somewhere to spend some time with your cat.

Make cat’s feeding time its bonding time:

One of the most significant ways to create bonding with your male cat is through feeding.

Make a proper schedule for it. Talk to them at this time and make them unique.

Final Words

There is no substantial personality difference between male and female cats regarding affection as per the expert’s observations. Each cat is unique in its way, and when it comes to affection, the factors discussed above are more important than the gender of the cat. You have to keep checking all of the above-discussed tips and tricks to have an affectionate male cat.

And remember one thing, you might feel disappointed that if your cat doesn’t want to cuddle with you. But understand one thing, you can’t force a pet. Accept your cat for who it is and relate to it on its terms, and go with the flow.

So, make your decision wisely. Good Luck!

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