Why does my Cat Lick my Ear

why does my cat lick my ear

Are you here because your cat likes to lick your ear too? Well, you’ll be glad to know that your cat isn’t the only one who does this. Many cat owners constantly find their cats licking their ears, even while they’re asleep. So why exactly does your cat lick your ear? Is it just an … Read more

Neutered Male Cat Mounting Spayed Female

Have you ever noticed a neutered male cat mounting spayed female and other things? If you notice the same in your male neutered cat, it might be time to think about why. This read will help you figure out the cause of this not-so-pleasant behavior and how to prevent it. Frequent mounting of male cats … Read more

Cat Hissing At New Kitten

cat hissing at a new kitten

A cat may hiss often at the new kitten because she expresses territorial aggression through this, feels unsettled, and shows that she is unwilling to share her space. Cat hissing at a new kitten is pretty normal behavior. When a new kitten in the household can best be addressed by properly introducing the cats to … Read more

Do cats know what Kisses are

do cats know what kisses are

Do cats know what kisses are? Could be a yes, could be a no. This is something that depends on the cat and varies with each. If you have a cat raised as a kitten, you can get the cat used to it. But if you have just attempted doing so, you might get in … Read more

Why does my Cat Lick my Earlobe?

why does my cat lick my earlobe

Cats being anxious by nature will be attracted to anything that comes around. It could be a ball or any part of you. And that might end in licking your ears. It is normal for one to be curious about, ‘why does my cat lick my earlobe?’ Well, other than being seeking your attention, one … Read more

Moving An Indoor Cat Outside

movng an indoor cat outside

Is your cat itching to leave the home and insists on staying outside altogether? Are you considering moving your indoor cat outside permanently? If this is the case, you and your cat are in for a big change. But don’t worry, we are here to guide you through the process on how to move your … Read more