Why does my Cat play Fetch?

If you have a pet, in particular a dog, playing fetch would be your favorite pass time. This gets the pet owner to spend celebrated time with the pet and have fun too. Many experience it with the puppies yet many might have seen a comparable case with kitties too. So, while we hear some people inquire why does my cat play fetch, certain people are also known for playing fetch with their cats.

Instead, some cat breeds are very apt in fetching toys and balls than the rest of the lot. To cite such an example of the cats, we have Maine coon, and Siamese heritage, well known for having a joyful come healthy fetch game. They are equally playful and festive, well known for being active and relishing the game of fetch. In addition to them, quite a few other breeds of cats are also known for being vibrant and enthusiast as they would indulge in the fetch. However, one may think that why does my cat play fetch when many don’t? Well, the answer is the cat is persuaded by the mood. When it’s right, it gets the cat fetching.

Dealing with cat playing fetch?

When you get the cat for the first time, you may wish your cat to fetch. Many young pet owners want to have most of the time spent playing so. On the contrary, one will notice that not every cat enjoys the fetch. This intrinsic domain of the dogs is seen in some of the cats. However, there is nothing like giving an attempt to it. One can try by encouraging the cat to play.

Some might report that their cats are by nature more welcoming and receptive; the others shall need to pay closer attention. They might need to put in more time to get cheerful; results. The ones that have their cats tossing and swirling around the toys are better positioned for playing fetch. This, in turn, keeps the cat active and adds on positive influence to their health. You may be surprised that having a cat play the fetch can encourage it to go sharp with hunt and chase.

Encouraging cat playing fetch

The cat can get you a toy and leave you surprised for the first time. This is the time when the cat is into playing fetch. Do not ignore the signs and pay attention to every meow or toy gathered before you. Give it a game or say aloud ‘fetch kitty kitty’ and let it get the toy back to you.

This tendency of the cat can be refined. All it needs is time and patience. Follow some of the steps to let this come out as complete fun. A few things that one can do to encourage the cat to indulge in fetch is

  • Respond to the cat’s meow and toy gathering activity.
  • Present it some encouragement on collecting toys
  • Assign a name to get the cat going after the toy
  • Try to make multiple attempts
  • Keep tossing
  • Encourage the cat to chase the stuff given away.
  • You may try it before the meal; the cat is more receptive at this part of the time.
  • Treat the cat after the fetch; it will boost the morale for the next episode of fetch.

If you wonder why does my cat play fetch, should I be happy or ignore it altogether. Well, the answer is; this is the finest playtime. The cat is in the mood. It got the right skills and also looks up for your attention. It not only makes the cat feel needed, but also you can bond well. If you are new to this, here is a list of questions that might pop your head. The good thing is we got them answered, have a good read.

FAQ’s Relating Cats playing fetch

How normal is it for a cat to play fetch?

The fetch playing activity is way too dog thing, yet it is also seen with cats. Some breeds are seen showing this activity with regular tendency. One such example is of the little kitties that present the group of Siamese heritage and Maine coon. They are very quick with response to fetching toys and have a good capacity for learning and retrieving toys. Plus, it helps the cat to take advantage of the good that comes packaged with it. It makes the cat playable, active, and get rid of extra belly fat.

How do you interpret cat playing fetch?

The cat usually doesn’t play fetch. Thus, many people may find it abnormal and relate this as a dog activity. Yet, the cat owners need to know that some cat breeds are inherently into fetching. While many other are trained to do so. They are coached by the owner by spending time and enabling them to come playful. This shows the capacity of the cat to present energy, vitality, and a jovial mood.

What types of cats could be playing fetch like dogs?

Well, cats and dogs are two different species yet can co-relate at some habits. One habit of interest that cat owners wish to have a similar dog is fetching. Many cats can have such features, but some examples of cats that particularly behave like dogs are given below. They can have identical or almost similar levels of loyalty with the owner, have merriment going with water fights, and get thrilled with playing fetch.

These are:

  • Turkish Angora
  • Ragdoll.
  • Abyssinian
  • American Curl.
  • Bombay
  • Main Coon.
  • Manx.
  • Birman

Do Abyssinian cats play fetch?

Some cat breeds have essentially shown a tendency to play fetch, which is unlike a traditional cat. One of them is the Abyssinian cat. These cats offer some features that are close to that of the dog. They are one of their kind, known for their loyalty, fondness for water games, and the fun part; playing fetch. They are the ones that are really amusing when it comes to fetching, be it balls or toys. These cats are known for being social and may require more attention than any other cat otherwise domesticated.

Do all cats enjoy fetch, or is it some training? 

Many cat owners will know that fetching is inherent to dogs yet might have seen their cat indulging in the fetch. This might instead be a great game for the most owner. While many may be spending quality time on this same game, others will be doubting if this is inherent to all cats. A few breeds play with a natural inclination to it. But many other are trained by the cat owner to do so. But remember, this could be a good exercise for the cat to lose the tummy and game to go for. A little effort can get your cat fetching too.

How to respond to a cat bringing in a toy?

Just be cool about it. Follow the lead. Show some love to the cat; this will assure you time and care for the kitty. It will be a thrill for the cat and a sign of affection at your end.

What can I do to make my cat play fetch?

Train and be patient. Try assigning a name to the get to get a response. Use some fun toys that cats love to gather or generally play with. Spend time, pat, and let it embrace some toys. Stretch some time until the cat gets the toy to you. Ensure to treat the cat for this success and make sure to give a good stroke to keep the cat going.


  • This might take time, but the results are fruitful.
  • Make sure you attend to the cat when it meows around you.

How common is it for a cat to play fetch?

Playing fetch is not a normal bent of the cat. Except for few breeds, not all cats usually play fetch. However, it is a nice activity for the cat as it can help it have a light, playful mood. Moreover, it can help reduce the waistline. If your cat is not generally into fetching, you can encourage the cat to get into it using some simple steps.

Can you possibly train a cat to play fetch?

Definitely. Yes. If the cat is not integrated into the fetch game, do not be saddened about it. You can still train your cat to do so; all it needs is a little time and try. This could be a fun and healthy thing to do. All you need is little patience and willingness to repeat the same cycle with slow results. Plus, the process can be different for different cats. One can also pamper the cat to get into it or reward for positive outcomes of the training.

Why does my male cat carry a toy and meow?

The cat at times desires some company of the owner and may yearn some time with humans. However, there are cases when the human is too busy to offer any time. At the same time, the cat does not have a companion as people tend to keep one pet to manage them easily on their own. Thus, the male cat or otherwise a female may bring toys to you and meow to grab your attention. The mouthful of the toy can be an indication that the cat is also willing to play fetch with you. This is when the cat is in a pleasant mood, and the owner can show some love and care.

How can one get to tell if the cat gets excited at seeing one?

Cats have their ways of expressing love to the owner. They might be doing this by meowing, cuddling around you, or erecting the tail or ears. One other way of doing so is by getting the toys gathered before you. Make sure you treat the cat right, pay due attention, play around or throw away toys if needed. A gentle pat and rubbing a hand against the cat can also work.

What do you interpret from a cat playing fetch?

The new cat owners could both be excited and flabbergasted at discovering the cat playing fetch. This has been engraved into the public mind that puppies are more into this activity. What they don’t know is that cats can also play fetch, though a little less commonly. So in case your cat gets you meow and wishes you to throw the toy. Things are just fine; take the lead and have some fun time playing fetch with the cat.

By the way, it also exhibits that the cat is in a delighted mood and would love herself some joy.

How normal is it to receive a toy from your cat?

Pretty standard, it is seen especially when cats are dealing with their kitties. It is basically to bring into them the skills of hunt and chase. Something that could require in a natural environment. However, domesticated cats may lack this feature at times. But luckily, if the cat gets you a toy, it is some time to play. Or if not so, she can get it to you to show some skills at gathering toys and maybe fetching, some later time.

Is it scarce to have the cat play fetch?

Unusual than the term rare, it is more of an uncommon thing amongst cats. The chase and pounce are usually seen in the cat as a feline tendency to hunt. It may also be known as retrieving game or as one of the infrequent behaviors of the cat. Yet the cat is seen playing fetch and trained by the owner to bring in some fun time with the cat.

Do cats understand the fact that they are into playing? 

Yes, cats really do understand the concept of playing. Many a time, they will get you playing and having exuberance around. The cat playing fetch is an extension of the same. One should attend to the cat and have some company and a good time together. Just make sure you keep it below the point of exhaustion for the cat and keep the fun alive.

What do I comprehend from a cat getting me a toy and meowing?

This is, in fact, a good thing and should be looked forward to. The cat typically gets to you with a toy and meows, exhibiting a good mood. In turn, the cat demands some attention and playfulness. This is the right time when you could encourage the cat to chase and hunt. You should pick up the toy and test it with the fetch game.


Why does my cat play fetch? It may be an uncommon question but not rare at all. Like dogs, some breeds of cats appreciate fetching. It polishes their hunt and chase skills. This also borrows some light-heartedness to the cat’s attitude, making the owner adore them more.

Sometimes new pet owners may confuse it with a dog’s trait and deal with it in the wrong way. But the tip is to pay attention to the cat, respond to the toy gathering skill with a gentle thump, following the lead, and playing fetch. In turn, this brings bliss to the cat and improves its health, and makes you have some quality time with the cat.


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