Cat Teddy Bear Cut vs Lion Cut

cat teddy bear cut vs lion cut

Cats are famous for self-grooming and keeping themselves tidy. They spend quite some time doing so. It is easier to maintain them with little intervention. The reason for having them is that it is easier to have them with little maintenance. But there are times when some human interruption is needed. A haircut is needed … Read more

Are Male Cats More Affectionate?

Are Male Cats More Affectionate?

Everyone wants to have these cuddly companions and their affection is just an add-on bonus. But have you ever thought that maybe the gender of the cat affects how affectionate it is? It is because as per studies, there seem to be several different opinions on this, as some people claim that male cats are … Read more

Friskies vs Fancy Feast

friskies vs fancy feast

Looking for just the right diet for your feline friends can be tough, especially with countless options out there. To find the right food, thorough research is necessary to ensure you make the right choice. Let us make the research process easier for you, here’s everything you need to know about the biggest and most … Read more