Cat Teddy Bear Cut vs Lion Cut

Cats are famous for self-grooming and keeping themselves tidy. They spend quite some time doing so. It is easier to maintain them with little intervention. The reason for having them is that it is easier to have them with little maintenance. But there are times when some human interruption is needed. A haircut is needed to ensure cleanliness. This part stays quite a Cat Teddy Bear Cut VS Lion Cut conundrum. Let us get it sorted out once and for all.

cat teddy bear cut vs lion cut


An Introduction

Felines are quite into self-grooming. Yet some help is needed at the cat’s parents’ end. Generally, cats do not require hair cuts there are well known for their cleanliness. But cases like infestation by fleas or any skin conditions can demand a haircut.

Under such an instance one has a range of cat hair cuts ranging to quite a few numbers. But the tussle usually remains between the two. That happens to be Cat Teddy Bear Cut VS Lion Cut. While you finally make up your mind for the cat’s haircut. Or as deemed necessary. It is advised to see the pros and cons of each.

Where To Get A Cat Haircut

We usually have some professional cat groomers. They are trained and equipped to help you do that. They can provide help and even let you decide on Cat Teddy Bear Cut VS Lion Cut. To add to one’s knowledge, cat grooming is not just about licking the fur. It might also need brushing, massage, and sometimes a full session turning into a cat spa. A haircut may or may not be part of this grooming session.

The professionals can, however, provide bathing facilities. Haircut as per your choice especially if the fur has overgrown. It is not harsh on the cat if done under professional care.

Disclaimer: Cat Teddy Bear Cut VS Lion Cut

While you aim at getting a haircut. Make sure it is not out of styling needs. The undertaken purpose should be legitimate. It is one of the responsibilities that you have. Besides the shelter and food provision ones.

Exploring Cat Haircuts

The Natural Look

Well, this is your go-about thing. If you do not need any complications and stay free of style mantras. This keeps the cat’s close-up natural look. You can also call it regular trim.

The Tiger Cut

This is meant to level out the hair length in a feline fellow. It will eventually give tiger-like look to the cat. Head to tail, all body alike.

The Asian Lion Cut

It is one of the wildest hairstyles. It keeps the cat’s mane extended to the front legs. Normally recommended for older cats.

The Teddy Bear Cut

Talk of the town haircut. Also known amongst professionals as kitten clip or a Comb Cut. This gives the cat a trim of almost 1/2 inch all over the body. The name comes from the look. More or less like a teddy bear.

The Lion Cut

This, in contrast to comb cuts, is an infamous one. Kept in reserve until heat and humidity mandates. This name comes from the aura it gives to the cat. The lion-like look. But it is pretty useful for ridding the mats, shedding, or hairballs.

Justifying Trimming – Cat Teddy Bear Cut VS Lion Cut

The time has drastically changed. The pets can not be ignored and left to self-grooming. A cut, shower, and some pampering at least once a season don’t harm. Especially when they share a house with you. Plus, the cat enjoys the process and carries a good mood for a while

The hair growth or re-growth is least affected by trimming. It can and does grow to full-length again unlike dogs. So with cats, if you demand some trim at the head area. Even around legs and commonly the whiskers. It makes complete sense and is mandatory under a few circumstances.

While we choose between Cat Teddy Bear Cut VS Lion Cut. We need to know the cat gradually becomes aware of the trimming process. They will be soon aware of the drill, and tools use therein. It is generally a tactful job and needs professionalism. So getting it done by a professional. Or being careful if one has to do it on one’s own is recommended.

Exploring Cat Teddy Bear Cut VS Lion Cut

1. Lion Cut

It is seen in practice that one aims at getting the cat groomed. They tend to ask for trimming services. And amongst all types available they are up for getting the cat clipped. That means to opt for a lion cut.

This remains undefeated hairstyle for the feline fellow. It never fails to satisfy the cat’s parent. It takes a cut from the shoulder to the back. It also entails trimming from the side to the thigh and covers the belly region too. Imagine, what makes it called a lion cut. It only leaves behind the til, clipped to allow a tuft.

Talking of clipping, the lower legs are partially clipped. This gives the cat an outlook of a fluffy boot and a sense of fullness in the leg region. While a cat survives to have the look of a lion’s mane, not long though. Keeping the hair intact on the chest and head.

It has been a cat-parent experience. Many pet owners report positive and merrier cats to conduct post-trim. But it is not only a fun picture. It does have some points to be careful with. Here are the goods and bad as discussed below:

The Goodness Of Lion Cut

While we have Cat Teddy Bear Cut VS Lion Cut. Let us see the advantages that it may offer.

1.      A Perfect Style Statement.

If you are a cat lover with a flair for style. Well, this is your go-about with Cat Teddy Bear Cut VS Lion Cut. If the cut is done in the right manner. A well-trimmed haircut makes the cat stand out.

2.      The worse of self-groomers brings out the look

So the cat is the animal of the groom. The cat is always set for self-care and self groom. But not all tend to get it right. The best results are not reflective of all self-grooming exercises. While many fail to preserve the fur. The right thing to be done is a haircut. Amongst Cat Teddy Bear Cut VS Lion Cut, we suggest a lion cut. The lion cut helps vanish the shabby look. And bring out the star in your cat. All dandy and set.

  1. Allows cats life tenure with little maintenance

So the lion trim is not easy to look at. It helps the long-term maintenance only. The trim is easy to carry out, even with the self-groom and a professional grooming session. However, if the cat is not much into it. If the cat does not like any of it. This is the wisest decision of your life.

  1. Grooming for senior cat becomes easier

So grooming is an inherent feature of a cat. The cat likes doing it and spends quite some time indulging in it. While the cat is young, it’s good to go with. But older age makes the body stiff. Leaving little flexibility for self-grooming routines.

Once you pick lion cut amongst Cat Teddy Bear Cut VS Lion Cut. You aid the old cat from the trouble. The fur remains tidy and well kept.

5.      Aids in loweing hairballs.

So while the cat self grooms, changes in hair ingestion rise. The hairball gets into the cat every grooming session. Most of the time it is swept into the trachea. While sometimes, it gets stuck. However, if one reduces the hair length of a cat. The fur is way less to allow large hairballs.

This hairball had been responsible for blocking the intestine. They could be threatening life in dire cases. Thus, trimming the hair down reduces the hairball. And helps the cat have a healthy life.

  1. Reduces matted hair

If one sees the cat having matted here. The only way to go about it is to have the hair clipped. The tangles can be hard to manage at the end of a cat. The brushing sessions at your end also become troubling. Getting a lion cut helps you save yourself from trouble. It is not just the cat but you too. Enjoying tangle-free cat fur.

7.      Helps reduce the tumbleweeds in the house.

The cat will not stop what it has to do. The body shake is part of their daily regime, It sets them to relax. The shorted hair length, leps them spread shorter hair. Not that they will completely stop shedding. But at least way fewer tumble-weed will be seen around the home.

What Not So Good About Lion Cut

Until now we went for a lion cut with Cat Teddy Bear Cut versus VS Lion Cut But a lion cut does not suit every other cat. Here is why.

  1. Hair cut leads to reduced skin protection

The hair on the body is the first line of defense. It helps keep their skin intact and free of UV of the sun and other antigens. Keeps the skin safe. Only after the trim, the skin is more prone to damage. And is a little more exposed.

2.      Cats may be susceptible to sunburn.

As the skin is exposed post trimming of cat. Owing to more reach of ultraviolet rays of the sun. the body is more prone to damage via heat and UV rays. The skin-toned and white cats might be in real trouble.

  1. Feline fails to thermoregulate.

The short length of hair takes away the hemostasis mechanism. That is the ability of the body to adjust the temperature. All in response to the external environment. That is why cats and other animals survive in excess heat or cold. If the cat is old or sick. Refer to a vet before you get the fur trimmed.

4.      The cat may fear the clippers

While some cats enjoy this grooming phase. Others might be a little shy. Or altogether fail to respond well to any such treatment. The vibration and the sound all get them crazy.

5.      Not all cats adore the new look

While we are all confused with Cat Teddy Bear Cut VS Lion Cut. We are forgetting that not all cats prefer a new look at all. Any cut for that matter does not interest them. Cats are creatures of mood. Not getting the food of their choice may affect their mood. Let alone a haircut

Unveiling the Feline Teddy Bear Cut

While we mumble with Cat Teddy Bear Cut VS Lion Cut. Let us have a close look at the teddy bear cut. There are also other terms famous for the same cut. Some of them are known as comb cuts or cat’s pajama trim.

While we have many names for it. It essentially revolves around the similar stopping point of the lion cut. It is distinct as leaves behind the boots and a pom tail. It comes with an inherent ruff. It is different from the former style as the amount of hair left on the feline body is different.

It does not attempt the cat to shave nearby. Instead, incorporate the use of better and more sophisticated tools to leave behind approximately 3/8″ to 1 inch of the hair. Staying intact on the cat’s body.

Primarily this haircut suits best cats with certain hair lengths. Which is medium-long hair. The medium to longer ones can have it shortened with quite some left behind. While the shorter ones can be catered to only. If they have a thick coat. And the fur can be clipped from the top. Taking just the superficial top part of the fur.

What Makes Teddy Bear Cut A Yes for Feline Fellow

So if you wonder that former style wins amongst Cat Teddy Bear Cut VS Lion Cut. Let us extrapolate why. This Teddy Bear Cut or the cat’s pajama trim is comparatively a longer hair length style. If it was done by a professional stylist. One will get a very cute outcome. Not just the parent but the cat herself adores it.

This style is low maintenance with a length of about 1 inch. Overall sits well on various cat sizes and physiques. However, the tail length can be different and kept as per the choice of the individual. Yet again this could be a tricky cut. A certain length of hair needs to be left on the cat’s body. Thus, the guy with the right technique is recommended for the task.

While you are all set to get one for the kitty. Let us motivate you with some reasons to push you ahead.

  • Looks cute on a cat, if carried in the right way.
  • Suits well with clothing on cat
  • The style is chic and classy for most cats
  • Does Not reach out extremities like a lion cut
  • Once done, maintenance is low and easy to carry.
  • Helps overcome the hairball and consequent intestinal infection issues.
  • Allows to control the shedding of fur
  • Reduces problems with hairballs
  • Not as extreme in appearance as a lion trim

But Why Not Yo Have Teddy Bear Trim

While we just opted for the former style amongst Cat Teddy Bear Cut VS Lion Cut. Here is a little oops moment. There are times when it might not be the right choice. Well yes, there are cases where it does not suit well. Find out below when and why:

  • Sits well with the well-kept and sophisticated cats. If the cat is furious and naughty. It might not be the right hair choice
  • The shy ones fail to carry it either.
  • Needs good grooming and caring. Cats should be of that stature to carry that well.
  • The cat parent will be needed to allow some external grooming sessions. Primarily hair washes and blows dry. Only proper treatment and regular brushing will help keep the look intact.
  • Bathing and combing are required constantly.
  • If the cat can start with a lion cut. Let it sit on the cat and the cat gets used to it. Then you can let it grow into a comb cut. Or get trimmed accordingly for a proper look.
  • Not suited for older felines. They fail to keep calm with this length.
  • Cats with mat or tangle cannot afford this hairstyle
  • Scissors can not be used in this cut. Professional knows better
  • Cats with infestations or not well cleaned. Better not go for this.
  • For cats having grooming sessions later than 8 weeks aren’t the right fit.

Common Reservation For Feline Cut

  • While deciding on Cat Teddy Bear Cut VS Lion Cut. Some people altogether argue that the idea of feline trimming is a bad choice. Let us see what points are extended:
  • The coat is clipped end to end might lead to no growth. Thus, permanent loss of hair. Though this is supported by some professionals, reporting no regrowth. This is true in some instances.
  • Hair should never be clipped by any razor under number ten. Otherwise, hair regrowth comes into question.
  • Having a professional clip cat fur is argued. Any inexperienced will result in not a bad haircut only. But cuts and bruises on cats too.
  • A professional groomer should be left close to the cat only. A specialized handling technique needs to be learned to get the task done. The one undertaking a similar job should confirm these specifications.


Usually, cats do not undergo clipping. Still, some circumstances mandate its need. Fur infestation, skin rash, or any other complication can demand it. So when it comes to selecting a haircut for your feline fellow. A range of hairstyles is available for the feline fellow. We are down to Cat Teddy Bear Cut VS Lion Cut.

Both are unique haircuts and offer their unique advantages. But in terms of a difference, the lion cut is well trimmed with fur boots on the leg side. While the Teddy bear cut offers long-length hair. However, a constant factor remains the need for grooming for cats. The cat needs a brush, blow dry, and checked to keep the style going. Yet, the older cats may be stern and not flexible to carry it. However, the nuisance of hairball and hair tangle can be settled with the feline coat trim.


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