Can cat Litter Smell Like Gas

Can cat Litter Smell Like Gas

It is not uncommon for cat litter to have a slight odor, but a strong gas-like smell may indicate a problem. If you notice a gas-like odor coming from your cat’s litter, it is important to have your cat checked by a veterinarian to rule out any underlying health issues. In some cases, a gas-like … Read more

Cat Throwing up White Foam and not Eating

Cat throwing up white foam and not eating

Have you noticed your cat being irritated and throwing up white foam, and not eating lately? This would be in a milky liquid state, declaring that something is wrong. This wrong might be with the cat’s stomach and does not necessarily indicate sickness or disease. However, it is mandatory to view your cat eating routine and … Read more

Why Do Cats Like Ice Cream

why do cats like ice cream

When you are eating ice cream, you may notice that your cat is constantly staring at you and it seems that they may want the ice cream that you are licking. The way it is gazing at you will make you think that it definitely likes this thing you are having and not sharing with … Read more

Radial Hypoplasia Cats

Radial Hypoplasia Cats

Just like humans, some cats are born with genetic disabilities that affect the way they live their lives. Radial Hypoplasia is one such disease that affects cats since their birth, and in most cases, there are not many options to treat it. But there is little to worry about when your cat has radial hyperplasia, … Read more

Cat Subcutaneous Fluids Leaking

cat subcutaneous fluids leaking

If your vet sees that your cat is not getting enough fluids, or is very dehydrated, he or she may prescribe your cat subcutaneous fluids. These are external fluids that are meant to make changes in your cat’s body so it can get back to normal again. But many times, a problem arises where the … Read more

Diabetic Cat Vomiting

diabetic cat vomiting

If your diabetic cat is vomiting, then it is a situation that should not be taken lightly. Diabetic cats show multiple symptoms of the disease, but vomiting is not a common one. So if your diabetic cat vomits, there could be many reasons for it. It can be easy to pin the problem on diabetes, … Read more

Cat Glucose Level over 500

cat glucose level over 500

If your cat has a glucose level of 500, then it can quickly become an alarming situation. This means that you must take immediate measures to bring the sugar level down so your cat is back to normal. When a cat has a high glucose level, it shows various symptoms that will help you determine … Read more

KD Cat Food Alternatives

kd cat food alternatives

Many cat parent might have seen kidney disease or KD in their pet. Especially ones growing old are more prone to it. Such a condition undergoes progressive degradation, but one can cut down the adversary by adding a kd cat food alternatives.  These unique feeding formulas help the cat with chronic kidney disease management. An introduction A cat … Read more

Cat hasn’t Peed in 24 hours

cat hasnt peed in 24 hours

Being a pet parent, it is fine to be worried about your cat’s health. And for the same reason here you are looking for the problem, ‘your cat hasn’t peed in 24 hours. Well, this is said to be a fifty-fifty situation. At first, your cat can go for 24 hours without peeing but that … Read more

Methylcobalamin for Cats

mthylcobalamine for cats

As a pet parent, being concerned with your cat’s health is pretty normal. And thinking of supplementing the Methylcobalamin for the cat would be one of your available options. That makes you imagine that if it is safe to administer Methylcobalamin for cats? Well, Methylcobalamin is a ‘Methyl Vitamin B-12’ that could be useful in … Read more