Cat Bobbing Head

cat bobbing head

In this post, we will be talking about cat behavior that you may have seen before: bobbing their head. Initially, the act looks hilarious, but it can be a serious issue. Some people think it is because the cat is trying to get rid of an itch or they are suffering from pain in the … Read more

Cat Losing Small Tufts of Fur

cat losing small tufts of fur

If your furry feline friend has started losing small tufts of fur all of a sudden, it can be alarming. Especially if the fur sheds in a big quantity, and leaves a trail when your cat walks around the house. There can be many reasons why your cat might lose its fur, and mind you, … Read more

Cat liver failure when to Euthanize

cat liver failure when to euthanize

It can be highly challenging and sometimes confusing to know when it’s time to euthanize your pet. Cat liver failure is a disease that can cause serious health problems for cats. However, with the right treatment, cat liver failure isn’t always fatal, and some animals are able to live out their lives in relative comfort. … Read more

Cat Throwing up White Foam and not Eating

Cat throwing up white foam and not eating

Have you noticed your cat being irritated and throwing up white foam, and not eating lately? This would be in a milky liquid state, declaring that something is wrong. This wrong might be with the cat’s stomach and does not necessarily indicate sickness or disease. However, it is mandatory to view your cat eating routine and … Read more

Radial Hypoplasia Cats

Radial Hypoplasia Cats

Just like humans, some cats are born with genetic disabilities that affect the way they live their lives. Radial Hypoplasia is one such disease that affects cats since their birth, and in most cases, there are not many options to treat it. But there is little to worry about when your cat has radial hyperplasia, … Read more

When is it too Late to Neuter a Cat?

when is it too later to neuter a cat

Have you ever wondered when it’s too late to neuter a cat? The answer is never. Cats can be neutered/spayed at any age, and the benefits are many. Neutering your male cat will help him live a healthier life while reducing his risk of certain diseases and behavior problems. And spaying your female cat will … Read more

Cat Subcutaneous Fluids Leaking

cat subcutaneous fluids leaking

If your vet sees that your cat is not getting enough fluids, or is very dehydrated, he or she may prescribe your cat subcutaneous fluids. These are external fluids that are meant to make changes in your cat’s body so it can get back to normal again. But many times, a problem arises where the … Read more

Cat-eye Infection Treatment Neosporin

cat-eye infection treatement neosporin

In general, when it comes to infection amongst cats, it can range from viral to bacterial. With the exposure of cats to the outdoors, socializing in the neighborhood, and even playing at home, one is prone to infectious encounters. This becomes a problem when the Cat-eye infection treatment Neosporin is catered. If not dealt with it at … Read more