Cat liver failure when to Euthanize

cat liver failure when to euthanize

It can be highly challenging and sometimes confusing to know when it’s time to euthanize your pet. Cat liver failure is a disease that can cause serious health problems for cats. However, with the right treatment, cat liver failure isn’t always fatal, and some animals are able to live out their lives in relative comfort. … Read more

Diabetic Ketoacidosis in Cats

diabetic ketoacidosis in cats

Diabetic ketoacidosis in cats is a serious condition that can lead to coma and death. It occurs when your cat’s body does not produce enough insulin, which means it cannot use sugar for fuel. Your cat may also develop diabetic ketoacidosis if the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or if cells are resistant to … Read more

How to Wean Cat Off Gabapentin

how to wean cat off gabapentin

Surely, your cat was prescribed Gabapentin to treat certain conditions it was going through like any nerve-related pain or seizures management. But mostly it is recommended for anxiety that would put a new spring in your lazy cat’s steps. But now, you do not want it to be a drug dependent and here you are … Read more

Cat Coughs after Drinking Water

cat coughs after drinking water

Research states that coughing is a common problem in cats and dogs but a little less frequent in cats. There are many hidden causes for coughing which include dust, irritation in the throat, flu, and lungs sensitivity. Only a thorough medical history and complete physical examination help the vet in deciding the underlying causes of … Read more

How to wean cat off Amitriptyline

How to wean cat off Amitriptyline

Giving your cat an anti-depressant like Amitriptyline in the first place and then asking, ‘How to wean cat off Amitriptyline?’ could be a common issue. Addiction of any kind or long-term dependency on a drug is a worrisome thing. Talking about weaning off, it is important because it imposes several side effects like intestinal problems … Read more

Alternative to Atopica for Cats

alternative to atopica for cats

If your cat is having some sort of skin problems, then a visit to your vet may have resulted in a prescription for Atopica. Atopica is a strong medication that, if given regularly, can fix your cat’s skin problems. However, many cats are allergic to this medication, or their owners may simply be looking for … Read more