Diabetic Cat Vomiting

diabetic cat vomiting

If your diabetic cat is vomiting, then it is a situation that should not be taken lightly. Diabetic cats show multiple symptoms of the disease, but vomiting is not a common one. So if your diabetic cat vomits, there could be many reasons for it. It can be easy to pin the problem on diabetes, … Read more

Cat Glucose Level over 500

cat glucose level over 500

If your cat has a glucose level of 500, then it can quickly become an alarming situation. This means that you must take immediate measures to bring the sugar level down so your cat is back to normal. When a cat has a high glucose level, it shows various symptoms that will help you determine … Read more

Diabetic Ketoacidosis in Cats

diabetic ketoacidosis in cats

Diabetic ketoacidosis in cats is a serious condition that can lead to coma and death. It occurs when your cat’s body does not produce enough insulin, which means it cannot use sugar for fuel. Your cat may also develop diabetic ketoacidosis if the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or if cells are resistant to … Read more

Stress Hyperglycemia in Cats

stress hyperglycemia in cats

Is your cat suffering from constant high blood sugar but you can not figure out why? Is it showing signs of anxiety in its behavior? Well, then chances are that your cat has stress hyperglycemia. Stressful diabetic cats usually fall victim to hyperglycemia, and the amount of stress a cat takes is directly proportional to … Read more

Cat Insulin Injection Sites

cat insulin injection sites

So you just found out that your cat has diabetes and the vet told you that your cat needs regular insulin shots? Do not worry, giving insulin to your cat is pretty straightforward, but the first step to fixing your cat’s diabetic health is knowing where to inject the insulin from. Are you aware of … Read more

Diabetic Cat Won’t Eat

diabetic cat wont eat

Diabetes Mellitus can have many side-effects on your cat, of which, one of the most common ones is that your cat won’t eat. It is important to look into your cat’s appetite as soon as possible, especially if it has gone long periods of time without eating. If not, diabetic cats can have low blood … Read more