Alternative to Atopica for Cats

alternative to atopica for cats

If your cat is having some sort of skin problems, then a visit to your vet may have resulted in a prescription for Atopica. Atopica is a strong medication that, if given regularly, can fix your cat’s skin problems. However, many cats are allergic to this medication, or their owners may simply be looking for … Read more

Cat deaths from Convenia

cat deaths from convenia

Cats have been known for having certain diseases. The vet is usually at the right place to prescribe medicines. One such case is of infections treated with convenia, i.e., cefovecin sodium. While reports of cat deaths from convenia scare us all. If you wonder whether it’s true or just a hoopla. Find out in the … Read more

Alternative to Brushing Cats’ Teeth

Alternative to brushing cats teeth

Brushing a cat’s teeth is not as easy as brushing a human’s teeth is, which is not a surprise. Many cats are often reluctant to open their mouths and allow a toothbrush in, and even if you manage to get it in somehow, they will not allow proper cleaning. Luckily though, there are a couple … Read more

Cat Pancreatitis Put to Sleep

cat pancreatitis put to sleep

Feline Pancreatitis is quite a rare disease, seen in less than two percent of cats. This condition is underlined by inflammation of the pancreas, i.e., quite a small internal organ situated at the abdomen of cats, juxtapositioned between the intestine and left kidney. One point of concern amongst cat owners remains: is the pancreas important … Read more

Cat Lymphoma When To Euthanise

cat lymphoma when to euthanize

Cat lymphoma is one of the cat diseases that most cat owners are afraid of. Cat lymphoma is a dreadful one. It takes over your pet and you never get to know that it is happening. It is not a rare one and when it strikes, it is deadly. Now that it is happening, there … Read more

Zyrtec For Cats Appetite

zyrtec for cats appetite

As a proud pet parent, it is normal to worry about your cat’s health. And to think that, administering Zyrtec for cats’ appetite is also OK. But what is Zyrtec? Zyrtec (cetirizine) an antihistamine is mostly used in human beings for treating allergies and also in veterinary it is quite famous for the same purpose. … Read more

Convenia for Cats

convenia killed my dog

If your cat has tissue infections in its body or is simply suffering from skin problems, then your vet may prescribe Convenia for cats. Convenia is a very common medication that is used to treat both felines and canines especially in conditions of rashes and other skin issues. Are you hesitant to administer convenia to … Read more

Stress Hyperglycemia in Cats

stress hyperglycemia in cats

Is your cat suffering from constant high blood sugar but you can not figure out why? Is it showing signs of anxiety in its behavior? Well, then chances are that your cat has stress hyperglycemia. Stressful diabetic cats usually fall victim to hyperglycemia, and the amount of stress a cat takes is directly proportional to … Read more

Cat not Eating or Pooping

cat not eating or pooping

If your cat is not eating or pooping for two or three days, don’t think twice and seek help from a veterinarian immediately. To maintain good health, every cat needs to poop and eat just like humans. If it doesn’t, toxic substances will hoard in its body, and this can cause serious health problems. Before … Read more