Cat not feeling well after Vaccinations

cat not feeling well after vaccinations

Depending on your cat’s age, your veteran may recommend a suitable vaccine for your feline friend. This is to keep your cat healthy and safe from unwanted diseases. However, you may notice your cat feeling lethargic and drowsy, that just means your cat is not feeling well after vaccination shot. Certain symptoms indicate sickness in … Read more

Cat-eye Infection Treatment Neosporin

cat-eye infection treatement neosporin

In general, when it comes to infection amongst cats, it can range from viral to bacterial. With the exposure of cats to the outdoors, socializing in the neighborhood, and even playing at home, one is prone to infectious encounters. This becomes a problem when the Cat-eye infection treatment Neosporin is catered. If not dealt with it at … Read more

Cat Losing Small Tufts of Fur

cat losing small tufts of fur

If your furry feline friend has started losing small tufts of fur all of a sudden, it can be alarming. Especially if the fur sheds in a big quantity, and leaves a trail when your cat walks around the house. There can be many reasons why your cat might lose its fur, and mind you, … Read more

Cat Not Eating After Convenia Injection

Cat Not Eating After Convenia Injection

If your cat has tissue infections in its body or is simply suffering from skin problems, then your vet may prescribe Convenia for cats. Convenia is a very common medication that is used to treat both felines and canines especially in conditions of rashes and other skin issues. Are you hesitant to administer convenia to … Read more