KD Cat Food Alternatives

Many cat parent might have seen kidney disease or KD in their pet. Especially ones growing old are more prone to it. Such a condition undergoes progressive degradation, but one can cut down the adversary by adding a kd cat food alternatives.  These unique feeding formulas help the cat with chronic kidney disease management.

An introduction

A cat can present a range of health issues. One such is serious and relates to chronic kidney problems with the continuously degrading condition, leading to severe consequences. Until managed with some lifestyle changes, especially dietary alterations. Such foods are packaged for specific health maladies, making cats less vulnerable to degradative potential.

A range of brands is available in the market to suffice the need for CKD-inflicted cats. One can refer to online user feedback to choose the most appropriate brand. But before that, a vet and having the cat diagnosed with an underlying condition is a good thing to do. It will help you have the right food prescribed, as per the established condition of the cat.

Some of such brands are readily available. And the ones undertaken for discussion the given topic include Purina Veterinary Diets, Hill’s Prescription Diet the renowned Royal Canin. They all serve as decent kd cat food alternatives. The market offers many more but fails to hit our list with the least or no benefits offered.

What to know when switching to kd cat food alternatives

Some things may require a thorough study or a profound insight that might not be available over a vet book but can be learned only with experience. Thus, are covered as pointers below:

  • One ideal situation in feeding a cat with CKD is to provide wet food. Having a cat served with canned food serves the purpose well. It offers a sufficient quantity of water with an added benefit. Yet, some cats do shy away from wet foods and may prefer dry kidney diets. One can have that, too, otherwise provided with water needs.
  • In addition to this, experience with a cat has also revealed managing CKD cat patients with the partial supply of these special kidney diets or kd cat food alternatives. One needs to be aware of the content of the diet to manage it with some non-kidney diet too.
  • When switching to a new food, the cat might show reluctance in changing to it. One can make a gradual shift and have desirable results. However, most of these foods digest well, and the rapid switch will generally have no issues. Leaving the cat have the feel of being fed to full.
  • If the cat hesitates to accept the new kidney diet, one can amalgamate the kd cat food alternatives, e., a mix of two or more brands. It will be healthy and add on to cat compliance.
  • In cases of complete rejection, treat the cat with healthy food treats. Never stop trying; the cat will get there soon.
  • Sometimes people have additional cats. Not all have similar issues, while one can feed them all with the same diet. It saves the trouble of getting multiple cat foods. Plus, it is one good balanced diet that can serve all cats alike. It will help keep all of them healthy and in shape.

Kd Cat Food Alternatives: Top 3 picks

We have managed to shortlist the top quality kd cat food alternatives available in the market. The market is filled with many options, though only some managed to meet the standards. It is as per experience with cat and theoretical knowledge gathered from the literature.

But it is needless to say that one should concern the vet. He, with a good history of cats, is in a better position to recommend a name. As per the diagnosis and underlying pathology of the cat. Other than that, the top 3 items that the vet would pick from are given below:

  • The mobility supporter: Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet Kidney + Mobility Support for Cats
  • The super formula: Purina ONE Urinary Tract Health Formula Adult Cat Food
  • Suits the pocket: Forza10 Wet Cat Food Kidney RENAL ACTIWET with Lamb
  1. Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet Kidney (With Mobility Care for Cats

It is a wholesome product to start the list. The blue buffalo comes with proper proportions of protein, making up the lean mass of the cat. The cat losing muscle and weight will find support in it.  Some contents, like sodium and phosphors, make filtration easy.

The formula helps to control the degrading kidney and to improve renal health. It comes with added ingredients glucosamine, Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), and chondroitin. These constituents help the cat achieve an active state and keep up with mobility.

The good points

  • It also enhances the cat’s mobility and joint health
  • Many cats enjoy its flavor
  • It contains good protein and potassium with low sodium and phosphorus
  • The ingredients meet quality standards
  • Supports mobility of the cat

The other side

  • Due to all added ingredients, especially mobility supporting constituents. The product turns out to be a little expensive than any other formulated food.
  1. Forza10 Wet Cat Food Kidney 

This product provides the goodness of nutrients, i.e., a balanced diet in one package. The formula is a perfect blend of proteins meeting the developmental muscle needs of the kd cat. So is the supply of potassium meeting health-specific needs.

However, the quantum of sodium and phosphorous is duly balanced to ease the consequent water imbibition and filtration. In turn, it keeps the renal health uptight and cat remains safe from other complications.

This product comes with the virtue of being soy and wheat-free. It has no addition of any genetically modified ingredient. Thus this is your go for a product that is entirely organic. Moreover, it comes without preservatives or added flavors and colors. This product falls close to nature and comes at a very affordable price.

The good points

  • The product suits the pocket of all customers
  • The ingredients are of the finest quality
  • It comes as a soy-free product
  • Free of any antibiotics
  • Free of preservatives

The other side

  • The product is available in wet form
  • The protein content is comparatively low
  1. Purina ONE Urinary Tract Health Formula Adult Cat Food

Purina One health is one good addition to the list that wins the heart of many cat parents. This k/d cat food alternative is a wholesome formula prepared to serve the health of the affected cat, especially by supporting the health of the urinary tract. This formula is in particular for the aging cats, more prone to kd.

The formula meets the specific need of the kidneys of the affected cat. The protein content is high to meet the requirements of ever-learning muscle. The filtering out of minerals from blood is to the calculated amount of sodium and protein. The beef added is natural, and no artificial flavor replaces it in the formulated package to top the virtue list.

The goodness comes with the fact that it is available both in wet and dry form. The wet form meets the hydration need, while one needs to look in personally for the dry form. Otherwise, both meet the demand of kidney-affected cats.

The good points

  • The food is available in both wet and dry forms
  • The added beef is natural and has no flavor
  • The ingredients meet quality standards
  • The food offers real good urinary tract health

The other side

  • Some of the cats have detested the taste it has

What goodness does a k/d Cat Food Alternative offer?

The marketed brands for the kd cat patients are a mix of the right amount of content, including one required by the kidney at this compromised position. And the one that should be excluded in this very case. The goodness of such package items are briefly covered below:

Balanced Diet

It contains the right amount of protein.  A cat undergoing renal issues will showcase symptoms of mass loss. The cat will be getting lean in no time and necessitating the need of mass forming constituents. Protein, in this case, helps a lot. So is the case of potassium, the supply needs to be sufficient.

The following content being sodium needs to be limited in the cat’s diet. The cat fails to filter it out of the blood. Thus, one needs to maintain levels as low as 140 to 155 mEq/L. The cat will be imbibing water with sodium and losing it as urine. It can bring the cat down to the condition of hypernatremia and consequent low blood pressures.

So is the case with a phosphorous cat that needs to have a controlled supply. To save the cat from such trouble, one needs to have a calculated supply as per the renal situation of the cat.


Some cats may come with an issue of palatability. It being a failed part can draw away the cat from food. One may reach out vet, but the suggested products meet the required ingredients with added attraction for the cat.

The flavor and the smell all sit right on the cat’s taste and likes. It does not suggest any food being any lesser. Only the fact that a tested product on various cats makes the recommended brand a suitable pick.

Quality Results

These products with balance formula prove out to be effective in a cat with kd. All cats are different and may show different inclinations or muscle growth.  But the food package provided as quality kd cat food alternatives is tested over many cats. Thus, present the desired results showing marked improvement in cat’s health posts food consumption.


Some of the cat food buyers might find this a pricier option with significant shifts in the budget. Compared to the other product and ones prepared in food with added contents.  But an adequately packaged content with the goodness is required for cats deteriorating renal health. In the longer run, it is the most economical option. These options are saving the cat parent from the trouble of bills with declining cat’s health. And the satisfactory results say it all.

What to expect in a Kidney Care Cat Food?

While cat owners hunt for Kidney care alternatives, some options like Hill’s k/d cat food and other commercial products offer some beneficial blend of food.

  • Protein

The protein count within the cat food formula is one of the most critical aspects of kidney care food. This accounts for the most prevalent symptoms of renal failure in cats, whether acute or chronic.

In many cases, a noticeable loss in muscle mass is seen. Such a situation can render the cat extremely weak and inactive, which worsens the condition with time.  That’s why the formula must contain a substantial amount of good protein to accommodate muscle waste. And to fulfill its protein requirements you may also find your cat in cobwebs.

  • Potassium

The kd formula shall be providing a sufficient quantity of potassium for healthy renal functioning. When choosing k/d cat food alternative, look for recipes with a good concentration of potassium to prevent hypokalemia.

  • Sodium

A healthy cat should be receiving an optimal quantity of sodium. The optimistical concentration must be within 140 to 155 mEq/L, while any amount above will account for the trouble. The more it exceeds, the more it exits via urine.

A cat with a troubled kidney finds trouble with the excretion and may cause issues like hypernatremia and high blood pressure. Thus low sodium food will prevent such conditions.

  • Phosphorus

The kidney care formula should have controlled concentrations of phosphorus just like sodium. The kidney has a limited capacity to function phosphorous. Thus calculated amounts should be added to the chosen kidney care formula.


Is it possible to manage a CKD cat with dry food only?

Usually, the water needs are to be met under kidney diseases. The canned food meets this requirement keeping the water balance intact. However, some cats prefer sticking to dry food, requiring an added effort to meet hydration needs.

What are some benefits of dry food?

The dry food is good to go in CKD of the cat if it meets the requirement of a balanced diet. It adds to the advantage of being easy on the pocket, in addition to the nutritional perk. It is easier to store too. But one needs to ensure that the cat receives water, keeping it hydrated at suitable levels per condition.

What are the underlying symptoms of a cat with CKD?

As soon as the kidney of a cat starts deteriorating, it comes with some evident signs. They are the ones that help prevent any further trouble, demanding one to have a vet’s intervention on an immediate basis. Some of the major ones include:

  • Cat is urinating more than usual.
  • Urinating at a place other than the litterbox.
  • Shedding weight.
  • Episodes of vomit
  • Diarrheal breakdown
  • Lousy breath with ammonia like smell
  • A thin layer of hair on the body
  • Brownish hue over the tongue
  • Signs of weakness and lethargy

How should one treat a cat with kidney disease?

One can refer a vet to receive a suggestion on a balanced diet as per the cat’s condition. Other than that market is full of the supportive kidney diet. They provide a balanced formula keeping the cat from further deterioration of the kidney.

What benefit does kd cat food alternatives offer?

Special kidney diets are available in the case of CKD cats. They come with a balanced formula which is essentially beneficial for cats. Some of the things that make them contribute to cats good health includes:

  • It offers controlled levels of phosphorus, keeping a check on hyperphosphatemia. A high level of blood phosphorus can be damaging to the kidney.
  • Come with high potassium levels to overcome the trouble of hypokalemia. Cats complaining of CKD suffer from low levels of potassium.
  • Supply high caloric and nutrient levels since CKD cats tend to lose weight; some compensatory calories are needed.
  • It has good levels of protein since patients with CKD have an issue with muscle loss.

What to watch out for if one is preparing food for a cat with ckd?

If one tends to prepare the cat food on its own. One still needs to refer a vet to understand the content that must become a part or leave the cat’s diet.

Some of the tips, in this case, would include some stuff that helps if mixed with the prepared food. They include:

  • Phosphate binders like aluminum hydroxide. They help with coercing phosphorus together in the food. As deemed necessary in cats with CKD.
  • Supplement potassium levels. One should add enough renal potassium to counter hypokalemia. It can be supplemented with a product such as Renal K.

To meet the cat’s need, supply of gelled food is available in the market as kd cat food alternatives.

Does kd cat food alternatives need a prescription?

Yes, if you want to acquire a kd cat food alternative, you need to have a prescription from vet. Upon checking your cat, the vet will provide a diagnosis in no time and suggest a good option. Since many brands are available on shelves, promising equaling benefits.

What are some kd cat food alternatives available in the market?

Pretty some options are available in the market. Some of them include Purina NF, Purina Hill’s k/d and the Royal Canin Renal diets. They come in variations of different flavors and as advance care substitutes.

Can I feed a kd cat with table food?

Generally, a vet would not allow you to feed a cat with the food you eat. It has some critical reasons like:

  • The food you eat is seasoned, garnished, and soaked well in salts and spices. The salt may uptake water, damaging the health of the cat.
  • Ingredients that makeup flavors like onion and garlic are generally toxic for cat’s consumption. The danger is twofold with a kd cat.


The health of the cat is vital, especially if presented with a deteriorating kidney. The first line of action includes meeting the vet and switching to kd cat food alternatives. At the same time, many formulas are available in the market. It is essential to have the top most product picked for your cat.

The affordability can sometimes trigger concern in the purchaser, but an effective product helps you save the trouble of future medical expenditure. The right mineral blend, calculated quantum, and palatability altogether help in the long run.

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