My Cat Peed On My Bed

my cat peed on my bed

My cat peed on my bed and I cannot get over with fury. The smell is terrible and the pain of getting it out of sheet is worse. If you have recently found the cat having a repetitive episode of the same, you got our back. Well, if this is the case, you have just … Read more

Why does my Cat sit on my feet?

why does my cat sit on my feet

It is said that felines will settle down anyplace they like to, which may be curious for pet owners and non-pet owners the same, yet it is not talked as much about the occasionally silly places felines decide to settle in. Playing in your feet and sitting there might be normal for your cat but … Read more

Why does my Cat Meow at the Ceiling?

why does my cat meow at the ceiling

Isn’t that weird to stare at something continuously without any major reason? Many cat owners including me have noticed that why does my cat meow at the ceiling or wall, keeps staring and we can’t understand why. There could have been multiple reasons like: Cats can see at an extra wavelength, like ultraviolet, and as … Read more