How to Tell which Cat is Alpha

How to Tell which Cat is Alpha

Owning a number of felines is no doubt full of fun, but if you are inquisitive or curious about which of your cat is alpha. Well, cats also have a hierarchy order like dog’s share. Cat communities are a lot more inconspicuous, and you can easily miss the indications of being social if one is … Read more

Why does my Cat Meow at the Ceiling?

why does my cat meow at the ceiling

Isn’t that weird to stare at something continuously without any major reason? Many cat owners including me have noticed that why does my cat meow at the ceiling or wall, keeps staring and we can’t understand why. There could have been multiple reasons like: Cats can see at an extra wavelength, like ultraviolet, and as … Read more

Cat Suddenly Scared of Room

cat suddenly scared of room

If you notice your feline friend suddenly acting very strange and completely reluctant to enter your room, then you are probably dealing with a scared cat. This behavior is even more common in kittens as compared to cats because they are very sensitive creatures. So if you notice your cats’ efforts to avoid your room, … Read more

Can Two Cats use the same Litter Box

can two cats use the same litter box

If you have more than one cat, you might be familiar with the ‘I won’t share my litter box’ scenario. While the phrase ‘sharing is caring’ is very common among us humans and is taught from a young age, most kittens are not familiar with this concept and do not make any effort to share … Read more