What to do with Stray Cat that won’t Leave?

Not a fan of cats, right? And what if you are disturbed by a stray cat and it would not leave your place? This is definitely something that might ruin your peace of mind and now you are here, ‘What to do with stray cat that won’t leave?’ well, there are many ways that you can opt for to make them leave like you need to get rid of everything that is making the cat stay.

You do not need to worry, as this article is here for your rescue!

But you need to see if the cat is stray or feral and then deal with them likewise.

what to do with stray cat that won't leave

Stray Cats vs Feral Felines:

Stray cats and feral cats are quite different.

Stray cats are the ones that are socialized to other animals and humans. These are the cats that were pets already, who but now are lost or were abandoned.

While feral cats have limited or no human interactions. These are the wild cats.

Stray cats might become feral if they are not in human contact for a long time.

And in other scenarios, might become beloved pets again if are taken in again.

This is hence very important to know that what if the cat who is interfering in your life through its existence is either feral or stray because both are attracted to different circumstances.

Let us see what is attracting a stray cat to you, so, you can assess it by yourself and find a solution to it.

Why is a stray cat attracted to you in the first place?

The following might be some reasons that a stray cat is feeling comfortable at your place, but you are not liking and asking that ‘what to do with stray cat that won’t leave?’

1.    Stray cats were pets in the past:

These are the abandoned or lost ones as mentioned before. They might not be able to live in the streets.

Such cats are more habitual with humans around them. So, one reason is that they are just trying to be normal.

They are forced to do so by nature. So here, you cannot do much about it.

2.    Stray cat is getting fed at your place:

Being stray, they are not consistent to hunt for them like a feral. They are adapted to being fed.

There is a true possibility that they are getting food and drink at your place. That is why they are coming there again and again.

All they want is food and drink that they are being provided, so this might be the reason that you are seeing them often.

Hunger is something that they will be attracted to your place where they are surely being fed in some way.

It is like a stray cat has adopted you!

3.   Seeking Shelter and want to be safe:

Stray cats are not the ones that can live in any place. They are used to a good place, somewhere they feel warm and safe.

That is why they might be at your door from time to time.

All they seek for a destination that is providing them with a sense of true shelter, warmth, and all of the above, being safe and sound.

They cannot deal with the wildness and are more of homely creatures, hence they crash at your place mostly.

They find the outer world scary enough because being previously pet, they are more adapted to a secure environment.

Your location is a safe house for them.

4.    Stray cats want someone’s attention:

Since being lost or abandoned, they are craving the attention they used to get in their past.

Whether it is any kind of cat, they are the born attention seekers. They do various acts like might swipe at you when you pass by, just to grab your attention.

This might be the case here. They want your attention and anyone’s attention to be taken in.

This could be one reason that they keep on showing themselves to you that your heart might melt looking at their innocent face and almost crying ‘meow’.

Attention, love, and affection are the things they want the most. They will have it from anyone and anywhere.

They are used to being loved, that is why they are looking for a place that they can get what they want.

5.    Stray cats are attracted to your smell:

They are not persistent in living on their own and by themselves. So, here they are at your doorstep.

Creatures like cats have something for smells. Their sense of smell is more promising than other senses.

It would not be wrong to say that they believe in their olfactory senses more than anything.

Hence, you seem to be one of the possible givers or smell like one.

Aroma is something that can never betray them. And that is making them lay at your doorstep more often.

Now, when you know why a stray cat is following you, it is time that you find a solution that might put an end to their behavior:

What to do with stray cat that won’t leave?

Following ways can be opted for if a stray cat won’t leave and you would like to keep them away.

1.    Look for the owner of that stray cat:

Stray cats were in the companionship of someone before they are here at your place. They might be lost or abandoned.

It is the best way that you must look for their owners to hand over their cat. The next step depends upon them.

All you need to do is just to take it to its rightful owner.

Now, how will you look for its owner?

a.     Get microchip scanned:

Try to capture the stray cat by alluring it in a carrier and take it to the nearest vet center and make sure that if it has a microchip on it.

The microchip could be scanned there, and it will definitely tell about the possible owner of this feline as information and contact details are stored on it.

It is against the policy of vet centers to give you the contact details of the owner, but they will contact themselves with the respective caretaker and would share your details so that they might come for their lost feline.

b.     Contact Local Shelters:

You should call local shelters to check if any missing report has been filed there, and it might be one of your stray felines.

c.     Non-emergency contact-Police department:

Try to contact the non-emergency contacts of the police department in your area. Some people might have filed a missing cat report there.

They might have the information on missing felines there. So, it is better to try every possible option.

d.     Put up the Ads:

This is also a good option. You can put an ad in the local newspaper. The details should involve what the cat looks like, the time and location you found them.

Other than newspapers, you can take the help of the internet too. Post the ads regarding the stray cat on classified sites and have them shared as much as possible.

One more effort you can do is by creating some postures and signs, post them at different visible places like telephone poles or public places.

They might attract the attention of the rightful owner.

Create some signs and post them on telephone poles, sign poles, and in the windows of local stores.

e     Lookout for signs by the owner:

Keep up your efforts to look for the cat owner but also lookout for the signs that might be put up by the owner.

It is a possible case that he might be also looking for his cat that is wandering at your place.

He might also be putting the ads or signs, filing reports, or looking for his beloved pet in the neighborhood.

Just be careful! The more you two look for each other, the more is the chance you find each other.

2.    Do not go for its adoption:

A lot of dedication is required to look after the pets especially the stray felines.

Stay in control and try not to be moved by your emotions and think of adopting them in sympathy.

Since this pet-owning comes with great responsibility, you should not impose it on yourself or else, when your emotions will wear off, and you will leave the cat, it results in one more abandoned feline.

So, if you got no idea and clue about how to deal with the stray cat that would not leave, just look for other ways to let it go, but do not adopt it.

Also, one thing you must take into consideration that how the adoption will affect the ones living at your place.

Since you are not much emotionally or physically involved with the pets before, it might be that any of your family members could be allergic to them.

And also, if you already have a pet before, you need to be more careful because not all the pets are fond of some new beloved feline at your place.

3.    Take the stray feline to Animal Shelter:

Pick the stray feline and take it directly to the nearest animal shelter. There is a definite possibility that it will be taken care of there well.

It would be a safe place for them, and they would be fed better there.

Also, a good thing like adoption can also happen to them as many pet lovers come to animal shelters to get a feline for themselves.

Moreover, even the cat’s actual owner comes there looking for its lost beloved pet and comes across it there. A win-win game right!

4.    Ignore The Stray Feline:

You would find the easiest and surprising ways to what to do with stray cat that won’t leave your place.

Just ignore them. It is very much effective.

The stray cat is hanging around at your location is due to the attention it is getting there, consciously or unconsciously.

Cats would definitely leave the place when they think that it is not worth staying due to lack of the majors it is seeking like affection and attention.

5.   Unattractive scenarios for the stray cat:

Since the stray cat is crashing at your place more often is due to the particular reason that they are being fed there somehow.

They are getting food, water and, a warm and safe environment there. So, you need to make sure that what is making the stray stay there.

Remove all such edibles that might be used by it. This could be how you can make the place less amusing for them.

Moreover, if it still is not effective, go for some cat deterrents and repellents like oranges, lemons, or any sprays with citrus aromas.

6.    Attend the stray cat as an outdoor pet:

It might seem kind of strange, but one can also opt for this solution too. Adopt the stray cat as an outdoor pet.

This can be done by providing it food, water, secured and warm shelter, and everything of its need but outside your place.

It helps in making your place less attractive for them, and when they will get the desired things away from your place, they will stick to it and prefer to stay there rather than wandering at your place.

What should not be done to scare stray cats away?

Now you know that what to do with stray cat that won’t leave your place, hence, here is something that you should not go for at all.

Being violent to get rid of stray feline:

The use of violence and harsh ways to get rid of the straying cat is never an option.

If it is bothering you despite all the above-mentioned suggestions, simply contact animal control and ask them to take it away.

If you become brutal and cruel with them, there is a true probability that the feline will act in the same way or even worse and, that would end up in a sudden attack by them.

Wrapping Up

Wrapping up the ‘what to do with stray cat that won’t leave?’ is first of all that there is no reason to be harsh.

Things can be solved by easy methods like avoiding the means of entertainment that are attracting them towards your place.

Finding their true owners would also help because these stray cats are not wild in the first place, they were pets who are lost or abandoned.

Hence, do not get worried, about stray cats, you can better deal with them in several ways by using your brains and not your hands.

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