Why does my Cat sit on my feet?

It is said that felines will settle down anyplace they like to, which may be curious for pet owners and non-pet owners the same, yet it is not talked as much about the occasionally silly places felines decide to settle in. Playing in your feet and sitting there might be normal for your cat but odd for you. This might be a question in the mind of some pet owners that, ‘why does my cat sit on my feet?’

Cats are interesting animals that sometimes do things we as humans do not quite understand. So, to get a deep understanding here is the answer to it.

why does my cat sit on my feet

Is it fine with cat sitting on my feet?

It is natural to wonder if cats showing this behavior is expected. There is no odd behavior of your cat sitting in your feet. It is normal for them.

Some cats may like to check your toes or cuddle themselves with your feet.

There is no need to worry if your cat is cuddling in your feet or with your feet. But if you do not like, you can aside them from doing that.

Why does my Cat sit on my feet?

Affection is one of the main reason your cats sit on your feet. It is something through with they can show their prolong closeness and love for you.

Scent and warmth of your feet attract your cats towards your feet.

It is no doubt something that can pop up in owner’s mind that why is my cat doing. So, for better understanding we can further investigate this behavior and may have an answer to, ‘Why does my cat sit on my feet?’

Purposes of Cat sitting on my feet

Here are some common motives behind your cat’s odd behavior. It is not odd but maybe if you think this is odd, it is more likely a way to show your feline love for you.

1.       Your Cat seeks Attention:

Cats can also sit on you more often if they are asking for your attention. They are much of attention seekers. They would like to close themselves to you as much as possible.

You may think sitting on your feet can not be the way to show love and affection, but your feet are the closest part where they can reach.

This would help them get their part of attention and love.

2.      Your Cat is feeling Cold:

Whenever a cat is cuddling up with you, while they are sitting on your feet, they would be finding a way to keep themselves warm.

This could be one of the reasons that cats are a little more warm blooded animals than humans, so they may prefer such environments which provide them warmth and comfort.

So, maybe your feet are the closest warmth source that could bring peace to the.

That is why it is just because being near a convenient heat source, is comforting and can help them relax.

3.      Assert its ownership over you:

This is also one can say that a way of cat’s ownership on you which they explain through this behavior.

Keeping in mind the size of cats, they can reach to you through your feet. Most of the time. When your cat is sitting on your feet, they want to be close to you and want you to love them.

Your feline friend also knows that sitting on your feet will definitely stop your movement. It has you “pinned” for the moment. They like to have this power over you.

4.    Your feet are Comfortable for your Cat:

It is no question to the fact that your feet are comfortable for your feline, particularly if they regularly relax across your feet while you are working or unwinding at home.

They like feel you. That is why they find this place more comfortable.

5.      Your feet are extra support for your cat:

Your feet may go about as a pad or some additional help that assists our feline with partaking in their rest, or they should set up their heads or other body parts to assist with extending a few muscles or relieve a minor throb.

6.     Closeness:

Since your feet are frequently on the floor, your feline may think they are helpful too to remain nearby you. Your cat companion is reluctant to be a long way from you since it is in their tendency to be cognizant.

So, staying close to you through your feet is a source of relaxation for them.

7.     Too much moving around:

Cats can get irritated if you are moving around too much and doing too many things, especially if you are not paying attention to them in between tasks.

A great deal of felines sorts out that sitting on, particularly on your feet, can save you from going here and there.

This is so because they seek your attention, and they want you to be around them always.

8.    Smell of your feet is a Pleasure for your Cat:

It is really true that your cat is amused by the smell of your feet.

It is odd but true that your feline friend is attracted to this scent. This might not be much appreciated by you, but to your cat, your foot odor smells like concentrated you.

When they sit on your feet, they feel themselves close to you and feel affection.

9.    Your cat likes your company:

Your cat enjoys your company. They feel safe and relaxed when you are around, so they like to hang out close to you.

Lying near your feet give them the chance to be close to you without getting intense physical contact. Your feline prefers to be close to you and physically connected with their owners and be petted constantly.

But when your cat is more reserved than others, they will prefer your feet, and this would be a perfect spot for them.

All in all, it is way for them to show their true love for you and want to be loved back. So, no need to worry about, ‘why does my cat sit on my feet’ due the reason that they love you!

Your Cats cuddling with your feet

And what if your cat starts walking on your feet or put its paw on your feet or maybe sleeps on your feet. All this behavior is not to be worried about.

Instead, you must love your feline pet.

Let us learn about different behavior displayed by your cat involving your feet.

  •  Your walking on your feet:

Likely your cat walking on your feet does not bother that your feet are there. If your cat can get from point a to point b, for the most part, they do not care about some minor obstacles in the way.

Your cat shows this behavior intentionally, just to seek your attention or be picked up by you.

But, if your cat steps on your foot and walks on, they probably were not trying to get your attention.

  • Cat’s Paw on your feet:

When your cat put its paw on your feet, they are trying to grab to your attention.

Very much like you may wave at a companion or tap them on the shoulder to get their attention, this is your feline’s method of requesting something.

Some cats want to you to feed them food or water, others just want you to pick them and be petted.

Interpreting your cat’s desires is part of building your bond together, but it must come from experience since every cat is slightly different.

  • Cat sitting and staring you:

Your feline sitting on your feet and gazing at you normally implies that they need your attention. You should know that your cat maybe asking you to play with them or feed them or just be petted.

A few felines are even known to sit and your feet and gaze when they need you to clean their litterbox. This is something unprecedented yet it valid.

  • Cat is laying down at your feet:

The same perception follows that laying down at your feet is asking for your love and attention by your feline.

But especially if you are in a cold room, your cat might also be asking you to please warm it up for them or telling you that they would prefer something to warm them up like a blanket or towel.

  • Cat standing on your feet:

If your cat is standing on your feet, they might have a number of reasons to do so. For one thing, it is definitely a way to feel closer to you and ask for your attention.

For another, remaining on your feet allows your feline to spread their aroma because of the scent glands on their feet. Standing on your feet might be single way your felines guarantee their kin from different felines.

  • Cat sitting and licking your feet:

When your cats lick you, they are paying you a huge compliment. A tongue bath from your cat is an indication that it feels totally safe in your presence.

You are truly a member of its family, and it reinforces that by cleaning you like its mother cleaned it when it was a kitten.

  • Cats rubbing their face with your feet:

Cats own scent glands on their face at the sides. They rub them against things to “mark” them as theirs. Your feet are the part of you, your cat sees the most and can reach the easiest, so it is marking your feet.

Most of the cats go through a stage of being fascinated by feet, at least mine have. Your feet are the only body part which is close to them or at their level.

So, your cat is claiming you. Better this way than some others.

  • Cat sits and sleeps on your feet:

You were curious about, ‘why does cat sit on my feet?’ but now, it is sleeping there.

Well again, you do not need to be worried.

    • Love and Affection:

While cats do seem careless creatures, but they are quite conscious about their caretaker and food provider.

They know about who puts down their food, water, and treats, who plays with them, and who gives them affection, so they will want that individual to be close to them and give friendship as a trade off or assuage you, so you keep accommodating them.

    • Keep you safe:

Cats sitting and sleeping in your feet is a way for them to keep you safe. Your feline friend is obviously concerned about you. So, it would not leave the place.

    • Best Escape way:

The part where your feet are, also helps them map out how they could leave your room in a snap. The foot of the bed where your feet are present also provides a quicker escape, which is part of a cat’s instincts.

So, your cat is sitting in your feet keeping in mind every possibility.

    • Source of heat:

Keeping in view the concept of ‘survival of the fittest, one reason would be that your feline friend is using you as a source of heat and warmth for itself.

With the change of temperature in the owner’s body, your cat may leave one place and move to other according to their needs.

Putting an end:

When you notice that your cat starts sticking to you closer than normal routine, it is a sign that they are craving for more of your love and attention.

If you do not want your cat to stick around you all the time, you can go for some other strategies like spending more time with them already which fulfill their need of love.

That way, their need for attention is better fulfilled, and they are less likely to ask for extra attention while you are busy.

But no need to worry if your cat is sitting in your feet. One must be lucky for the love of their feline for them.

When it did it the first couple of times, you probably showed pleasure, so it learned that this was the right thing to do to please both you and it. This would be all for, ‘why does my cat sit on my feet’.


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