Why does my Cat Sit on its Toys?

Ever noticed that your cat likes to sit on the things that belong to it, from blankets to its toys? Well, cats do show such strange things to make you wonder and forced to ask, ‘why does my cat sit on its toys of all the places?’ It could be supported by a number of reasons. One of them could be that, like we use to keep our things safe, this is a way for it to keep its belongings only to itself! But what might be other reasons?

The following article would help you understand the relationship between your cat and its toys in the best manner.

Why does my cat sit on its toys

Cat’s perspective and its toys:

If you are concerned about this behavior of your cat, then you do not need to do it at all. This is because it is really normal conduct for your cat.

It does not bother your feline friend to sit on the things it would love. So, it should be of mere concern for you too.

They would lay their butt on their toys because the toys are their property. They like to own their property the way they want.

One should be careful about disturbing them or else it would not take a sec to ruin your beloved pet’s mood and would result in biting and claws!

Then, Why does my cat sit on its toys?

There are several reasons that your cat might end up sitting on top of things like its toys too!

Following are possible answers for your troubling thought about, ‘why does my cat sit on its toys?’

1.    The Possession:

The first and the foremost reason for your cat sitting on its toys is to show its ultimate possession on them.

Being territorial by nature, they prefer doing so.

Your feline lies on top of the things like toys under discussion, they are clearly sending a message to you and other creatures around them that no matter what, they ‘own’ these.

2.    Leaving their Scent all over them:

Sitting is not their only aim. Actually, marking them with their scent is their style.

It is a step from them of leaving their specific scent on its toys to keep them out of reach and keep them distinguished from other animals.

When any one of them comes across its toys, it is the scent that makes them go away that these things belong to another animal, that is your feline specifically.

3.    The Predators:

One theory that you would come across is that your cats might sit on their toys because they are the predators, and they are trying to exhibit their prey instinct naturally.

This comes to them by birth. Wild cats slowly move towards theirs prey and attack them at once and once captured, will sit on them and severe the prey’s spinal cord and hunt them.

Since your feline would not go out for hunting, they see their toys as their total prey and sit on them like the conquerors.

4.    Smells like you:

It is a fact that a cat’s sense of smell guides them. According to research, a cat’s sense of smell is 40 times stronger than a normal human.

Sitting on the toys, one reason can be, the toys smell like them, as well as you.

Felines feel affection with you with different things including your smell. If something has your aroma too, it makes them feel happy and safe at the same time.

They would prefer to sit and kind of prey and purr on anything that smells like you.

A cat will most probably like to play with the same toy, sleep beside it and sit on them just because they have your scent too.

Cats, being seeking your affection might fill their desire by your smell only.

It can be a way to check if your cat has formed a strong emotional bond and relationship with you. If they did, they would want to have your smell all the way with them.

Because you are not available all the time, they might go for things that have your aroma like their toys, so, sitting on them will make it feel closer to you.

5.    Warmth:       

One reason is that you will find your cat sitting on different things and soothing themselves to get warm enough.

Being creatures, they might prefer cozy things or places to sit on. So, they fulfill their desire no matter how.

The toy’s material is something that will provide them with this calmness due to its softness to the skin.

That is why your cat will sit on its toys most of the time!

6.    A way to Reduce Stress:

Most of the researchers believe that toys are something that might help to improve their behavior and also make them reduce their stress.

Playing with toys, pouncing on them, and at last, sitting on them is a way for them to combat stress.

They, like animals, could not express what they might be feeling, so, to cope up, they do such things that go beyond human thoughts.

Do not worry, they are fine!

7.    To kill Boredom-Amusement:

To simply put it, cats are fond of sleeping, but when they are up, they like to have fun in their own way.

Toys are no doubt a way to keep them busy and amused, or else when bored, might end up some biting and clawing and ruining up the things.

So, toys, their precious, are the best way to keep their minds at peace and they might like to keep their butts on the things that relive them, let it be their toys or their prey.

It is kind of weird and gross, but it is what it is!

8.  A game of Hide-and-Seek:

Hide and seek is one of the most amusing games for your beloved friend. They would like to hide the things like their toys and then find them by themselves.

The same case here, sitting on the toys is like hiding them. They will make them disappear from their eyes and then look for them.

Cat psychic is no doubt very confusing. One cannot easily understand the ultimate goal behind their action.

Where sitting on them provides them with comfort, it is a source of entertainment for them too.

It is funny that you might be looking for its specific toy and your beloved pet is sitting on it while hiding it under its belly.

9.   Transferring their Pheromones:

Cats like to sit on stuff like their toys because they want to mark them as their territory with their smell as well as pheromones.

Do not think of it as its pee. Pheromones are another tactic used by your feline to mark the thing as of theirs.

When they hang out on the stuff, they leave their pheromones on them, and sitting on them with their adorable existence, they put an ‘only mine’ sign on them!

10.  Seeking your Attention:

This is the reason that adjusts kind of everywhere. There is no doubt the cats are total attention gainers. They will seek it by doing anything.

From licking your earlobe to sit on the top of their toys, they do everything so that you might notice them.

As a result of that, you will pick them up, give them time, love them, pet them, and will stay close to them.

They will get your affection and attention one way or another, so do not be bothered if they are sitting on top of the toys. Just play with them, this is all they want from you.

11.   Sense of security:

Cats are always looking for a sense of security. That is why, they lie on different things including their toys, to feel secured and safe.

They are assuring themselves that they are in their happy place. Hence, there is nothing for them to be anxious about.

Staying close to the things they love and most probably smell like you and them, makes a safe and sound kind of situation for them.

Different cat’s behavior with its toys:

Apart from sitting on the toys and making you wonder that, ‘Why does my cat sit on its toys?’ You will notice other mysterious behaviors your cat shows with its toys.

Following are some plays that your cat likes to play with its toys that might get your attention!

1.   Why does my cat put its toys in the food pot?

You will notice that your cat might put their toys in their food dish. They do that because the place they get food is a safe place for them.

So, they would definitely like to keep all their personal belongings in a safe place like its wild form hiding the prey in the bushes from other predators.

Felines are very cautious about their things and their actions and what is happening to them. The place they get their feed is the best and the safest place for them to keep anything safe.

No wonder, if they are its toys, food dish is fine!

2.   When does my cat knock its toys over?

Knocking over is something related to aggressive or stressed behavior. They might be facing some kind of mental stress.

It is better to get them checked by a consultant vet.

Another thing, kicking off the toys is a sign that your feline is being ignored by you and is not getting the attention it desires. They are kind of annoyed with you.

One thing to relate with this behavior is again, satisfying their preying instinct. They like to do such things with their prey.

That is why they knock the toys over and hit them as a predator messing around with its quarry!

Or maybe your cat is just hungry. Keep an eye for other signs too.

3.   Cat stealing things as if they are its toys:

Again, the mirror act of prey instinct. Things act as toys for them, which they want to steal or attack, and hide like their prey from other predators.

Next thing, when your cat steals the things, they might think they are theirs as they smell like you or their own. They might do that in your affection. But still, it is not a good thing to steal.

4.    Cat likes laying/sleeping in the Toy Box:

It is a common thought about felines that they will sit wherever they fit and anything that brings them comfort and a sense of security.

What is the best place other than a toy box? ‘It even smells like me.’

They will love to adjust themselves to the toys that are theirs. It is again, kind of happy place for them.

Everything in that toy box brings them pleasure and a sense of warmth and safety.

They would hop in and take a perfect nap or take a quick comfortable snooze!

5.   Why does my cat keep its toys in a safe place?

Toys are your cat’s treasure. Why would not they be worried about them? They will do anything to secure them.

They will keep them in any safe place that would not be reached by other animals or even you!

This behavior depicts your cat’s predator intuition. Toys are like prey for them. They will hide it only for themselves from other possible predators.

6.   Why does my cat lick its toys:

While ‘Why does my cat sit on its toys?’ to why the earth on now it licks them,

Well, you might notice that cats groom with the things and even you to bond and show affection.

Licking is also a part of this grooming which brings them a sense of soothing.

This is, no doubt, an enjoyable sensation for your feline, and this aids them in calming them, release their stress, and even lower their blood pressure.


Next time when you notice and ask, ‘why does my cat sit on its toys?’ the answer is clearly explained that your cat has its own ways of dealing with situations it is facing, that it cannot explain to you.

Your cat might be looking for a way to calm itself, marking its territory, or merely trying to stay warm and relaxed.

It is one of their predator instincts. Hence, do not be worried about it, they are born with it.

Just let your feline sit on the top of the toy tower and enjoy the view from there!

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