Do Cats know when you are Sick?

do cats know when you are sick

Cats and their owners often share exceptional bonds. But ‘Do Cats know when you are sick?’ It may sound odd to Randoms, but owners often insist that their beloved pets ‘know’ when they are ill and as a result, behave differently around them. Illness in humans and other animals can be no doubt assessed by … Read more

Why does my Cat like Belly Rubs?

Why does my Cat like Belly Rubs

Does your cat prefer belly rubs? If so, why? Cats are very sensitive to touch, and they enjoy it when you touch and play with their abdomens. As long as your cat loves those rubs, chances are she’ll like that always but don’t betray her trust. First, you should keep in mind that NOT all … Read more

Why does my Cat play Fetch?

why does my cat play fetch

If you have a pet, in particular a dog, playing fetch would be your favorite pass time. This gets the pet owner to spend celebrated time with the pet and have fun too. Many experience it with the puppies yet many might have seen a comparable case with kitties too. So, while we hear some … Read more

My Cat Peed On My Bed

my cat peed on my bed

My cat peed on my bed and I cannot get over with fury. The smell is terrible and the pain of getting it out of sheet is worse. If you have recently found the cat having a repetitive episode of the same, you got our back. Well, if this is the case, you have just … Read more

Why do Cats like being Spanked

why do cats like being spanked

We all know cats are the biggest attention seekers, but has your cat ever come to you to get spanked? If yes, don’t worry because this is completely normal for many cats. Some cats love being spanked, but many others despise it and will probably snap at you for spanking them. But what’s the science … Read more

Cat Wagging tail While Purring

cat wagging tail while purring

One of the weird actions of your cat that might catch your attention would be ‘Cat wagging tail while purring’. You should be thinking that what they are doing and why they are doing. Well, there might be a number of reasons your feline is doing this like they are feeling joyful. But still, they … Read more

Why does my Cat sit on my feet?

why does my cat sit on my feet

It is said that felines will settle down anyplace they like to, which may be curious for pet owners and non-pet owners the same, yet it is not talked as much about the occasionally silly places felines decide to settle in. Playing in your feet and sitting there might be normal for your cat but … Read more

Cat Wakes up Meowing

cat wakes up meowing what to do

As a cat parent, you may have seen a mix of habits and activities of the furry fellow. One such is relevant to sleeping and waking habits. Sometimes, cat parents tend to have their sleeping clock synchronized with their cats. Post dinner, they take them to bed and get lost in dreams while cuddling the … Read more