Why does my Cat Lick my Ear

why does my cat lick my ear

Are you here because your cat likes to lick your ear too? Well, you’ll be glad to know that your cat isn’t the only one who does this. Many cat owners constantly find their cats licking their ears, even while they’re asleep. So why exactly does your cat lick your ear? Is it just an … Read more

How to Tell which Cat is Alpha

How to Tell which Cat is Alpha

Owning a number of felines is no doubt full of fun, but if you are inquisitive or curious about which of your cat is alpha. Well, cats also have a hierarchy order like dog’s share. Cat communities are a lot more inconspicuous, and you can easily miss the indications of being social if one is … Read more

Why do Cats like being Spanked

why do cats like being spanked

We all know cats are the biggest attention seekers, but has your cat ever come to you to get spanked? If yes, don’t worry because this is completely normal for many cats. Some cats love being spanked, but many others despise it and will probably snap at you for spanking them. But what’s the science … Read more

Cat Suddenly Scared of Room

cat suddenly scared of room

If you notice your feline friend suddenly acting very strange and completely reluctant to enter your room, then you are probably dealing with a scared cat. This behavior is even more common in kittens as compared to cats because they are very sensitive creatures. So if you notice your cats’ efforts to avoid your room, … Read more

Cat Hissing At New Kitten

cat hissing at a new kitten

A cat may hiss often at the new kitten because she expresses territorial aggression through this, feels unsettled, and shows that she is unwilling to share her space. Cat hissing at a new kitten is pretty normal behavior. When a new kitten in the household can best be addressed by properly introducing the cats to … Read more

Why does my Cat like Belly Rubs?

Why does my Cat like Belly Rubs

Does your cat prefer belly rubs? If so, why? Cats are very sensitive to touch, and they enjoy it when you touch and play with their abdomens. As long as your cat loves those rubs, chances are she’ll like that always but don’t betray her trust. First, you should keep in mind that NOT all … Read more

Cat Wagging tail While Purring

cat wagging tail while purring

One of the weird actions of your cat that might catch your attention would be ‘Cat wagging tail while purring’. You should be thinking that what they are doing and why they are doing. Well, there might be a number of reasons your feline is doing this like they are feeling joyful. But still, they … Read more