Why does my cat Want me to Watch her Eat?

As a cat owner you might have witnessed some of the weirdest habits. One of them will be your cat, expecting you to sit next to them as they slurp down the food. This is a recurring thing that can be seen with the cat, except they cannot do it while sitting next to you on the dining table. Yet this might be tough, with the cat every time expecting you to sit as they eat. If you wonder the same: why does my cat want me to watch her eat, there is barely a thing of concern.

Let us contemplate over it as it could be due to many reasons. For instance, the cat might be hankering to have a sense of safety and security by having you around. And while you are about, they can enjoy the food without the fear of being carried away or attacked for the same.

why does my cat want me watch her eat

A point of Intrigue:

Unlike dogs, the cat may have different tendencies and habits, showing some territorial propensities with food around. Some cats, on the contrary, relish meals with the owner petting around. Generally, cats are also considered independent entities and might intrigue some people when seen with this habit. This could also be out of habit or being accompanied in the past when fed as a kitten. Thus, wanting to continue the same practice.

Also, a cat may count meal time to get together and look around for some affection from the owner. They might not want to miss it out by being left on eating on their own. While we have many assumptions, let’s break them into points and reasons why.

Reasons: Why Does My Cat Want Me to Watch Her Eat?

It is a complex thing and reasons can vary from one to a mix of many. Below are some points for your consideration that can mark the cause of the stated query.

Outlook for safety and security

Generally, the cat or an animal having the meal may be open for the attack in the woods. While they are having their prey for dinner, their entire focus remains on the food. It creates a blind spot for the cat, focusing all on the nourishment with little watch out on the surrounding. Keeping this in mind, the cat might be vulnerable forgetting the fact that they are domesticated.

Having said this all, the cat might need a known figure, preferably the owner, to stir in them a sense of safety and guardianship while having the food.

Out of Habit

Cats are known for being the creatures of the habit. They keep it going till the end of time. If you wonder why does my cat wants me to watch her eat? One probable answer to this is that the last owner or maybe you have accompanied them in eating when brought in as a kitten. This builds the habit of eating with you or the owner around while eating. Thus, they get it going and continue it out of habit. This is generally done with the cat at a younger age to ensure the cat consumes all the food.

Yearning for affection

One might believe the dog is more of a loyal and affectionate animal. However, the cat is also demonstrative of love and care towards the owner. This comes into play as the cat sits around a food, wanting you to stick as it gobbles it down.

Translating the behavior of the cat:

To better understand the cat’s unusual action, it is mandatory to look closely into the cat’s behavior. If you feel perplexed and think, why does my cat want me to watch her eat? You need to closely observe the cat for its general activities, considering the background forming that particular habit. Also, watch out for the context of the cat along with expectations to see what drives the cat for this particular conduct.

  • Narrating historical background of the cat

One of the factors defining the cat’s behavior or this underlined habit is the cat’s history. By history, we indicate the former environment and treatment that the cat has had for quite some while. The eating habit or having the owner around comes from the history of doing so and wishing to continue.

  • The current environment of the cat 

The present surrounding or environment of the cat forms the context in which the cat is living. This also marks for the things, people, and space he interacts and lives with. Put together, this all makes up the cat used to all the components around it. And being an animal of habit, she keeps it into the mind for an actual long. This brings to the conclusion to the query, why does my cat want me to watch her eat? They continue to do this in pursue to align the old habit of doing the same.

  • Hopes of the cat 

In continuation to the factors accounting for the cat to have someone around when fed. One of the underscored aspects of the same is the specific expectation of the cat. This may vary from one cat to another and may have its own individuality. For instance, a cat growing in the wild has its warrior instincts more polished and more likely to respond to a fighter-like attitude under stress. On the other hand, a cat with loving and nurturing environment will, in turn, reflect care and affection. This, in consequence, clears away your doubts; why does my cat want me to watch her eat?

Is it something to be worried about?

Some people might not cater to this very habit of the cat as a problem. Instead many might usually be feeding the cat at their time of eating, having a similar schedule of breakfast and dinner. While many other cat owners, especially the new ones, might feel it as trouble to them. Many might be busy at work and family, not available for the entire meal.

This might become worse with cats that give away eating due to the non-availability of the owner. This is also because they feel like this is their bonding time with the cat. One might cater to this problem if they are somewhere near, but the issue turns bad as one plans a vacation or travels elsewhere. This is when one wants to get rid of this habit, but since cats are creatures of habit, they won’t let it go quickly.

Thus, the consequence of entire habit and behavior of the cat turns out sad. The cat usually doesn’t consume food and starve for as long as they have the same owner. This can, in turn, cause some grave health issues. The cat can lose weight, starve to death, and, if nothing serious may develop some gastro problems for staying empty stomach for long durations.

How to deal with the problem?

First, let’s accept that this is a problem and may not be feasible every time. Also, it is essential to understand that this sunken deep into the cat’s memory as a habit thus may take time. This time-consuming process will not only be tiring but shall also demand your patience and stamina. One needs to understand the routine of the cat and strategize the very move accordingly for fruitful results.

Let’s have some ideas that you need if the pressing question of why my cat wants me to watch her eat lingers in your mind.

  • Kick-off by moving away from the food bowl from the usual location. Move it to a different place, away from the area where the cat usually eats. Don’t force the cat to eat; just begin by moving it away.
  • The next step for you would be to gradually start leaving the cat alone as it begins eating. Take it real slow so you can have them start eating and get away in the middle or in the end, to begin with.
  • Try feeding the cat with treats and some of the favorite meals as you begin getting away from the scene. This will make the transition period smooth.
  • One can also offer some wet food to the cat to keep it regular with meals. Cats in the wild go for fresh prey; thus, heating the food when served around the body temperature makes them relish the food.
  • Make sure you are away yet observant of all the movement of the cat. You might need to intervene at times and check if it is working out in your absence until you completely disappear from the scene.
  • Keep an eye on the cat’s health as you attempt doing so; the cat might show resistance and give away feed as a means of protest.
  • Refer a vet or feline feeding specialist to refer for help and practice to bring out the most relevant results.

Looking for symptoms in cats:

One needs to see if this is the only problem w.r.t serving the cat or any other symptoms prevail in cats. One requires to give a closer look to observe the behavior of the cat in terms of feeding. Is it alone refusal to eat, or is it accompanied by any other symptoms?

  • This might include issues with the stomach, loss of appetite due to fever, or any problems. One might also see laziness, vomit, and diarrhea in the cat.
  • The presence of any such sign will be reflective of some trouble with the stomach. The pain or irritation in the cat could be a possible cause of loss of appetite.
  • The cat could have swallowed a hairball, reminting stuck in the food pipe. This could be keeping the cat from eating.
  • One should also see the type and quality of food. The cat might be having trouble with the current meal served. By investing a little more in the cat meal, one can take care of the problem.
  • One can always refer a vet for any single or combination of complaints presented by the cat. Seeing the vet and having compiled with your observation, he shall be in a better position to refer a solution and a way out.

Suggestions for reversing this habit:

The cat is known for having healthy behaviors and making sure you develop the right ones from an early age. If why does my cat wants me to watch her eat is a pressing question; given techniques will help you rid of such inclinations of the cat.

  • Make sure the little kitty is not habituated with food routines or your presence. Make a switch every once in a while.
  • The cat counts a lot in making a habit while making a schedule; never forget being flexible.
  • Good interaction and toying around will help them have an affectionate time with you without yearning for any more.
  • Don’t supervise the cat when eating. Just keep a check to balance out the activity.
  • Keep an eye on the cats eating habits to not fall prey to any such practice of them wanting you around. They may have some gastric disturbances, having given the right food and care will keep you from any health troubles.
  • Don’t keep the cat starved for long. Having no food in the belly can lead to the accumulation of digestive juices, causing irritation and inflammation in the gut. This, as a result, may cause the cat not to be able to eat food and show resistance in eating.
  • Try to keep the cat at ease; any anxiety or panic attack may lead to this kind of behavior. Keep the cat relaxed by spending enough time other than mealtime.
  • Give your cat a sense of safety. While some neighborhood animals fight, give them support and backup, so they have a faith in you.
  • While many people normalize their cats, wanting them to watch them eat, we must not support unhealthy behavior. This seems typically okay in day-to-day activity. But, when you go away on vacation or are not in the home for whatever reason, this dependency can cause emotional stress.
  • Try to improve the cats surrounding. This might not only be food or mealtime where the cat yearns for your presence. Spend quality time with a cat to ease out the stress and boredom. Give a shot with playing or cuddling so she feels loved enough.
  • A good stimulated environment should be there for cat to make him comfortable. This will add to general wellness and shall, prevent any issues that arise due to monotony.


When you have a cat, you shall be exposed to multiple surprising habits and behaviors. While some might be relatable to other cats, some might be completely distinct and new in their nature. Similarly, when faced with why does my cat want me to watch her eat? One might come up with multiple ideas and hints to tone down the confusion. Here below is summarize answer with all possibilities that may make your cat do so.

  • This might be a cat instinct. This character roots back to their need for safety and protection. This might come from their wild habitats and might not be needed amongst domesticated cats. Yet it persists in some cats, wanting you to stick around as they eat.
  • An old habit of being fed and watched might make the cat lead to such behaviors. It was primarily when the cat was cared for and provided as a kitten to ensure the entire food is consumed.
  • The cat’s need for love and affection may also translate into similar behavior.
  • Mealtime might be their time to bond and play around with you. So they need you to stick and make them feel wanted.
  • Some people may not attend to it as problem and might already be doing this out of practice. Yet many might find this problematic and may not be available all day long out of busy schedules.
  • Striking a balance in attending cat steers out a healthy relationship between you and your cat.

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