How to tell if the Cat still has Kittens Inside?

You love your cat and want to take care of it the best you can. But how do you know if your cat still has kittens inside? The answer is not as easy as you think, but there are a few things that might clue you into knowing that they’re about to give birth.

The following is an article about how to tell if your cat still has kittens inside. Find out the signs that indicate this, what you should do if it turns out to be true, and more.

how to tell if cat still has kittens inside

Signs Cat Still Has Kitten Inside

Bulging Close To Perineal Area

When determining if your cat still has kittens inside, you need to touch its perineal area. This means you will have to rub your hand gently over its perineal area under the tail. This part is right under the cat’s womb, and you can easily feel whether the cat has kittens insides or not.

However, you need to be vigilant and extra careful when doing so as it is the most sensitive body part of the body. In some cases, the cat can mind of this touching. Just with a simple touch, you can identify what’s happening inside.

Other than that, sometimes, you can see a part of the kitten start to get out as soon as you touch its perineal area. This shows that the birth is about to happen.


Another sign to look out for when finding if your cat still has kittens inside is to observe the cat’s behavior. The pregnant cats show clear signs that she is about to give birth to kittens. Try to observe her routine behavior. One common sign is that your cat will continuously lick her paws.

Cats usually do this to relax before the big day. Remember that cats and most animals are under severe stress in this phase, and they need to relax. As a result, licking becomes a routine habit for your cat to soothe itself. In a few cases, when this happens, you need to pay close attention to the cat as the new kittens might be coming soon.

Nesting Behavior

This is another clear and obvious sign that your cat has kittens inside. If you notice that your cat remains close to its nesting area or she doesn’t leave the place, it means she has kittens inside the body. Usually, cats like to give birth in their nesting areas, and they will remain in the area or near to it. Pregnant cats won’t walk a lot, and some of them might become still during the process.

If you observe this stillness in your cat, she likely still have kittens inside. In this case, don’t rush or panic the cat; just observe and keep an eye on the cat to see what’s going on.

Changes in Cat’s Appetite

Pregnant cats need to eat more as they grow larger and heavier, so their appetite should be voracious throughout the pregnancy. This is vital for the cat’s health as well as for her growing babies.

However, cats will often change their appetite before labor starts. Your cat’s interest in food and eating might decrease, which is a fairly good indicator that delivery may be on its way.

Touch the Cat’s Stomach

If there is still a kitten inside your cat, gently pat her stomach and try to feel the lump. Besides, the cat’s stomach should be moving inwards as opposed to its original position. If you can feel the kitten’s stomach move or bent, then congratulations, your cat is expecting!

Your Cat Might become abnormal.

In almost all cases, the cat gives birth to all kittens at once without any delay. But in some cases, they might behave abnormally after giving birth to one baby, and she may have kittens inside her womb. However, this is extremely rare.

Furthermore, if the mother cat has given birth to one or two kittens and she starts licking her paws or any other body part, it means she is having trouble in giving birth. These difficulties can be dangerous for both mother cats and kittens. If you face such a situation, you need to approach your vet immediately.

Some other tell-tale signs that will help you know whether your cat has babies inside are:

You might see a significant change in her appetite. In some cases, the cat’s appetite will get doubled, or she might lose interest in food.

You can easily identify the kittens moving around in her stomach.

If your cat is looking for a safe, quiet place or doesn’t leave her nest, it means she has babies inside, and she is searching for a safe place to give birth. At this stage, it’s recommended that you give her a suitable ‘nesting box.’

Too clingy behavior is an obvious sign that your cat is pregnant. If your cat wants to be with you and seeking your attention and affection, it means she is pregnant.

In some cases, your cat might ‘call’ you by making specific and unusual sounds. Usually, this happens when your cat has kittens inside, but she is unable to give birth to them.

If you see your cat frequently cleaning her back, it means she is preparing herself to give birth to new kittens.

In all these cases, try to remain by her side but don’t disturb her preparations. Just keep an eye on your little furry friend, and if you see any problem or anything unusual, call the vet immediately.

Understand the Signs During Labor and Delivery

Often cats give birth normally without having any issues. However, a cat might sometimes face various problems during labor and delivery that can be hazardous for both the cat and her babies. A few obvious signs to look out for are:

  • Foul-smelling and too much discharge. Sometimes the discharge can be green or yellow.
  • A kitten stuck halfway for too long.
  • Extended contractions
  • The mother cat becomes exhausted, or her breathing gets shallow.

If you witness any of these signs during labor or delivery, you need to take your cat to the vet immediately as she is unable to give birth normally. With a bit of effort, and attention, you can make the process easier for your pregnant feline, and she will deliver babies without any trouble.

What To Do When Cat Has a Kitten Inside Her?

If there is a kitten inside your feline and you want to confirm that, you will have to feel the lump. Gently palpate the abdomen area to feel the bulge. This will be movable, unlike other body parts; hence you can feel it easily. If your cat still has a kitten inside and she is unable to deliver the kitten, that kitten will die inside.

That’s why you need to perform this quick process. However, if you cannot feel the movement inside the cat’s abdomen, the chances are that the kitten might be dead. Usually, a kitten finds its way to the birth canal naturally and towards the middle of the abdomen. But sometimes you have to do it by yourself.

In this situation, you need to help your feline friend. Feel the bump and press it down to the other side of the body. This will change the kitten’s position and move it towards the canal.

However, do not apply too much force or pressure in any direction. If you are unable to perform the process by yourself or you cannot resolve the issue and your cat still has a kitten inside, get her labor done through a certified vet.

The vet will complete the process, and sometimes the kitten comes out alive. However, sometimes you will have to opt for surgery if the case gets complicated. Besides, sometimes cats have babies inside, but she stops the labor process due to stress and delivers the last kitten after some hours.

Signs Of A Dead Kitten Inside A Cat?

It’s a chance you’ll never know until it happens. A cat may have miscarried before its pregnancy is detected, or else there will be no visible sign of one unless an early ultrasound detects an impending miscarriage and can tell the difference between viable fetuses and abortion tissue.

Some common signs of a dead kitten inside a cat are as follow:

  • Abnormal discharge
  • Abdominal pain
  • Moderate or high fever

How To Tell If The Cat’s Labor Process Is Over?

The most obvious sign that your cat has given birth to all kittens and no baby is inside her is that it will chew or bite the umbilical cord after giving birth. However, in some cases, you need to help her in doing so, but only if you feel confident. The safest approach is to take your cat to the vet and let them handle the rest of the process. Usually, the entire delivery process is spread to 5 hours, but sometimes it can be as long as an entire day.

How To Help The Cat To Deliver Her Stuck Kitten?

The only way to help your cat to deliver the stuck kitten is to help her in cutting the umbilical cords. Follow the below-mentioned process to help the cat:

  • First, wash your hands and wear protective gloves.
  • Now, grab a dental floss and tie it around the cord. Try to keep it 2 inches from the kitten’s body.
  • Again tie the floss an inch away from the kitten’s body.
  • Now trim the umbilical cord between the ties.
  • Don’t cut the tie too close to the kitten’s body.
  • Allow the cat to chew the long.


The question of “How do I know whether my cat still has a kitten inside or not?” is a common one that many people have. This article has all the signs and symptoms to look for so that you can take care of your mother cat during her labor process. In the event of a cat’s pregnancy, it is essential to understand how long they carry their kittens.

If you are unsure of when your feline friend will give birth, take her in for a vet check-up. The veterinarian can monitor the litter and tell you if there are any problems that need to be addressed immediately or if she still has more babies inside.

We’re here to answer all questions about cats or kittens in our comment section below – just ask away!

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