Why do Cats like Emery Boards?

If you see your cat going fanatical with emery boards. You may ponder, why do cats like emery boards? It could be a mineral deficiency, their inclination to scratching, and even their bend to rub themselves against rough surfaces. Please stick with us and dig out more.

why do cats like emery board

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Fetching themselves some mineral 

Cats are restless creaturesalways looking to file nails on emery board to scrape off any inch of exasperation. While experts typically relate this tendency to a couple of concrete reasons, mineral deficiency is one of them.

These emery boards are known to be cardboard attached with tiny grains of sand adhered to them. The sand is rich in minerals, turns out to be a good source of a variety of minerals. Some of the central ones, one can expect it includes zinc, iron, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus.

The cat thus licks or rubs against it to fetch its need for essential minerals. The demand for minerals remains vital to some crucial body processes, supporting the cat’s health.

Rubbing off scratched surfaces

Sometimes the cat could be inclined to the emery board, out of their habit of rubbing against rough surfaces. The cat is inherently into the grooming habit. An extension to the same is seen scrubbing or licking the emery out of routine for mere enjoyment.

Emery board offering solution

The cat owner owns a cat to get a few cuddles and see the little fellow play around. While at the same time, the clawed fellow has some rough inclinations. Making it quite a surprise for the owner, as might sometimes welcome them with the scraped furniture. One can save oneself from trouble by allowing the cat have some time with Emery Board.

If you wonder why do cats like emery board? The answer is that the emery board is your go-to to let the cat mess around. The good thing is that it gets the cat captivated and focused on it instead of messing with spoiling the furniture or linens.

Thank God the cat is a low-maintenance animal and draws maximum fun out of it. It is your go for keeping the house tidy and intact without having the trouble of getting things arranged as you get back home with one angry cat.

What are emery boards?

Here’s a little insight for some of the new users who are not aware of the emery board. It is one board with sand impregnated and comes out as an attractive one for the cat. You can choose the right place to have it ranked, so the cat scratched it instead of the furniture and stuff around the home.

The board is made in style comparable to a honeycomb—provided with the crisscrossed surface that makes it look like a nail file to the cat. However, it is an easier and safer tool for the cat to scratch upon.

The product comes with an inbuilt arch, intended and implanted to allow the cat maximum stretch and scratch. It works like a cat’s favorite toy that it would love to be for an actual long.

Plus, one can have it hanged to one end of the pole. Sometimes it comes with an add-on of a brush come de shredder that helps cut down the excess hair. Not an essential part of the board yet an add-on. The product comes with a suffusion of catnip. This makes the cat get attracted to the board, not just once but over and over again.

What does it offer?

The Central Claim 

The board comes with a catnip making the emery board all the more attractive. It comes forward as a beautiful sharpened board that will draw attention for the cat to rub claws. This, in turn, spares the furniture.

This board comes nail file is supposed to make it even more alluring to the cat. It will keep the cat busy and save the trouble of having the cat’s nail file now and then. In turn, a happy cat and a scratch-free tidy home.

The buildup

It is the self-relying thing that takes the cat absorbed into it all day long. One needs not worry about having the cat’s nail filed. Or having spent time with the cat to get used to the board. Just place it at the right place. And experience the cat naturally falling for it. The cat gets to be on its own and has a magnificent experience.

What will it cost?

The emery board is a reasonably affordable product that all cat owners can pay for. The goodness comes in a package and serves with a combination of several additional. One such would be the catnip, the toy-like feature, and the added brush.

These are not the essential parts of the board and can change with an item that best suits the cat. Moreover, one needs not to fret about the cleaning of the board. It is a low-maintenance product that is self-cleaning and can be placed in the most suitable place you like.

The emery board feedback

Many cat users have come up with exciting views on the use of emery board. On the contrary, the satisfaction has been little for another lot of cat parents. The one thing that becomes a point of concern for many new users is safety of the cat. They fear toxic chemical and foul smell to bring ill health to cat if ingested.


Has anyone used the Emery Cat boards?

People get their cats with Emery Board Scratchers to save them from trouble brought in by the claws. The cat scratches the furniture, curtains, and linens, messing the entire house. The board is placed in a hanging position for the cat, it is lightweight and easy to reach out. The energy is focused on the board instead, saving you from any inconvenience.

Does the emery board help in any way?

Emery board that are made with safe material especially the cardboard tends to provide a sacrificial board. The cat scratches out on it instead of messing with furniture and shredding it down till it becomes useless. It will also help with the cat making Biscuits.

What causes the cat to have the emery board licked? 

Cats sometimes may use the board as a licking item instead of a scratching tool. It comes from the aroma it finds coming from it. The material making the board and glue used to stick sandpaper attracts them. Sometimes fish oil smell is added to draw the cat, which causes the lick it instead of scratching.

What makes the cat go scratching all around?

Cat comes with an inherent tendency of scratching around things. It has ever-growing nails that support its function. Cat also tend to mark their region by leaving its mark or scent to the designated areas. One should trim the nails regularly or use an emery board to save oneself from trouble.

What things urge the cat to slit out the nails?

Usually, procedures like routine grooming get the cat doing so. The cat’s outer fur becomes worn out while doing it generally in a routine. Thus, the thing that cat is left with a claw that involves biting it up.  It involves one continuous episode until the lower layer becomes open. It is similar to a condition where people bite nails. And does not involve any severe consequences or actions to keep them from doing so.

What is the constituent material for the emery board?

The emery board is no different from nail filer. Or, if put, it equals a nail care tool. Usually, the available emery board in the market is made out of one robust piece of thick cardboard and, at times, a sleek layer of plastic. In addition to this, one side or at times both sides are covered with the rough patch. This usually is made out of sand or something offering almost similar roughness on the outside.

What makes my cat fall for emery boards?

The cat’s natural tendency to scratch nails and mark their territory keeps them scratching pretty much everything it comes across.

The emery board helps as a nail filer, keeping cay busy and shortening its nail. This, in the long run, keeps the cat happy and engaged with the board, sparing expensive furniture at home.

Is it ok to practice filing nails of a cat?

Using a suitable nail file that is soft and easy to use averts any chances of bleeding the cat’s claws. Grab the cat in hybrid mode and have it trimmed smoothly.

Do cat scratchers file nails?

Yes, the cat scratchers do file nails. It serves a dual purpose, and it keeps the furniture safe from the cat’s natural tendency to scratch it as the cat is driven to have the nails rubbed over the surface, especially to mark their territory.

Using a nail scratcher or emery board will shorten the nail to a level that the stuff in the house remains tidy and safe.

Is it essential to have the cat’s nail trimmed?

Generally, it is a good practice and covers into cat care program. Otherwise, one might not deem it necessary if it never becomes a part of the lifestyle that you provide the cat.

Sometimes, people prefer having it done by allotting a scratch post for the cat. It keeps scratching and filing it done naturally without having you the trouble of looking out for it.

Is it safe to file the nails of a cat?

Yes, if done correctly, it is necessary to get it done now and then. One should use a good tool that is soft on use and brings no chances of bleeding or infection post use with a cat.

Do we have any complaints against the use of the emery board?

Yes, many people are not happy with the emery board. An online campaign runs against its use that aims at boycotting its availability. Many people believe toxic and foul-smelling material is used in its preparation. That, in turn, can bring harm to the cat if it ingests it or licks its paws previously scratched on board.

How to keep the cat from scratching at all?

Cat is an animal that naturally shows a tendency for scratching around the home. This is their part of the nail growing procedure and helps them have healthy nail growth.  It is also built-in their behavior to use the pointed nails and scratch things that come their way. Be it the predator or inanimate piece of furniture.

Usually, some of the favorite spots for the cat to scratch down is the most sophisticated, blooming arranger guest room or drawing-room. To keep yourself from the trouble of destroyed furniture, designate a spot for this activity. The help of the emery board, in this instance, helps save most of the cats from messing around.

So if you still have doubts about why do cats like emery board? Try having one at an allotted spot and relish the advantage. The cat will file against it and spare the things around. Things will remain in place, untouched and tidy as you always want. The best location for the emery board would be a place free of carpet or having curtains. But one with the base or surrounding covered with cardboard and fibers.

In terms of the position of the board, the pattern of cats scratching should be observed. It will keep the cat busy with it in true context. The cats that depict a tendency of marking corners of the furniture can have a vertical spot.

On the other hand, the ones that are seen with its attack over horizontal surfaces. Like sofas when sitting around or carpet on the floor. In this case, a horizontal position instead of a vertical serves as the best scratching spot

 How to help a cat with scratching

If you are in a mood to have quick help with your cat scratching around. We have some emery boards listed for you that can be used to keep the cat from scratching and ruining. Some of the options available in the market include the following:

  •    MECOOL Cat Scratcher.
  •    4CLAWS Curve Scratching Pad
  •    Bergan Turboscratcher Cat Toy

The market has many other options, yet some options suit all cat types well. However, one can refer to customer feedback and experiences with previous users.

It turns out to be a backing that helps you with keeping the furniture and house otherwise safe.


The answer to why do cats like emery boards is simple and easy. With an inherent tendency to scratch and ease out the nail irritations it goes through, the cat finds it soothing. Emery boards serve as a platform where cats can bring out all the scratch energy and have fun with no harmful or ill effects. The market is full of such boards made of plastic with rough sandy surfaces to rub nails at.

These boards use cardboard or plastic, along with a mesh impregnated with emery stone or sand. It is safe to use as it contains no glass or other toxic, foul-smelling, or poisonous material. One can hang it in the house as per the cat’s ease in reaching it out and save oneself from the trouble of destroyed furniture.

The cat otherwise scratches nails to curtains, beds, pillows, and sofa until directed to a safe zone, i.e., with an emery board. Many cat owners recommend fellow cat owners to have one as it is cheap and works best in your favor. It will keep the cat happy and help you with the excellent maintenance of your home.

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