Why Does Cat Howl at Night

Pet owners usually get perturbed when they start thinking Why does cat howl at night. There can be several reasons for howling: Hunger or Thirst Attention Seeking Health Issues Environmental Triggers Mating Above mentioned reasons are some of the common reasons a cat howls at night. Lets go through the details of each one of … Read more

Unintentional Mistakes by Cat Owners

Some mistakes that cat owners are not realized. Below are some of the unintentional mistakes by cat owners: 1. Bones and Cats It is generally not recommended to give bones to cats as they can splinter and cause blockages or tears in a cat’s digestive system. Additionally, bones can break teeth or cause other oral … Read more

Why does Cat Throw up Dry Food

 Why does Cat Throw up Dry Food?   There are a few potential reasons why a cat might throw up dry food. Some of them are given below: The cat is eating too quickly and not chewing its food properly, which can cause them to vomit. Cat has a medical condition, such as inflammatory bowel … Read more

Homemade Litter Box for Large Cats

Homemade Litter Box for Large Cats   A homemade litter box for large cats can be made using a large plastic storage container or a plastic tub with high sides for example plastic dustbins. To use the container as a litter box, cut a hole in one of the short sides for the cat to … Read more

How long does Cat Urine Odor Last?

how long does cat urine odor last

Cats can be great pets, but they’re not always the easiest to take care of. One of the most common problems cat owners face is dealing with urine odor. Cat urine typically has no scent until it starts decomposing, which means if you notice a strong smell coming from your cat’s litter box or wherever … Read more

Why Does my Cat Lick my Hand?

why does my cat lick my hand

Cats usually don’t express much of their emotions, but when they do, they do it in unique ways. We know that cats don’t lick to express like pups, but if you notice that your cat is constantly licking your hand, then there may be multiple reasons behind this action. So let’s look into exactly why … Read more

Why does my cat have Black Boogers

why does my cat have black boogers

If you notice your cat having a lot of black boogers leaking out of its nose, then it is time to look into the matter seriously. Black boogers in cats are not very common, and they can indicate a serious disease depending on what is diagnosed. Luckily though, treatments to eliminate black boogers in cats … Read more

Costs to Microchip a Cat?

costs to microchip a cat

Do you love your pet but are worried about losing them? Want to know the Costs to Microchip a cat? What kind of chip you should use? The best way to avoid facing the situation that your kitty not coming back after leaving home is by having it microchipped! Microchipping your pet cat is the … Read more

My Cat doesn’t like to be Touched

my cat doesnt like to be touched

‘Well, well, being a cat-parent, this might be a great concern for you that ‘My cat doesn’t like to be touched’, and here you are to find the answer. Cats are quite cheerful and like to being loved. But again, they are very unpredictable most of the time. The reason your beloved is not allowing … Read more