Friskies For Diabetic Cats

friskies for diabetic cats

As a cat owner, you have to take special care of what your cat eats when it has diabetes. Any ingredient in excess can result in several complications, so prevention is better than care. But you may require some experimentation to know which food is suitable for your cat. So if your cat is currently … Read more

Why Does my Cat Randomly Bite me?

why does my cat randomly bite me

Cats are known for being adorable, fluffy creatures that love to cuddle. However, their seemingly innocent nature can quickly change when they start attacking you without warning. What could be causing your cat to bite you randomly? It can be difficult at times to know what your cat is trying to communicate through this awkward … Read more

Why Does my Cat Lick my Hand?

why does my cat lick my hand

Cats usually don’t express much of their emotions, but when they do, they do it in unique ways. We know that cats don’t lick to express like pups, but if you notice that your cat is constantly licking your hand, then there may be multiple reasons behind this action. So let’s look into exactly why … Read more

How to Bathe a Cat that Hates Water

how to bathe a cat that hates water

So it is finally time to give your cat a bath, and you’re dreading it? That’s relatable. Even the cutest cats can be quite scary when it comes to taking a bath and will try to avoid it at any cost. This brings us to the question, how should you bathe a cat that absolutely … Read more

Why do Cats like Emery Boards?

why do cats like emery board

If you see your cat going fanatical with emery boards. You may ponder, why do cats like emery boards? It could be a mineral deficiency, their inclination to scratching, and even their bend to rub themselves against rough surfaces. Please stick with us and dig out more. Let’s take a deeper look Let us unveil some points … Read more

Costs to Microchip a Cat?

costs to microchip a cat

Do you love your pet but are worried about losing them? Want to know the Costs to Microchip a cat? What kind of chip you should use? The best way to avoid facing the situation that your kitty not coming back after leaving home is by having it microchipped! Microchipping your pet cat is the … Read more

Cat Drools When Happy

Cat drools when happy

Picture this, you’re spending quality time with your cat while lying on the sofa. You gently graze its soft fur and pet its head. After a while, you notice a small wet area near the cat’s mouth. Did your cat just drool? Probably because it’s in its happy place. But now you’re both curious and … Read more

Cat Shampoo Alternatives

cat shampoo alternatives

We all know cats groom themselves every other time by licking themselves clean. But the rare times you have to give them a shower, you will need to use a good quality shampoo for it. This is vital to keep your cat’s fur healthy and shining. Good shampoos can also reduce fur loss in your … Read more