New Cat Owner Anxiety

So a new cat parent here? Asking for depression or anxiety would not be anything out of context. Some of you might be running second thoughts in your head. Right? There is no need to be guilty or sad about it. The feeling is natural and the New Cat Owner Anxiety is part of the experience that you are about to have. The emotion keeps swirling around, all you need is to follow the path of calm. And learn as much as you can about the pet you own. We have got some tips for you.

new cat owner anxiety

Let’s find out what New Cat Owner Anxiety is about.

So it is just like becoming parents for the first time. If you have kids of your own or have seen someone really close to having one. You might have witnessed them being apprehensive or fretting over every other thing.

It comes with the idea that they own some responsibility. They might not completely own it and yet become fearful of it. It is the same with the kitty that enters your house. You are concerned with its routine, its adjustment in the house, and getting acquainted with other members. It all gets hectic with the idea of their routine, hooked to sleeping and eating.

The idea keeps you off track, the fear keeps you in control. And the only thing you might be moving around is thinking if you made the whether this all will work out. And at the same time, you don’t want to regret it. You do not want to let go of the little feline fellow.

The feeling that impends you is something that many other new cat owners have too. But you feel bad for not being responsible. For being fearful. And having second thoughts on the adoption thing. While if you would have asked someone as new as you, to the process. You would see it is pretty natural. And tails all new cat parents.

So while we are clear it is not wrong to feel this way. Let us get to the vital point. What to do with  New Cat Owner Anxiety? How to manage and steer through it. Until we finally get along with the new fellow and get over the anxiety. But let’s first see how to identify the problem under discussion.

How can you know if it is a New Cat Owner’s Anxiety?

No matter how common it is. People fail to realize and stay in an unnerving phase for a while. New cat owner anxiety is ingrained with the new taken responsibility. Presuming things would fall abyss and you will get the cat hurt. It is the underlined feeling. You are just overwhelmed.

Before you tag it as something else, let us tell you are few signs to look for. It includes the following yet is not limited to:

●       Fearful of taking care. of the new fellow

●       Omitting the cat is now a part of your life

●       Scared to bond or fearing not to bond at all

●       Failing to manage eating and sleeping practice

●       Being overwhelmed and going numb while executing those tasks.

●       Doubting everything you do, no matter how concerning it was as you initiated.

If you take a closer look at the points mentioned above. And read it excluding yourself from the picture. You shall see that it’s all in good spirits. You begin with a good purpose. The only drive is to be careful of the new pet. You want to prove yourself as a good parent.

So maybe cool down. Shove away the fear and get yourself some break. Clear your perspective, it is only your vision of perfection and fear of failing at it. So let us call it a no to being a victim of New Cat Owner’s Anxiety. Take a breath, a step back, and do what you can. We got it sorted in the heading below.

Here’s Your Way Out to New Cat Owner’s Anxiety

So first things first, it is just a matter of time. The time shall pass and it will be a story of yesteryear. The one that you shall be telling your pals and laughing aloud over it. The things that I shall be suggesting here, will be poles apart from your practice.

The worst outcome of a New Cat Owner’s Anxiety is allowing the cat to get bold and stubborn. Nothing spoils a cat more than an anxious owner. Treating it like a master or responding to its call and looking after all the tantrums. It shall lead you into trouble after trouble. So here’s a stepwise guide to things. That you ought to do and not to do.

You are not alone

Nothing pleases human-like knowing that he is not alone. It is a journey undertaken by many. Many feel and undergo similar circumstances. This is what the process takes in. You are anxious, just like any other human can get to be. But the good news is you get to overcome it. As they got with it. If it brings to any rest the New Cat Owner’s Anxiety. It is the same for all.

You are on the road to learning

The anxiety can not disappear like magic. You have to undergo the process. You will learn things every day. You will learn to let go, forget and forgive. Until you put your anxiety to an end. Do not try to hasten and get over it quickly. The tip is to stay cool, believe in the process, and give your best shot.

Give Cat some time

Keep trusting yourself. While you allow the cat to settle in. It is as new to him, as it is to you. It will gradually come around the routine set for its food, rest, and play. It might take weeks to months. Till you shall see the cat fitting in the shoe that you wanted for him to fit in. It is fine to give him the right amount of lookout. Attending his calls, but remember just the right amount.

1.      Talk to a friend or experienced cat owner

Nothing eases the New Cat Owner’s Anxiety like opening up about it. You can have friends that can hear you out. Just listen and allow yourself to vent. Or even better if you look up a support group or an experienced cat owner in your circle.

Nobody can understand the dilemma of your life, like him. He will not only listen but help you calm down. And end up giving suggestions. That will help you with the problem like a pro.

Have some sort of Routine

So while you are all loving and caring about the cat. Try to bring a routine to it. Feed the cat, play with it and allow it grooming and playtime. But all at the predetermined schedule. This is going to give a cat a perspective of the new place. Plus help you work out your routine work with the new fellow in your life. A cat can be snooty and angry if not pampered or attended well. But by adding some routine to it. It will set you off the hook yet keep the cat coming. It will have no reason to fall angry as the routine and a good timetable shall serve all.

What is better than One: a pair of two

Imagine having a little fellow for the young fellow you have just adopted. Think of the good it will do to you. First, the cat will vibe well with his coalition. It will not all be dependent on you for time and fun.

It can vibe around with a fellow. Plus you shall never be guilty about not attending to the cat properly. If you think, that shall add to the burden. No, it will not. Trust me it helps bring down the New Cat Owner’s Anxiety

Adults over kitten

They are more self-reliant and less needy. They know how to figure things out for themselves and then just need you to be around. Once you serve them with the right space, little box, and grooming routine, they will be getting adjusted in no time. Extending a good thirty minutes in a day will be enough. Rest you can have a timetable so they can follow routine tasks to keep themselves busy for the day.

So Where to Begin At

While you are all set with tips to keep you from falling prey to New Cat Owner’s Anxiety. Here are a few things that you need to start with, right after stepping into the shoes of a cat parent.

Begin with Basics

●       When you get a cat, make it comfortable at the place.

●       Find a spot that you can dedicate to the cat, the one it can own.

●       Let others interact will all their love for cats.

●       Do not hover. Make him feel wanted but not irritated.

●       Start with feeding the cat food. Make it a delight. As soon as it gets in love with food, it will come to terms with you.

●       Give him your time, some cuddles or past may help.

●       Allow the cat some grooming.

●       Make him a litter box, he needs to have a distinct litter and resting area. Clear it away on time

●       Permit access to some defined cat scratching spots. It is an inherent desire to do so. Giving a spot will allow him to express himself and keep your sofas protected.

●       A cat toy is something a cat can lean on and associate to Have a few to allow the cat to pick for himself.

●       While you aim at doing all this. Keep a track of time. A routine set as early as possible will bring him discipline.

Allow some space

●       The cat needs love, so pour in some.

●       Never forget to keep it routine. Also, practice leaving him for a while. This will help it cope with the time you are away at work.

●       Long travels can be misleading. But this one tool can save you from problems.

Play or Train the cat to get used to toys

●       Train your cat with the right balance between your time. And the time to be playing with toys.

●       Expend some thought and money before getting one.

●       Choose the one that the cat will stay hooked at.

●       Get some time for yourself to relax. Only a fresh mind can handle the cat and its playfulness.


How to deal with second thoughts on Adoption?

The main dilemma of New Cat Owner Anxiety is the second thoughts on adoption. It is common and comes naturally. It could be both ways. Your anxiousness to meet cats needs to be satisfied or the cat is failing to meet your expectations. Either way, it builds up into you. You need to be calm and focus on things that happen to be in control. Some time is generally needed to make adjustments. The cat needs time to settle in. Wait patiently rather than decide on other things or reverse your actions.

How to fight down my anxiety coming with cat adoption?

Give it some time. Let the pressure rest. You are in no competition or need not prove anything. You will make blunders. You will fail. But eventually, you will rise above all. It is natural to new cat owners and settles with time.

How bad is it to return the adopted cat?

We can not put it in a bad light. However, it is not necessary every time. If you are experiencing New Cat Owner Anxiety, such ideas can strike your head. However, the thought may not dwell for long and may vanish after some time.

On the other hand, if it is compulsory under various circumstances. In situations where you actually fail to give due time and attention, such ideas may not be necessarily bad. The health and safety of cats need to come first. If circumstances mandate letting the cat go, then it is ok.

How does a cat feel about adoption?

The cat gets associated with the new person over time. Which signifies the concept of adoption. It takes a while to adjust post-adjustment. However, once the cat gets acclimated soon as it makes the person feeding them and taking care of them. This will lead to an everlasting bond.

What is the time required for a cat to settle into a new home?

The cat might need some time. The cat might be distant. But as soon as it knows it is fed and taken care of. It will be getting close to you.

Cats need to feel at home. It needs some care and time. Soon after the right input of care and love the cat will get attached to you. You will be all comfy and cozy in no time post adjustment period.

Concluding Remarks

One thing that all cat owners can vibe on is New Cat Owner Anxiety. It comes soon as one is done with adoption. However, it is not troubling if taken care of the right way. Talking to a senior pet owner or joining a group of new ones can be a real support.

By discussing the issues faced, one can get a feasible solution or cope with it at least. However, some tips and careful strategy in this time is a wise thing to do. One needs to be patient and calm at this time. Letting the cat some time to adjust is needed. Then one needs to specify a space for the cat. Place where cats can play, litter, sleep, and self-groom.

Moreover, since the cat is a new member of the house. It needs some of your time too. You can play around and feed three-four times yourself to develop a bond.

One needs to know that this feeling is dominant amongst all new cat owners. Also, you can read articles to help yourself. Likewise, while you dedicate some time to the cat, keep some in reserve for yourself.

A little patience and self-belief will take you really far in this new relationship.



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