Why do Cats like being Spanked

We all know cats are the biggest attention seekers, but has your cat ever come to you to get spanked? If yes, don’t worry because this is completely normal for many cats. Some cats love being spanked, but many others despise it and will probably snap at you for spanking them.

But what’s the science behind this? Why do cats like being spanked, is it even okay to spank them, and how often should you do it?

In this article, we’ve cleared all the doubts that could arise in your mind about spanking your cat.

why do cats like being spanked

Do cats like being spanked?

This brings us to the prime question, do cats like being spanked? The short answer is yes they do, but this is not always the case.

Spanking cats itself is done in different ways, and this depends entirely on your cat and what it likes. Many cats like being petted around the tail area, nothing rough, but some cats love to be spanked much harder.

And no- spanking harder is not a form of cruelty if your cat seems to be having fun and asking for more!

As the caretaker of your feline friend, it is important to know its tolerance level so you don’t spank your cat too hard because it can inflict pain upon them.

Why do cats like being spanked?

Why do cats like it when you spank them? Experts believe that spanking or pressured petting around the tail area of the cat helps release relaxation hormones and happiness hormones like endorphins.

This is because they have a bunch of nerves in that area, and cats cannot reach this area on their own. It’s similar to us humans when we have a scratch on our back that we can’t reach, but it feels immensely good when we finally do scratch it. So if cats could scratch that area themselves, they wouldn’t be needing our help.

Since it’s such a delicate area for cats, they do not trust everyone around them. So if they come to you showing signs of wanting a spanking (we’ll discuss these later in the article), then you should feel special!

Spanking reminds them of their mother when they used to be cleaned and taken care of in the litter along with their littermates. The feeling of their mother licking their bum helps a young kitten relieve problems such as pain in urination and excreting feces.

During this process, the mother also licks the bum clean because the odor of the feces can attract wild predators towards the kitten.

Don’t worry though, cats do not expect you to do all of this for them. They just simply like to be spanked to be reminded of their time with their mother and expect you to help relive it (somewhat).

After all, cats do see you as their mother of some form!

How do cats feel when they are spanked?

Depending on your cat and how it was treated by its mother in the litter, it may have different preferences on how and if it wants to be spanked.

These are the most common effects that are noticed in feline behavior and health after spanking. And hopefully, it will give an insight into the question, “Why do cats like their bottoms smacked”:

Calm and Protected

If spanking reminds them of their mother, it gives a feeling of protection and nostalgia to your cat because being in the mothers’ company reminds them of the safe feeling.

The nerve endings that are stroked while spanking provide calmness and happiness to your cat, so you may notice a boost in its behavior almost immediately.

Improved health

Spanking helps lower the blood pressure and your cat’s heart rate may become a lot steadier. Feline experts believe that the positive effects of spanking can help your feline friend live a healthier, longer, and more stress-free life.

A better bond with the owner

Moreover, if your cat comes to you for spanking, it means they are comfortable around you, and this will strengthen your bond with it.

Your cat may also ask you to spank it quite often, depending on how much it likes to be spanked, so don’t be surprised if it comes to you a few times a day!

When to spank your cat?

More often than not, once you spank your cat, they are going to keep coming back for more.

Many times they will come near you in hopes of getting spanked, but you may pass it off as them simply wanting attention.

Another common way cats will express this is that they will come to you and position their body in a way that its hind area will be lifted.

If you notice constant tail-wagging when you approach them or they’re circling your feet, then you can also take it as a yes.

When to not spank your cat

When you spank your cat, you do it for their sake, because it is a source of calmness for them.

That said, please do not spank them with the intention of punishment or negative reinforcement. This can not only cause severe harm to your cat but also break the trust and bond that your cat took so long to create.

Cats are not as forgiving as other animals. Once they think a person should be feared, they will stay away from them in any way possible and after that building, their trust again is close to impossible.

So if you value your loving relationship with your kitty, be mindful of this and only spank it once you have clear signals that your little friend is okay with it.

Is spanking harmful for cats?

A vast majority of cat owners believe that if your cat is looking for sexual attention then it wants to be spanked, this is simply not true! Experts affirm that cats get nostalgic too. Just like us inhaling a certain smell takes us back to a certain point in life, cats have the same reaction- but to spanking!

Furthermore, if you’re not sure about your cat’s tolerance levels, then start with a low amount of strength. You can crank it up to a certain level anytime if you feel like your cat is enjoying it.

However, it is common sense to know that if you go up a certain level of strength, it will hurt your cat. It’s not worth the risk because if your cat loses its trust, it can make all your hard work to build a strong bond with it go in vain.

Moreover, beware of spanking an untrained or semi-trained cat. Since they can be triggered if spanked too hard and may retaliate with self-defense such as biting or clawing. If it’s a stray cat then chances of infection also increase if it happens to bite you.

Using emptied cardboard rolls such as wrapping paper rolls or cling film rolls to spank cats is very common in many households. These do not prose harm only if the owner knows how to handle it gently with the cat.

Many children can use these unhygienic materials to hit cats harshly, so materials like these can also be a cause of injuries in kitties.

You should particularly take care of young kittens at home. Their delicate bodies cannot take a hard spanking and should be made to feel safe instead of giving a tough beating.

How much or how often to spank your cat?

There is no specific answer to this, and it all depends on your cat and its preferences. Many cats will not go more than a few minutes before they get tired of getting spanked and will attempt to move away. While other cats can go up to a couple of consecutive minutes before finally getting enough of it.

If your cat gives you signs of wanting to be spanked (we’ve mentioned what these are above), then go for it! But keep in mind that you should stop immediately as soon as your cat indicates that it’s feeling it anymore.

Do cats understand when you spank them

Yes, they do understand but it depends how you use have used spanking in the past. If it was for  punishment then they would understand it as that. If you spank them for petting and have always done that in the past then they would take it as an act of love. It all goes for training they have had.

However, if pain is involved then it would not be considered in the petting domain rather your cat would feel hurt. Cats can be very moody and may hold grudge for a hard spank.


In conclusion, if you think your cat is weird for your cat to want a spanking from you despite doing nothing wrong, you may be right. Cats have this tendency to like getting spanked.

And while it’s weird for us to see and do, it is quite comforting and even healthy for cats this way.

If you give your cat a spanking regularly, try to learn more about its tolerances, moods, and behavior patterns. This will help you determine how much and how hard you should spank your cat, so you don’t accidentally cause any harm.

It is always best to start slow and see if your cat likes it because it’s only healthy if your cat likes it. Chances are it’ll dislike it completely, and that’s okay too!

Lastly, try to notice signs that your cat has had enough of spanking, otherwise, they might bite or claw you to protect their delicate body.

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