Do cats know what Kisses are

Do cats know what kisses are? Could be a yes, could be a no. This is something that depends on the cat and varies with each. If you have a cat raised as a kitten, you can get the cat used to it. But if you have just attempted doing so, you might get in trouble. Let see how.

do cats know what kisses are

Let’s begin understanding why?

Having a cat is all about cuddling and kissing. One struggles hard to get one if the family is not supportive of the idea. However, once one’s got it through, the next thing they want is to shower all their ardor and affection to the cat.

While the cat owner will be in awe and love with the cat, a point to ponder is do cats know what kisses are. Since one of the courses of conveying love is kisses, if you are also into the same mode of expression, you might wonder if the cat gets along well with it.

The more you keep the cat socialized and easy-going with it, she shall grow to accept and reciprocate the love by licking you all around. Yet, many cats adopted in a later stage might not behave in the same way. Thus, the attitude of the cat and response shall be the right thing to observe. If this shall be your mode of love for the little fellow.

It will be good to start by gradually patting the cat on top of the head as it tried to get all cuddly. Also, look for the cat’s response having had your smooch, whether it gets all snuggling or shy’s away by lowering down the ear.

Observe closely for cat’s acceptance or otherwise

Some of the positive signs that might confirm if cat accepts the idea of kisses include licking. It can be closely observed with cats grooming habits. If the cat retorts to you by licking you over your face or legs, it hints that the cat gets all the love. Along with this, the cat could be expressing fondness by wagging tail on your act of kissing. This can be fortified by closely observing their response as head-butting, a mean of leaving behind its scent on you.

The cat shows its love by mixing their scent with the ones they care for. Especially if the cat is kneading the paws as it sits over the lap while receiving all love from you. The cat also exhibits love with all his body or blinking the eye. Even if the cat is sleeping on you is also a sign, if you contemplate do cats know what kisses are.

What to understand before kissing your cat?

Some of the things are mandatory for one’s understanding before attempting to kiss the cat. Since it is not a usual thing for cats, it has a probability of either being liked or not liked at all. But above that, whether it is good to have the cat kissed on the lip is crucial. In comparison, many people show their affection by spending time and playing with cats.

Many take it a step ahead and enjoy cuddling with the cat. While you are so up close, that cat snuggles or rests on your belly. It probably will accept the kiss too. But is it safe to kiss the cat on the lips?

The furry fellow has a high propensity of infections, ringworm, or any parasite inhabiting it. While you are too into it, the condition can be given to you too. To stay secure other modes of bonding shall be preferred to just a quick peck. Plus, never to kiss a stray or else’s cats whose vaccination you are not sure of.

On the contrary, if the cat does not invite the kiss at all. One can ask its anger and anguish. As a return, the cat can attack you. Hissing will be a hint of this behavior. Under such conduct of cat, one should look for other modes of expressing love to the cat.

Signs that show cats value kisses

Cat reflects its likes and dislikes in its behavior. One can look into some of the gestures of cats to best indicate the cat’s acceptance of the kisses. Spot if you have noticed any of the signs given below and find answer to do cats know what kisses are.

  • Leans in

The cat may lean forward to receive all your affection. She might also raise her ears pointing to express gayness and acceptance of the love.

  • Licking

The cat enjoys kissing if she grooms you by licking the tongue all over you. She might lick your face and body showing her agreement. This symbolizes cat trust in you and does the licking with all confidence and comfort.

  • Rubs against you

The cat shows her affection by either lying over the parent’s body or rubbing itself against it. The cat follows you to do the same, accepting the kisses from you. This is the level where the cat is all relaxed and owns you. By rubbing itself all over, she tries to mix her odor into you. Thus, reflecting you are the same and bonded.

  • Raises Their Tail

Many people confuse cats raising their tails with aggression. This might not be true every time, as cats can grow their seats when happy or show affection to their masters. A cat can show love by twining its tail around the legs or arms of its owner.

  • Tolerates Your Affection

While not many cats will appreciate the kisses and find it parallel to invading their privacy. Having their personal space intruded, they may attack the kisser. On the contrary, her giving in is a behavior that shows the reflection of tolerance.

  • Blinks eyes

The cat’s hint of understanding the kisses is her gradual blink of an eye. She may make eye contact and blink, showing an affirmation.

  • Purrs

If a cat enjoys something, she reflects it in her purring.

  • Hanging Around You

The cat is a creature of love. If she enjoys your mode of affection towards her, she tends to stick to you. She follows as a sign of respect and acceptance of your love.

  • Wraps tail

The cat shows her happiness and excitement by waggling the tailor wrapping all over your body. The cat doing in response to kiss is a sign of the cat’s tolerance to kiss.

Signs that cats do not appreciate kisses

Cat behavior is the biggest clue of its likes and dislikes. Thus, the gestures of cats are best indicative of their repulsion to the kisses. Spot if you have noticed any of the given below:

  • Shifts away from the kissing zone

The cat moving away from you, as you tend to kiss it, is the simplest way of getting hold of her dislike. The best thing next is not to do it.

  • Lays down the ear

One of the physical acts that let you know the cat is not into kissing includes her ear. She will turn it down from straight to let you know her dislike.

  • Rustles Her Tail

Sometimes the cat’s dislike is displayed as her aggression and annoyance. The cat usually gets upset upon kissing by the owner, so the tails movement from side to side is a big-time no for you.

  • The cat turns to swats at you

The cat is not into the kissing scene. Soon as the little fellow swats at you, it is a message to let off the cat.

  • Hisses and shows aggression

While some cats swat and move away. Some shall show their regret and apprehension by hissing and creating aggressive sounds. It is essential to know that cat hisses before attacking, so stepping back would be a good thing to do.

  • Respect Your Cat’s Wishes

Your best indication to the question do cats know what kisses are, reflected in their behavior. So if you want to see if they enjoy it altogether or not, look into the gestures and sound they create. If the cat gives in and wiggles tail in acceptance, you are lucky and open to proceed with kissing. On the other hand, if the cat shows aggression with some additional hints, as discussed above.

One should be wise enough to let go of the cat. In case you persist or enforce love to the cat, you may invite its wrath. The cat can end up scratching or attacking you badly. The best way is to first develop the bond and train the cat for the kind of love you wish to shower upon it. Otherwise, respect the wishes of the cat and don’t impose anything.


Do cats grasp the concept of being loved?

Just like a dog or any other animal, a cat pretty much accepts love from the owner. It is an animal of love and care. This is well seen with the cuddling activity of the cat. Most of the time, when the cat is meowing or snuggling around, that is all out of love.

It can show love and understand that it is being loved.

How do I know if the cat is Okay with being loved? 

Cats do understand love. They are well receptive to emotions, love being one of them. Scientific studies also unveil their release of love hormones or oxytocin particularly. This is the case in their interaction with either fellow cats or humans.

Should one be kissing the cat at all?

Suppose you are regularly looking to the vet and keeping the cat groomed. It is okay to have some smooches, but a quick one would do best. Ideally, though, the cat should be allowed to come first.

Also, as a note of caution, one should refrain from kissing the belly area. Cats do not prefer being touched here.

Do cats understand we kiss them out of love?

Amongst many, some of the cats do realize that they are kissed. It is easy to understand if the cat leans in to receive one. Moreover, we can have the cat purring that reveals its tolerance or acceptance of the love showered.

Do cats appreciate the idea of kissing or hugging?

Cats do go for hugging as they are spotted cuddling the parent. Most likely, if they are open to this or any particular form of love, they may accept all others too. At the same time, few cats can be not very receptive, and the behavior may vary from one to another.

What is the best possible expression of love to the cat?

Not every time kissing is your expression of love. Not every cat gets along well. Try the following things to get the cat falling in love with you.

  • Blink till you gradually look into her eyes
  • Groom her well
  • Allow her to rub against you
  • Go for cuddles
  • Imitate the cat’s voice and get her coming to you

What are some signs that a cat loves kisses?

Cats have their ways of showing delight being a recipient of love. Some of the sign that you can look out for includes:

  • She leans into you
  • Turn the ears up
  • Cat is purring
  • She is okay with hugging and kissing
  • Rubs her body against you
  • Cat loves being groomed by you
  • She follows you all around

Why is cat compelled to kiss you on the lips?

Sometimes you might have the cat kissing you upon the lips. Before you get all gay and excited, hear us out. The cat possibly does that out of love or mimicking your way of loving her. She could also be doing it to check the food you are having.

A suggestion here is not to allow so. It could not be healthy or permissible as per good hygienic practices.

Is it altogether safe to kiss a cat?

Sometimes. Yes. The cat is a creature of habit. She reciprocates your way of love.

A piece of advice here would be a hurried peck. The hygiene issues or cat not welcoming it could be your point not to do that. Moreover, the cat could be a source of ringworm, parasite, or bacterial infection to the kissing person.

Why sometimes cat doesn’t appreciate kissing?

Typically cats welcome kissing or similar gestures if they are used to it. Otherwise, it might not be something welcome. Instead, the cat may shy off. This owes to the fact that they believe kissing to be an incursion of privacy. Enforcing any form of love is never appreciated and might be met with aggression.

How to know if a cat welcomes kisses?

One needs to pay some attention to the cat’s response. If the cats are reluctant, they swat, hiss, and move away; they probably do not appreciate this mode of affection. On the contrary, if they purr and raise ears, they understand and lean into the received love.


Cats are creatures of habit, yearning for the love and care of the parent. The same is the case with the cat owner, wishing good cuddles and playtime with the cat. However, it pretty much depends on the pattern that the cat has followed when growing up. This means that some of the cats will open-heartedly welcome kissing and hugging. While many other might not be accustomed to it and shall not tolerate this very act.

To answer, do cats know what kisses are? 

One should cater a few ideas. Some of them include developing a bond with the cat. Having it reach a comfort level and translating the emotion gradually. One can spend some designated time with the cat and let it absorb the feeling of love. The cat will purr or lean in if it is willing to take the hugs and kisses.

One should also watch out that kissing the cat frequently is not a healthy thing.

Cats could be having disease, and they can also be a source of parasites or bacteria. Thus, it can open a route to infection and shall be kept at a minimum. One can make the bond strong through various things, provided the cat is open and comfortable receiving it.

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