How to Tell which Cat is Alpha

Owning a number of felines is no doubt full of fun, but if you are inquisitive or curious about which of your cat is alpha. Well, cats also have a hierarchy order like dog’s share. Cat communities are a lot more inconspicuous, and you can easily miss the indications of being social if one is not attentive. So, how to tell which cat is alpha?

But, at first, it is important to know what is an alpha cat?

How to Tell which Cat is Alpha

The Alpha Cat

Alpha Cat are known to be the mad scientists of the cat world.

They are natural pioneers; they will not be driven and endeavor to take charge for essentially every circumstance. These cats like their food the way they like it and when they want it or else it is not acceptable by them.

They may just allow you to touch them for brief timeframes and then again, just on their conditions. They rebel when admonished and demand attention, access, and assets, but only when the mood so takes them.

Alpha cats are not own by you, but it owns you, or possibly, they think they do.

Normal Cats vs Alpha Cats Dominancy:

Felines should be warm and friendly animals, looking for owners’ endorsement, petting and cuddles and murmuring their way through serene nights at home.

Be that as it may, not all cats are this obliging or this agreeable. Some have their very own agenda and apparently decline to take no for an answer. And these are the ‘Alpha Cats’.

How to tell which Cat is Alpha?

When you are saying some cat is alpha or dominant among others, it will show this kind of behavior:

  • Do whatever they want and do not stop when even said ‘NO’
  • Also, would not stop unusual behavior when punished for it
  • Shows aggressive behavior when do not like the situation
  • Attention seekers and demand food they ONLY love
  • Have their own sleep and playing schedules which, they hate to be interrupted
  • Runs after other cats

Behavioral Aspects of the Alpha Cats:

1.     Refuse to take ‘NO’ for answer:

The alpha cat as a natural born leader, who is not cooperative and tries to ‘take charge of practically every situation’. These cats want what they want – when they want it; and if their keepers do not acquiesce quickly enough there may be hell to pay.

2.     Attention Seekers:

The alpha cat continually requests attention, and ‘rebels when admonished’. These are the felines that think they own their watchmen. They love to show strength over their proprietors.

3.     Bully Behavior:

Because alpha cats thrive on bullying and being in control, domesticated cats who live alone with you, will not bully you.

This behavior is evident in alphas who jumps onto your bed while you are sleeping and bites you on the nose or foot to get you up to feed them.

Your alpha is probably not starving, but they just want to assert their dominance and get you to do their bidding when they want.

4.     The BOSS:

Alpha cats also bully any housemate kitties to show them who is the boss. They can be incredibly offensive in case they are in any way encountered and will utilize some exceptionally horrendous measures to show their predominance.

5.     The Dominant Body Language:

Alpha felines show entirely unexpected forms of body languages than the typical ones of their own specie. It will not be wrong to say that they show a ‘dominant’ body language.

Their aggression is expressed with erect ears, constricted pupils and tail swings in low arcs close to the body. A feline showing dominancy consistently keeps the head higher. They exhibit their self-confidence by stretching their legs to full length.

So, the behavior is enough for ‘how to tell which cat is Alpha or Dominant’.

How to find an Alpha Cat

Try to Interact:

In shelters, Alphas might seem saggy and discouraged, on the grounds that their requirement for incitement is so foiled in this circumstance. Make a few appearances at them and check whether they engage. On the off chance that they show interest, they are as yet open to overtures.

Specific Alpha Breeds:

A few breeds noted for their Alpha inclinations are Rex cats, Siamese, Abyssinian, and other “Oriental” breeds. Their blends are effectively spotted because of their long legs and fit bodies.

Dedicated acrobats, they hold their energy and kitten playfulness the majority of their lives.

Alpha Kittens:

In any case, in kittens, how to tell which cat is alpha? Any feline can be an Alpha.

In kittens, search for a laser-like look that is by all accounts continually figuring points and directions, and an obstinate emphasis on arriving at what they center around.

Alpha Cat ‘not happy situation’:

Well, the alpha cats show such mood swings so are easy to spot. But it is much needed to avoid the ‘Alpha not happy situations’ to restrain their inconvenient behavior.

1.    The Bite or Claws:

When alphas do not get their own way, they bully and pressure you into immediate action. To get you out of bed in the morning, they might bite your nose or toes. They might claw or bite their negative message to you undoubtedly.

2.    Food of Demand:

They might scream their requests for food until you are compelled to surrender. They liked to be served with the food they like. Anything against their likeness is like a triggered situation for them and for you too.

So, one must be very careful about their likings and disliking.

3.     The Growling:

They might snarl whenever drew closer while eating and some are defensive of their toys and naptime. Furthermore, keep an eye out on the off chance that you attempt to pick your alpha feline or pet him when he is not in the mood.

4.    The Petting-induced Aggression:

Alphas will bounce up on your lap and permit themselves to be petted, however just for a brief time. And when they have had enough, they narrow their eyes, glance sideways at the petting hand, and their tail begins to switch from side to side.


This is the writing on the wall that heralds an imminent meltdown that suddenly they will swat, bite, and maybe roll onto their side so they can attack you with all five sharp points simultaneously.

Male Alphas vs Female Alphas

Alpha cats can be male or female. However, the greatest number of cat squabbles and conflicts among feral felines include unneutered males.

Unneutered alpha males additionally stake out and guarantee bigger regions than different varieties of felines.

Among all the felines, male alphas are generally the dominant cat. Basically, males are the more prevailing in light of the fact that they need to secure for mating the most females.

On the off chance that you have a male neutered at a more youthful age, it is conceivable that a much stronger female feline can dominate, but it is more expected for male felines to keep an alpha status than for females to.

Males always show a more dominant behavior than a female dominant as per nature’s plan.

Act displayed by an Alpha

When you know how an alpha act, you only then know how to deal with one of them.

1.     Guests and New House Members:

The alpha feline is the cat that makes sure that human is in line and tells the wide range of various felines the drill. At the point when a renewed individual shows up in the home, the alpha feline is the one to meet and welcome and smell the new scents (or imprint the new scents with a cheek and tail rub).

2.     Feeding Time:

You might notice that one cat is very concerned about when there is time to be fed. Felines are extremely careful with regards to taking care of feeding time.

Older felines particularly can become pushed and unsettled in the event that you veer from a standard taking care of timetable.

Consistency is preferred by cats, and it solaces them when things happen at a set routine.

3.     Sleeping Hours:

The alpha feline is the one that will wake you early hours of the day and will perch close by. While other cats will frequently join in and not necessarily be banned from the bed as well.

Yet, the alpha will consistently have the best dozing spot and reserve the option to wake you when you should stir regularly.

4.     Retaining the Kittenhood:

Alpha cats retain their kitten abilities for a long time.

This has a drawback, as we need to think of methods of depleting that plentiful energy and fulfilling that boundless interest.

But it also has a fascinating side, as in they remain kittens for a long time. When we comprehend that about Alphas, so much about them turns out to be clear.

5.     Always ON:

Then there are the heart-swelling moments when all that focus, and fierceness becomes about showing us love.

That is when you sigh, smile, and love them back.

6.     Big Heart for Love:

Alphas love to be loved by the one they like. So, they take their share of love. It does not matter how and when or where, but if they want you or any random person to pat them, they will reach there without any hesitation.

But again, it all depends on their mood and liking. They cannot be forced into love.

Now, knowing ‘how to tell which cat is alpha’, next thing to is to know, ‘how you deal with an alpha’.

Dealing with an Alpha/Dominant Cat

1.     Keep them Amused:

Alphas are perpetual motions; those brilliant brains and troublemakers need stimulations consistently.

If you can give our Alphas enough interesting things to do, enough difficult things to climb, enough areas and beings to investigate and explore, your Alpha cats will be happy and delightful companions.

2.    Alphas love Toys:

With regards to toys for the Alpha cat sorts, the more convoluted, the better. They love having feline-safe versions of our most loved toys.

They are the continually moving objective as the producers of puzzle boxes, treat 3D squares, and remote-controlled mice.

Get occupied boxes and other intuitive toys for babies at garage deals to keep them involved.

Because if you do not come up with something, they will. And that something will not be liked by you.

3.     The Spotlight Lovers:

Perpetual comedians, fast to cuddle and similarly as speedy to understand an urgent mission, Alpha cats are additionally verse moving.

There is the fluid grace of their long, lean, bodies always looking for something to climb, something to chase, or something to manipulate with those clever, pointy, paws.

All they love to be in spotlight, being praised and attention seeking for their unusual behaviors around or else they would not like to be ignored, because they are the alphas.

So, mind it.

4.    Disciplined with Persuasion:

More than some other feline sort, Alphas need to be discipled with influence. They want to please you, but when something interesting moves across their sensitive radar, they forget.

Showing aggressive behavior to your alpha may be a triggering point for them and then maybe you would not be able to control them. So, approach a more positive way to treat them.

Negative discipline is the point at which we attempt to react to a feline’s trouble making in a corrective way. Positive discipline is discipline that teaches.

So, Go Positive!

But do cats really have Alphas?

Concept of Alpha Cats

It is not really. The idea of an “alpha” comes from now-outdated examination on wolves.

In more recent years, researchers have come to understand that wolf packs are family groups and the adults that are “in charge” or “alpha” are the parents.

Cats do not live in the packed structures like that wolf do. They have no transformative history of pack or family structures like this.

They are “facultatively friendly” which implies they have the decision to be social assuming they need, yet they do not need to collaborate and live with different felines to endure (like wolves do).

Facultatively Social:

All of this means that cats do not form the same types of relationships between themselves that animals in a close-living family structure must.

Truth be told, battling is so perilous (if a feline is harmed and cannot deal with itself, it will bite the dust) that felines will put forth a valiant effort to stay away from it.

Maybe a Behavioral Issue:

In our homes, conduct issues regularly come down to two things: a feline has no different alternatives to get what they need, or you are confused regarding their motivation.

Maybe than marking a cat and their conduct as “dominant,” noticing on addressing your feline’s necessities and understanding the essential motivation for the conduct will achieve positive changes.


Summing up ‘how to tell which cat is alpha’, it is more significant if you have one, digger to manage them.

In the event that you own an alpha, you will likely have tough time training and preparing them. Alphas do not like to be controlled.

If they are unhappy with a situation, they might bite you, meow loudly and often, and maybe even growl at you.

If you try to pick up an alpha who does not want you to, they might scratch and claw you.

So, you need to be very careful about what you are dealing with. It is very conceivable to prepare and train a cat to react on prompt. Let them learn some manners too.

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