Neutered Male Cat Mounting Spayed Female

Have you ever noticed a neutered male cat mounting spayed female and other things?

If you notice the same in your male neutered cat, it might be time to think about why. This read will help you figure out the cause of this not-so-pleasant behavior and how to prevent it.

Frequent mounting of male cats over other females or objects is mostly due to abrupt medical conditions, so it’s important to know what is causing this behavior in order to fix it.

neutered male cat mounting spayed female


What is mean by “Neutered Male” and “Spayed Female”?

When cats or even dogs are neutered or castrated, their gonads are removed. In male cats, Gonads are the testicles, while for females, they are the ovaries.

The gonads, in simple words, are sex organs that produce and release hormones. Specifically, they also drive the desire to reproduce.

When a female cat is spayed, it goes through a process known as an ovariohysterectomy. That includes the removal of the cat’s ovaries and the uterus.

On the other hand, in male cats, neutering comprises the removal of the testicles. The process is simple, and rarely will you see the use of stitches or sutures.

Removal of either the cat’s testicles or the female’s ovaries and uterus will not affect their ability to have sexual intercourse. They can have sex despite these surgical processes. However, as the hormones that cause the desire to reproduce cannot be produced by the cats, so they are not really interested in having sex.

That’s the reason why you will find neutered animals much happier and healthier. Another thing to remember here is that sex is not a source of pleasure for animals, like in humans. As for the cats, you will be surprised to know that it’s much more similar to rape than love or affection.

So, the short and straightforward answer is that it’s possible that neutered male cat mounting spayed female cat but not very probable.

Why Your Neutered Cat Mounts?

Let’s check out the common reasons of this somewhat embarrassing behavior your cats.

Is your cat recently neutered?

It is normal if your male cat is castrated recently and you still see him mounting or humping objects or other cats. This is because the hormones are present in the cat’s body for about 12 weeks, then they will dissipate. So this behavior is completely normal if your male cat recently went under a neutering operation.

What was your cat’s age?

If your cat’s age is one year or above at the time of neutering, humping or mounting is a learned behavior for your old cat. This also means even after the hormones dissipate from the body after neutering, your cat will hump things or other cats.

Is your cat stressed or anxious?

Cats are too sensitive, and they can suffer from anxiety or stress in no time and much quicker than our expectations. Any event that affects your cat’s environment, such as shifting of home, unknown visitors at your home, or even a new baby in your home, can cause stress in cats.

Prolonged stress can affect your cat’s health, and you might see humping or any other surprising change in their behavior.

Do they demand more territory?

Cats love to be free. They like the place where they can roam freely and love to explore different parts of the home. If your house is not that big and you witness that your pet is constantly competing with other felines for toys, food, and beds, it means it is frustrated.

In this case, mounting is a sign of the cat’s frustration.

Have you brought a new cat into your home?

Sometimes, mounting is an attempt by a feline to show their anger or status over other cats. If you have recently introduced a new cat in your home, your older cat will mount them to establish its dominance.

Is your cat bored? 

Your cat might be feeling lonely or bored and needs your attention. If the cat is feeling frustrated, or you don’t provide it enough toys to play with, they might start mounting any object.

Is your cat suffering from a urinary tract infection?

Humping or mounting objects is also a rare sign of a urinary tract infection, but it’s not that common. Suppose your cat is mounting spayed cats or doing things such as urinating outside their litter box, peeing more frequently, or having difficulty in peeing. In that case, you should immediately consult with your veterinarian.

How to Prevent Neutered Cat Humping Spayed Female Cats?

So, now you understand why your neutered male mounts spayed females or objects, let’s discuss how to stop this embarrassing behavior!

Never punish your innocent cat:

This is more of common sense. Never punish your cat verbally or physically, even if you see this abnormal behavior. It will not work for you in this particular situation. This is because too much scolding or punishing your cat can make your cat stressed, and things might get even worse. Instead, use these simple tricks and hacks to calm down the cat!

Increase playtime

Give your cat more playtime and try to spend quality time with the pet. Similarly, ensure that the pet is engaged in healthy activities and gets plenty of exercises as it will help to reduce this behavior.

Even if your pet is not so playful, still try to encourage him. Try using different toys, and check out which one your cat likes the most.

Not all cats love the same toys, so keep experimenting with different things and be polite to them. You can also use interactive, battery-operated toys for your cat as they will keep them busy for a long!

You will notice an improvement in the cat’s behavior after a decent play session. Similarly, your pet will be contented and tired than being frustrated and bored.

Enhance the cat’s zone

As mentioned above, cats love freedom, and they love to wander without any restrictions. So, respect their feeling and provide them adequate space to roam around freely. If your feline spends most of its time indoors, it can benefit from having a bigger place.

We are not saying that your cat needs a large yard or huge space outdoors to roam, but there are many ways to increase your cat’s territory inside your home.

You can add more vertical areas such as shelves, ladders, and trees designed for cats to give your cat a dedicated and safe space to sit and relax.

If you have enough space outdoor, you can add a cat’s enclosure. These enclosures are available in pet stores and come ready to use. They allow your cat to move freely outside and also ensure the cat’s safety outdoor.

Put more litter boxes.

Always keep the cat’s litter box clean and tidy. Ensure that your cat is happy with the litter box; yes, they are too picky about the boxes.

Moreover, make sure that there are enough boxes in your home for your cat. Having multiple litter boxes is always handy for cats as well as for the owner. For example, if you have three cats, we recommend you to use five boxes.

Reduce stress

There are several ways to reduce your cat’s stress, such as following a routine and introducing pets slowly. Remember that cats need a safe place to retreat at all times, so ensure that you provide the same to them. Apart from it, ensure that you spend time with them and give them the attention they demand.

Additionally, you can also take help from products such as feline pheromones or dietary supplements to reduce stress in your cat. Call your vet for proper treatment and diagnosis if you still see the problem or think the case is severe.

Bring enrichment

Being a responsible pet parent means making sure your cat has lots of fun activities and things to keep them entertained. For example, you can buy new toys for the cat on occasion or set up scratching posts around the house, so they have enough space to stretch their claws.

A great way to boost your cat’s happiness is by making sure they can see outside. A comfy bed next to the window with a bookcase or chair will keep them entertained and stimulated for hours on end.

Similarly, you can also add an outside bird feeder and colorful cords that catch the cat’s attention and keeps them busy.

Some cats, especially smart ones, love short and engaging training sessions with their pet parents. Cat clicker training is the most effective method to teach your pet new things, from waving to sitting or playing with their toys. All these activities will ensure that your cat gets sufficient mental and physical stimulation from you.

Besides, please spend some time grooming your cat as it is a great way to enhance your bond with them, and it is also a great enrichment activity that your cat will adore.

Utilize encouraging reinforcement

Positive reinforcement training is practical and effective, and it can drastically help your pet get rid of the mounting habit. Firstly, you need something that your cat likes, such as its toy or treat. When you feel that your cat is about to hump or mount the object, lift that object and try to distract your cat with its favorite treat or toy.

In simple words, give a reward to your cat that motivates it to leave the habit instead of punishing it for this behavior.

Final Thoughts

Cats are lovely pets not only in America but across the globe, and neutered male cat mounting spayed female is also common behavior that many pet owners have to deal with.

Once you feel that your cat is about to mount another cat or any object, try to divert its attention or distract it with any sound. Never strike or punish your cat, as it can make things worse. Remember that your cat sees nothing wrong with the humping or mounting, and by punishing your pet, you are actually risking your bond with the pet.

Above, we have shared some handy tips about how to deal with this unusual but natural cat behavior, so work on those and don’t get frustrated or stressed out. On a side note if you think is it too late to neuter a cat, go through our article When is it too late to neuter a cat?

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