Why does my Cat Lick my Earlobe?

Cats being anxious by nature will be attracted to anything that comes around. It could be a ball or any part of you. And that might end in licking your ears. It is normal for one to be curious about, ‘why does my cat lick my earlobe?’ Well, other than being seeking your attention, one reason is that they are attracted to the soft cartilage of your ear. This would seem peculiar, but it is true.

This article might help you understand this cool behavior of your feline friend.

why does my cat lick my earlobe

Is it normal for your cat to lick your earlobe?

Most cats love to nibble and lick their keepers and mostly are amused by ears specifically. You might think that it is irritating but your feline loves it. So, you have to bear it.

It is a way for them to show love and their affection for you, but it would not be a good experience for you.

How do you feel about it?

As an owner, you might not feel good about it. It might not be the most enjoyable moment for you. This is due to the reason that your cat’s this action does not bring any pleasure to you.

You might feel like this because they have breath smelling like cat food, the texture of their tongue is like some sandpaper rubbing against your skin and lastly, they might get out of control and result in biting and clawing you.

All of this cannot be doubted because it is an animal and you cannot help its mood swings at all.

So, if it is not amusing for you then you might be at the same stage that, ‘why does my cat lick my earlobe?’

Why does my cat lick my earlobe?

There might be some reasons that can help you understand this cat behavior of licking the earlobes which is totally normal for them, but you become anxious at once:

  • The smell of your ears:

One of the major reasons for your feline unexceptional love for your earlobes is the smell of your ears particularly the earwax.

And this love of theirs increases when you have more cleaned ears. This is surprising but true.

The earwax in the ears has a specific smell. Though you could not be able to smell it, your feline could be attracted to it very easily.

This is because the cats have a really strong and sensitive sense of smell, they easily get drawn to it.

Science of Earwax:

Earwax has fatty acids, a small amount of cholesterol, and dead skin cells. It is the proteins and the aroma of earwax, that draws animals like cats to lick it.

Cats display more of this behavior because their brain and olfactory receptors assume them as something nutritious.

Felines own about 500 taste buds and to balance this lack of taste receptors, their olfactory receptors are way more than ours. The scent of earwax and its protein matter attracts the cats towards it, and they would likely lick it.

  • Transfer of scents:

Felines have a strong thing for smells. They like to exchange the smell of them to you and yours to be taken by them.

When they lick your earlobe, it is a way of transferring their own smell to you. This is something done by your cat so that they can make you smell the same as them.

  • Ownership claim:

Licking your earlobe, and a way of transferring its smell to you are all the signs to show their love and affection for you. Moreover, marking their property.

This means that they want you to be only theirs. They make you smell like them so that you might be distinguished among others. Also, other felines keep away from you that way.

This way they might let other creatures know that who you really belong to.

  • Shape and Softness of Earlobes:  

Earlobes are shaped and softened to the extent that even humans cannot ignore them. Then, cats being eager creatures could no way ignore them. They are amused by them so much.

They find it truly hard to touch each part of your body which is appealing for them.

  • Way of Comfort:

Licking your earlobe is a way of comfort for them. This can be explained by reason that nibbling on your lobes let them feel secure. It is similar to the behavior when your feline friend licks your hand.

It is a way for them to remember the time when they used to be nursing with mothers. It reminds them of the moment when as kittens, they used to nurse on their mommy cats.

Let your feline do anything that brings them to soothe and comfort because we as humans cannot justify each of their behavior.

Cat’s Peculiar Behavior towards your Earlobes

The question popping up again is that ‘Why out of everything cats show this strange behavior?’ why does my cat lick my earlobe? Maybe it has some meaning to it.

Well, some other meanings to that why they are attracted so much towards your ears are as follows:

  • The Attention Seekers:

Everyone knows that cats are well known to be attention seekers. They take their share of attention by doing certain things beyond human thoughts.

So, licking your earlobe or even biting it, is just their way to have your attention. They want you to leave or throw away all your current doings aside and make their day by playing with them or giving them extra attention.

Do not get worried if they are doing that. They just want some of your quality time to spend with them.

  • A way to show Love and Affection:

This without a cent of doubt is true that your cat is trying to show its love and affection for its owner. They do acknowledge that you are their provider.

You take care of them, feed them, protect them, and all of the above love them. So, their way of showing their passion towards you is by licking or nibbling you, no matter it is your earlobe of everything.

You do not need to be offended by this or if your cat does not do that to you. It never means that your feline is not passionate about you or show affection for you.

Each cat has its own way to express its love for its owners. Your cat might go for some other way. Do not panic!

  • Take it as a compliment:

Cats have their own ways of showing that how much they appreciate their owner. Do not be startled by it. You should take it as a compliment that your cat is showing its love for you in some way.

But still, if you do not like it, do not make a fuss about it. Gently take them off you. This would help them retain their love or else, it would not take a minute for them to turn off their mood.

  • Way of Enjoyment for them:

They feel like playing with those soft things. It is very much enough to bring them amusement just in the mood to play, will find anything and make it worth full of enjoyment.

  • Cementing the Bonds:

Licking your or your earlobes is a way to express affection. Your feline likes you. It might be a way to groom them. Grooming the owners is something to cement their bonds with them.

This licking explains that your feline is really comfortable with you. It would not only strengthen the bond with their owners but also make them good friends.

It is all fine!

  • A pacifier for your feline:

One possibility is that cats might lick your lobes to fulfill their desire which might be left regarding the nursing by their mothers.

They do so due to the reason that might be, they would have been weaned off at a very young age or too early. Then, they are showing this behavior out of their habit.

One can say that it is like giving a pacifier to the baby. Your earlobes might be a pacifier for them.

  • Handy Place to lick:

It might feel stupid, but anything is possible in the cat’s world. When you pick up your cat and decide to pet them, the only place they can kind of pet you easily, are your earlobes.

Ears are no doubt a much handy place they can reach conveniently and lick them out of love. They are close to your face, so, your feline can see you and lick you at the same time.

What if you do not like your cat Licking your Earlobes?

The cats might show this behavior out of unconditional love for you, but it is not necessary that one must be liking it.

For some owners, it might be a way of soothing but for others, it is tickling, irritating or may be totally unacceptable.

Following are some ways which one can opt if they do not like this by your feline:

  • Do not be Harsh:

It would be irritating for you, but you do not display harsh behavior towards them. Your feline is used to your love.

Maybe your harsh behavior scares it off away and in worst cases, they might attack you due to grumpiness.

Do not swear at them or hit them. Apply the most suitable strategy to wean them off this habit of licking your earlobes.

  • Put them off Gently:

What can be done subtly, does not require you to become the villain. Cats are made of love, so, they better understand if you are gentle to them.

Do not panic yourself and let your beloved pet panic. Just take them off gently. A little force is fine, but a hot temper is way easily judged by them, and the results might not be good.

If you show anger, they are creatures that could show their worst and might result in claws and bites. Be very careful about what you do to finish their such habit.

  • Give them Attention:

One reason for licking your earlobe was that seeking your attention. All you need to do is give them their part of attention.

Spend time with them and play with them. Show your affection to them by different means so that they do not need to ought these strange behaviors to drag your attention towards them.

When you fulfill your feline’s desire for love and priority, they might end such actions. When you spend some moments with them, they will definitely forget to lick your ears.

It is kind of funny, but true.

  • Amuse them with Toys:

To divert your cat’s attention from one thing that might be your earlobes, buy some toys. Cats love to have toys and play with them.

When your feline gets something better than your earlobes, like maybe a running robot mouse, it is enough for them, and they would not go after your earlobes.

All the pets including cats want some toys. The more complicated, the better. All you need to do is provide them with certain playful things that keep them busy, and they pay no attention to your earlobes.

  • Plan something for them:

You must organize some playful activities for them or take them for a walk. Set a routine for them so they could easily adapt to normal behavior as you want. All you need to do is train them as you like.

It is true that they would not leave your earlobes alone at once. They need to be prohibited several times.

It might take some time but will end in something good and there will be no licking and biting.


To the problem, ‘why does my cat lick my earlobes?’ if your feline is biting, licking, and delicately gnawing your earlobes, they are simply showing you in their own specific manner that how much they cherish and like you.

It is the smell of earwax that draws in them to your ears, and the ears of different felines they are alright with.

In case it is something you are awkward with; you need to define a few limits set up and tenderly prevent them from doing it without offending them.

It is perhaps the most honoring compliment given from a feline to a human, in any case.

Thus, while it is one of those stupid things one could imagine, it is really cool when it occurs. At least, being loved by your beloved cat.

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