Can cats eat fried chicken?

Can cats eat fried chicken? Yes, they love chicken, even the fried ones, but “terms and conditions applied.” Cats are very much like us and have different tastes and preferences. Some cats prefer dry cat food, while others love to eat wet food.

And some adventurous felines might even enjoy eating chicken from time to time. We will talk about all these details below in this read:

First things first: What do you mean by ‘FRIED’?

What do you mean by fry? If you are talking about deep (or over) fried chicken with batter or breading, it will not impress your kitty that much, but she will love a simple pan fry.

Generally speaking, cats love raw possible. The more you cook it, the less they’ll like it.

But overfeeding of both raw and fried chicken can be harmful to your cats. So, keep it within the limit and be safe.

Furthermore, it also depends on the cat’s breed. If your cat is an outside cat, the risks will be less as she will be familiar with all sorts of disgusting wild creatures full of disease, like rats and small birds and other stuff. In this case, KFC’s fried chicken will be a treat for them.

Is Fried Chicken Safe For Pet Cats?

Is Fried Chicken bad for cat, as stated above, fried chicken is safe for your cat once in a while, but be careful and never feed your cat the chicken’s skin or bones.

If you want to feed them a piece of fried chicken, first remove the skin and ensure that the chicken is boneless. Usually, the skin is too greasy and salty, and it can cause various digestive issues and an upset stomach. On the other hand, bones for cats can cause choking, so be careful.

But when you remove the skin and bones, your Catty might not love the fried chicken. So, take start from small pieces and check your cat’s taste.

Besides, if you are frying the chicken properly at home for your cat, don’t use it as a regular diet. Fried chicken or even raw chicken is not a staple of your pet’s diet.

Can I Feed Fried Chicken to my Kitten?

Yes, you can, but the same rules apply. Don’t feed fried chicken with skins and bones to your Kittens, and ensure that pieces are small as large ones can cause choking.

Keep in mind that kittens are smaller than adult cats, so take your time and properly rip the chicken into smaller bits and pieces.

Kittens are ravenous, and they will eat almost anything, but you don’t want them to suffer. So, be cautious and gentle when feeding the kittens.

Can I Feed Boneless Fried Chicken To My Cat?

Cats love boneless fried chicken, but again, only small pieces and quantities.

Since boneless fried chicken doesn’t have bones, so it is safe but only for adult cats, NOT for kitties.


If you want to give your pet kitty a treat of boneless fried chicken, you need to remove any skin from the chicken. The boneless chicken also has that greasy and salty skin on the outer part, which is extremely harmful to pets.

Risks Associated with Fried Chicken For Cats:

The major risks that you might face when feeding fried chicken to your kitty can be:

Choking Hazards:

The biggest issue if you feed your cat a piece of fried chicken is the bones and skins. Bones can crack and often results in choking and an oral hazard.

The bones can cut your sweetie’s mouth while they try to chew it. If you really want to give some of the fried chicken, ensure that it’s boneless and not the fried outer skin that usually contains breadcrumbs or spices.

Too High Fat Levels:

We agree that fried or raw chicken contains rich proteins, but not many know that it also has high-fat levels because of its fried nature. The oil is not a natural thing for cats, especially for pet cats.

Similarly, cats don’t need that much fat, particularly if they are older and don’t roam around that much.

Fried chicken is not ideal stuff that you can include in the habit or diet of your cat, even as a treat. Use it once in a while, not so often.

Splintering Problems:

Cooked or fried bones easily splinter. This can cause lacerations in your cat’s digestive tract. In severe cases, the splintering of bones can lead to internal bleeding.

Obstruction Issues:

Cooked or fried bones are not as flexible as raw bones. This means the fried bones can stuck in your cat’s throat or in the digestive system.

Can I Use Raw Chicken For My Cat?

Using raw chicken for your cat is a never-ending debate. But remember that raw chicken is included in the ASPCA list of toxic foods for valid reasons.

Apart from it, raw chicken also contains Salmonella and E. coli, and both are harmful to humans and cats. Raw chicken can also cause a parasitic disease known as toxoplasmosis along with other infectious diseases.

What To Consider When Feeding Chicken To A Pet Cat?

Cooked or fried chicken can be used as a treat for cats but not as a regular diet. The chicken contains all the proteins that a carnivore like a cat needs. But consider these things when feeding chicken to your cat:

Don’t breach your cat’s recommended calories per day. To get the exact number of calories for your cat, consult VET, as it depends on various factors such as the cat’s age, breed, and size.

Never feed a marinated chicken to your cat. Similarly, don’t use anything with the chicken that a kitty might be allergic to, especially spicy ingredients.

Avoid toxic ingredients.

Besides, serve only small pieces of chicken after removing skin and bones, as mentioned earlier.

How Much Chicken Should You Feed To Your Cat?

If your cat’s regular diet doesn’t include chicken, a few small bits of chicken will be suitable but occasionally.

Cats will eat chicken in any form, whether freeze, dried, fried, grilled, or baked, but it should be within the defined limit. My personal practice is I feed my pet cat a little less than what fits in my hand. Similarly, I don’t feed it to my pet all at once. When my cat asks for more, I will give her another tiny piece.

To Conclude 

Small pieces and a quantity of fried chicken will not hurt your cat if you use them as a treat. But ensure that your cat has a clear medical history and is not suffering from IBD and other similar diseases.

Never give them chicken pieces with the skin or any sort of coating; just feed the meat without bones. Cooked bones can also get brittle or splintery, so be careful.

Lastly, like with all other good things, the key here is also the ‘balance and moderation.’ Fried chicken is not a regular diet for cats, but it can be a delicious treat.

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