Can Cats Eat Ritz Crackers?

If you are a victim of being caught by your cat eating a Ritz cracker. Right when you take them from the cabinet. Then the first thing that should pop into a wise head is Can Cats Eat Ritz Crackers? Many might not think and maybe feed it while being unaware of its ingredient.

We tend to unveil the answer but it is more than simple yes or no. Dive in deep and learn more.

can cats eat ritz crackers

The Introduction:

We are not giving away a straight no because technically ritz crackers might not kill the cat. However, the content of salt and fat can cause toxicity to cats along with other health issues. This is not something that accounts for a healthy diet and thus need not be part of it.

Cats can be moody about the food they eat. Plus might need a little grinding when seeing something around. It sometimes becomes hard to pick between right and wrong. Let alone finding a food alternative. This article may help though.

 So What Are Ritz Crackers?

To be clear they are biscuits. I’m sure this vague answer intensifies the query Can Cats Eat Ritz Crackers? They are prepared out of wheat but the twist herein is the flavor it comes with. Ritz crackers come with a whole range of aromas and flavors including saltish, sea salt, onion, cheese, cream cheese, vinegar, and many more. The reason lies in all of the flavors and possible ingredients added to bring it in.

This high salt content and powdered flavor added are right away toxic. If you’re worried that your cat has nibbled a bite or two from your hand, that is a pretty small quantity. You need to let it go off but yet need to stay cautious with large intakes.

The Big Question Can Cats Eat Ritz crackers?

As mentioned above a short and quick nibble is maybe ok but giving these short bites greater time is a no. But with constant feeding, the cat may get used to it and shall turn obese owing to this intake. It is the high caloric count that normally these crackers have, which leads to high weight. This increased weight in little feline fellow can open up to a couple of health trouble.

Here wise thing would be to have a say with your vet if you feel like giving it to the cat. He should make routine check-ups and only recommend if all is in order. Plus it should come with a certain limit of intake. So for a cat that is a fan of a ritz cracker, you can find out a brand that is free of harmful ingredients.

 When Are Crackers A Complete No For Cats?

In a nutshell, what it takes to have a ritz cracker is almost what takes a cat to get sick. If you wonder Can Cats Eat Ritz Crackers? Sometimes, people may argue that it doesn’t harm cats yet we can not avoid the fact that it is devoid of any nutritional value. For them, if it brings no bad, it doesn’t bring any good either. Here are a few things that make it essentially a no.

Not a right food Choice

First things first, crackers are not feline food. This is nothing that by any means should be part of a healthy feline diet.

There are many things that humans consume but a pet does not need to be fed similarly. It has different nutritional needs and thus should be fed accordingly.

If cats consume human feed, it makes it habitual and tough to accept the normal feline diet. Just the beginning of health complications. As long as it is occasional and just a bit, it can be ignored but regular consumption should be a hard pass.

 Just Carbohydrates and Fats

Cats are carnivores with a special need for protein. The crackers on other hand have whole lots of carbohydrates and even proportions of fats. Thus they just add on extra calories making cats fat.

The harm lies both in the fact that crackers are devoid of nutritional value. And that it will only add to the weight. High-weight cat in turn poses many health issues and mobility problems. The oil or plain butter spread can be a source of fat here.

High Salt Contents

Crackers come backed with a lot of flour and salt. The high sodium content can be bad for the kidney of your cat and may pose cardiac issues. Plus can lead to dehydration in cats. Having an unbalanced nutritional diet makes it a hard pill to swallow. So the query Can Cats Eat Ritz Crackers? gets a big no here.

A Source of Allergens

Since ritz cracker comes in packets and is made of ingredients having preservatives and artificial flavorings. It is hard to tell what is in particular a source of allergen. But amongst a list of its many ingredients, anyone could incite a hypersensitivity reaction in your cat. So ritz cracker better not be a food choice, at least not a safe choice.

Some of the many possible problems with the query Can Cats Eat Ritz Crackers? includes GI Disturbances, nausea, and vomiting. Constant irritability and lethargy can also be indicated in some feline fellows. It also leads to dehydration, where cats crave more water.

High Sugar Content

One thing that ritz cracker does is bring in a wholesome amount of sugar. So if you are wondering Can cats Eat Ritz Crackers? Also, question yourself if the cat can have a lot of sugar. The answer would be a no. It can cause diabetes in your cat and turn cause kidney and vision issues.

Cats tend to be more sensitive to sugar uptake. Thus the risk of ending in diabetes is way more than any other soul.

So What Are possible Alternative to Rits Crackers?

If one feels like keeping in the fun of crackers to the cat’s life. Then one might think of safe alternatives. Are they any? Yes, there are. We can find a complete array of crackers from nearby grocery or cat food corners therein.

One simple option is the vegan or wholegrain cracker. Just a word of caution. Look into the ingredient. Ensure salt is not a part of it. Plus you can have a hand on one or two brands that are cat friendly. With no or minimal quantum ingredients, especially spices, herbs, onion, and garlic.

Also one needs to cater to the quantity that is given to the cat. Keep it just a little and even if the cracker is big enough, split it into halves or even more parts to make it just an appropriate portion.

Is there any exception where cats can be given Ritz Crackers?

The answer to the question Can Cats Eat Ritz Crackers? Remains no with a few exceptions. We need to discuss it in detail instead of giving half-cooked information. There are special conditions and let us explain why. And remember it’s only an occasional and an exception.

Calcium Intake:

If the cat is failing the teething process and shows low calcium levels. One possible exception will be the intake of crackers. The right amount as prescribed by a vet will help the cat gain the right calcium levels. This not only helps get stronger bone but strong muscle build-up.

Moreover, it is also pertinent to mention that calcium acts as a catalyst in the blood clotting process and thus is needed in the right quantity to have a blood clot, following a bruise or cut. Needless to say, no clot will make a cat bleed to death.

Strong teeth and normal functionality of cells including the availability of energy from ATP’S also need sufficient levels of calcium. This, make ritz cracker an exception for low calcium levels where benefits outweigh harms.

Need for Fibers in the diet:

Sometimes the cat’s fiber need is not met or sufficient levels are missing. This is evident in health conditions where the cat tends to be constipated.

This comes rolled up in the problem of indigestion. The cat fails to have the right breakdown of food or bowel movement to expel the needless metabolites.

In either case, the health quality comes into question. This makes the need for fiber in the diet a must. Thus in this very case, some intake of crackers could be a help. But one can see it as more of a medical emergency than a regular thing.

Instant source of Energy

Sometimes, ritz crackers can be an instant source of energy for cats. When the cat is down or not eating any food as they tend to be fussy with meals. A little nibble of cracker may get them a hold of starch. This, in turn, brings in some rushing energy.

Protein Need

Crackers can also sometimes suffice the need for essential proteins. However, better alternatives for protein needs are always there.

If you are here to find out Can Cats Eat Ritz Crackers? This part of the article doesn’t support the use of ritz crackers amongst cats but opens up to their consumption occasionally. When backed by some strong reason.

Some FAQs

Can Cats Eat Ritz Crackers?

The Ritz cracker comes with whole lots of salt, sugar, and preservatives. These all add up making it a health hazard. Thus not a food of choice for cats. However, a bite or two may not harm.

Can Cats Lick Ritz Crackers?

Not on purpose, it is not one food item that one could recommend. They will be getting used to salt and fat. Making cats crave more water.

Why Cats Like Crackers After All?

Crackers usually come with a certain crust and flavor that is hard to resist. That crust makes cats fall for it along with the fat which is an added attraction.

Does Cracker pose any potential threat to Cat’s health?

Yes, it does in a way. The ingredients can harm their health by aggravating the content of salt and sugar in their body. Leading to obesity and other health issues. The chemicals can entice vomiting and diarrhea too.

Are Ritz Crackers always harmful?

A few bites or an occasional nibbling brings in barely any amount to be a threat. A bite or two does not harm.


For all the cat owners, with a smashing question in the head. Can Cats Eat Ritz Crackers? The answer is somewhere between no to yes. But one thing that can be told off straightaway, is that it is not a healthy food choice. It comes with many potential threats and health risks for the feline fellow.

A constant intake of ritz crackers will make the cat abhor the usual cat diet and possibly make him sick. The first and sure thing would be obesity which can be a silent killer and road to any diseases. The situation is pretty clear and understandable so make the right choice for your lovely cat back at home.


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