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What if your cat encounters some pain, fever, inflammation, redness, and discomfort, pure signs of a bacterial infection and you do not know what to do about it as your vet is not there to entertain you. Now, you hear someone saying, ‘Go for some Fish Mox for Cats!’ and you be like ‘What the hell is Fish Mox, and should I be EVEN giving my cat this thing?’ Well, here are your answers.

Fish Mox As A General Term:

Fish Mox and Fish Mox Forte (Aquarium Amoxicillin) are broad-spectrum antibiotics. They are efficient against a wide-ranging gram-negative and gram-positive bacterium in both types of waters as aquarium fishes(freshwater) and saltwater.

It helps in controlling gill disease, pop-eye, eye infections, and skin ulcerations.

It is one of the kinds of penicillin that is involved in targeting the bacteria causing disease and terminates their growth by preventing them from creating cell walls.

Thus, the drug halts the bacteria from reproducing and finally helps in getting relieved of the infection.

Is It Safe To Administer The Cat With Some Fish Antibiotics?

It is fine to give Fish Mox (which is also classified under Fish Antibiotics) to your cats in emergency cases but WITH PROPER DOSAGES and DILUTION (acc. to their sizes). You could buy Fish Mox which is fish amoxicillin and utilize it for your cats.

Also, this works well if you own a multi-household cat where all the felines catch a URI (UPPER RESPIRATORY INFECTION) at the same time.

A number of breeders go for Fish Mox and other medicines that are marketed for fish or other animals etc. But DO CONSULT YOUR VET occasionally about the medication you are giving them.

Common Circumstances To Give Fish Mox (Aquarium Amoxicillin) To Cats:

1.    URI (Upper Respiratory Infection) in Cats:

When cats deal with an upper respiratory infection that may show symptom as eyes are very irritated, swollen red and nose stuck closed or a snotty nose, it seems to be a rite of passage.

Fish Mox could be used in cats for Upper Respiratory Infection. If your cats are not treated properly, they may suffer longer and be in a lot of pain which you definitely cannot see and afford for your beloved pet.

Safer Dosage:

As per dosage, mix 250 mg into 50 mL of water, you would have a 5 mg/mL suspension. Dosing is then 5 – 10 mg once daily for 7-10 days. This may help your cat get over the URI.

2.    Abscess in Cats:

Fish Mox could be used for cat abscesses. An abscess might grow on a cat after it has been hit or bitten by another cat or animal. The bacteria that get into a wound from a bite is what causes the abscess.

If you think that your cat may have an abscess, and there is no vet you can show them to, you can give them diluted dosages of Fish Mox (only if your cat is not pregnant or have any other significant allergies or already antibodies present in their systems which may show a reaction).

Safer Dosage:

The thing is, when the abscess just pops, clean the infected area and give Fish Mox (which is safer for cats) to give as an antibiotic. The dosage said to give is 5mg per lb. of cat. You need to give the antibiotic for 1 to 2 weeks or until the wound scabs over.

3.    Cat with a Swollen Jaw:

  1. Attacked by another cat: The most common cause for a cat’s jaw to be swollen is going to be an infection secondary to an encounter with another animal, usually another cat.

It could have been bitten or scratched which has resulted in bacteria deposited under the skin which has festered into the swelling that you may have noticed.

Cat teeth and nails are curved and do not often result in an obvious wound, but infections will often develop if they have been attacked by another cat.

  1. Stung by some insect: Maybe it was stung by an insect or bitten by a spider, it might have an anaphylactic reaction such that part of its face would swell.

What to do?

Purchase Fish Mox, which is Amoxicillin, sold for use in fish; however, it is the exact same antibiotic that is fine for cats.

Safer Dosage:

The dose for the average-sized 10–12-pound cat will be 1/2 of a 250 mg capsule twice a day. You will want to pull the capsule apart and divide the granules in half; its dose will be one-half in the am and the other 1/2 in the pm.

Hopefully, it will eat the granules mixed in a small amount of canned food but if it does not, then mix the granules with a small amount of water and use a syringe or eye dropper to dribble the mixture into the side of its mouth where there is a gap.

This drug should be administrated with food to avoid stomach disturbance. You need to treat the infection for 7-10 days.

Caution: Problems in the mouth such as an infected tooth might also cause swelling, so you need to confirm the cause of the swelling.

Safe Dosage Of Fish Mox:

The safer dosage depends upon the most important feature that is the SIZE of your cat and then dilution of the Fish Mox according to it. This is due to the reason that heavy dosages may have harmful effects on its system.

Pet liquid amoxy is 250 mg per 5 ml/cc. The recommended dose of amoxicillin oral suspension for your cats is 5-10mg/pound every 12-24 hours. Some give 10mg/lb on day one, then 5mg/lb day 2 – 7.

What you need to do?

1.     Get the Capsules:

Buy a bottle of 100 x 250mg capsules of “Fish Mox” available at pet stores. The capsules come in different colors generally tan/yellow and light pink/dark pink.

2.     Medicate according to the size:

  • If you are treating an animal that weighs 5 lbs or more, take three capsules.
  • Pull apart the capsules and dump the powder of three capsules into a little bottle that can hold 15 ml/cc of fluid and has a lid. Add 15 ml/cc (3 teaspoons) of clean water.
  • Oral dosage is 5-10mg/lb/day for seven days.
  • If you are dosing a small kitten weighing 1 to 2lb, only use one capsule and mix with only 5 ml/cc of water.

3.     Storage:

  • Discard any unused mixed liquid apoxy after seven days. It will change color and is no longer good. You can store the capsules for a long time.

How to Dilute Fish Mox For Cats – Ways to Administer Safe Dosages:

1.    Add them to the Cat’s Food:

  • The Fish-Mox capsules are 250 mg. amoxicillin, recommended dosage one capsule twice per day, in food.
  • You can give your cat Fish Mox (50mg 2-3 times per day). If not 50mg available, open the 250 mg capsule and divide it into fifths. Then, put one-fifth in the cat’s food.
  • One 500mg capsule should be dissolved in a one-ounce bottle with a dropper. One dropper fulls a day for 10 days for any sized cat.

If the condition is bad, twice a day. You can also make a cat food soup (equal parts canned food blended with warm water) to keep them hydrated.

2.    Capsule 250mg in Water:

  • Take one 500mg Fish Mox, crush it to powder, then add in a medicine cup, add 10ml of water, shake well before each use, and keep in the fridge.
  • One way is that take one 250mg capsule and put it into a water gallon, shake it well and then make use of this as your feline’s only water supply for 7-10 days.

3.    Give Fish Mox with Banana Flavored shake for infants:

To give orally to one kitty at a time, simply take two 250mg capsules and open into a small bottle.

Then add 20cc of Banana flavored shake for infants, shake well and syringe feed as 1cc twice a day for an adult cat, or 5 tenths of a cc to an older kitten once daily.

4.    Use with Distilled Water:

You need to open three capsules (500 mg) and combine it with 21 ml of bottled or distilled water and administer 2 to 2/2 ml twice a day depending on the size of the cat.

Dealing with Feral Cats:

Now, actual trouble happens when dealing with some stray or feral cat.

What if you come around a feral cat who is sneezing, coughing, has a runny nose, seems irritated OR beaten up pretty badly by other animals in your society and the cat has swollen shut and bloody eyes or any other part, in a very terrible condition that you would not overlook it.

Feral cats usually own a stronger immune system than indoor cats, but when they do need to be given medical treatment, the complication for their owners is to find approaches to cure them without going for traumatic or stressful control.

So, what you do?

The first option you need to opt is to contact animal control, they may be able to help you. The reason that you should not deal with feral cats by yourself is that firstly, the stray cats love to live alone and are not familiar with the human touch or affection.

It is quite difficult to deal with them. They may attack you too if you try to get any closer to them because you are a hundred percent stranger for them. Secondly, call your local shelters as well and see if they can help because most of the vets DO NOT prescribe any pain medication for an outdoor feral cat.

These can cause drowsiness and sedation making it very vulnerable. Plus, you are not familiar with the cat’s internal condition like if it may be pregnant or have some allergies etc.

No Vet/Help Available?

If it is impossible for you to see a veterinarian, you can use Fish Mox (Aquarium amoxicillin) 250 mg capsules.

Safer Dosage:

If it is letting you put food and water near it, then follow the given prescription. The dose is 50-100 mg twice daily for 5 days. Open the capsule, divide the powder into four parts to get 75mg, and sprinkle powder dose into 1 tsp wet food.

But you would be taking responsibility for giving it to the cat if you so choose.

Potential Side Effects Of Amoxicillin For Cats:

  1. Antibiotics, including Aquarium Amoxicillin (Fish Mox), can cause a range of side effects for your cats. Since every cat is an individual, each cat will respond differently to amoxicillin. Following are the most prevalent side effects to antibiotics: rashes, fever, kidney or liver damage, diarrhea, and vomiting.
  2. Antibiotics can be particularly difficult on the digestive system, so confirm if your cat should take the medicine with or without food.
  3. BE CAREFUL that your cat could have dangerous complications if Fish Mox is taken while other antibiotics are already in its system. And some cats are allergic to it.
  4. Monitor your cat closely while taking any medications and alert your vet to anything out of the ordinary., health or behavior-wise. Moreover, stronger caution for cats that may be pregnant.

Opting the Best Option:

Take your cat to the veterinarian immediately any time it appears ill or injured. However, there are holistic approaches that can be effective in keeping your cat healthy in the first place.

While it is not advocated using natural alternatives over traditional medications, learning more about supporting your cat’s immune system can help devise a lifelong healthy strategy.

Because an antibiotic is AN ANTIBIOTIC and can not be played with unless or until emergency and well know-how.

Fish Mox (Aquarium Amoxicillin) for cats has many benefits, some side effects and should always be taken as directed by a professional vet.

Communicating closely with your veterinarian is the best way to ensure your cat’s amoxicillin treatment is doing the trick to ensure its path to health and well-being.

Where to Get Fish Mox?

Fish antibiotics can be purchased over the counter (or online) which do not need a prescription. These are the same drugs that a human or vet would prescribe.

FDA Perspective!

Fish antibiotics are completely unregulated. Technically, they should fall under the view of the Food and Drug Administration, which oversees both human and animal drugs.

Those animals including companion animals (dogs, cats, horses). However, none of the ornamental fish antibiotics are authorized by the FDA.

This is because they are looking at these products until now, the risk the product poses, and its public health priorities.

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  1. My cat has an infected wound on his head from scratching at ear mites. Mites are gone, wound is gnarly. Been giving him 250mg fish mox twice a day. After 10 days I should stop right? How many days before I can pick back up with it?

    • That is way too much. 250 is a human sized dose. Surprised hes not having terrible to diarrhea.

      For a bad infection you’re still supposed to don’t take the pill and divide it by equal parts of 5: 50mg each use twice A-day if it’s a severe infection.

  2. Please I have no money, to take this now a cat less then a year old I rescued him when my doughter found him on I 35 at five weeks old. Now he is less then a year old, and he has these cuts or gashes on him we thought it may have come from the freezer fan , but it didn’t we block it off. I’ve tried water therapy, peroxide, and neyosporan. I bought some fishbiotic 500 mg can some one please help me I don’t know how much to give him. Please someone he has yellow puss coming out. I don’t know what to do.

    • Dilute a 250 mg capsule in 1-2 teaspoons of water. Add the liquid to a small amount of canned cat food. One 250 mg capsule makes 4 doses. Dose the cat twice per day.
      Use the other 2 doses the next day.
      Of course you have to open the capsule and then mix the powder with 1-2 teaspoons Stir and add to its favorite canned food for 5-14 days twice per day. Give your cat plenty of fresh drinking water on the side.

  3. I feed a feral that got in a fight, cut his gum, exposing nerves. He was on antibiotics for 4 weeks while awaiting a tooth cleaning and healing. I’m wondering if he could have gotten an urinary tract infection (yeast), I know that it can happen in humans. If so, I really need an over the counter treatment. This last round broke me financially. I should have mentioned, he is lethargic again and his urine smells strong.

    • Check Google for free and low cost services perhaps at your city animal shelter.
      Give the cat plenty of fresh drinking water!
      Use an open 250 mg fish amoxicillin capsule twice per day.
      One capsule makes enough for 2 days. Dose morning and night in a small amount of canned cat food.
      Do this for 10-14 days.
      Avoid dry cat food! It’s bad for his bladder!

  4. A stray cat we have brought inside is sneezing alot and congested. This should help her? Times are tough and we have no money for vet.

  5. Thank you so much for this information! I may have overlooked this piece; I am curious when we need to worry about the weight of a cat. I have a 15lb feline that I suspect to have a URI and I’m not sure which dosage to follow. Should I do the water soliable route or put the powder in the food?

  6. Question…..has anyone been able to find out if Aqua Mox Forte is the same exact thing? Like Quality and effectiveness without negative reactions? Thomas Labs has discontinued its production and I do not trust any of the websites stating that they have it for sale.

  7. Is there a difference in effectiveness of treatment (for ailments listed in this article) with using (fish flex) cephalexin 250mg versus (fish mox) amoxicillin 250mg?


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