Is Friskies Pate Good for Cats

Among all the Friskies meals, the Pate meal is quite common to be fed to cats. Friskies Pate is just another name for wet canned cat food, but with many flavors. While there has not been much research on this, many cat owners are concerned if they should feed their cats the friskies pate meals. This is totally valid considering Purina Friskies’ reputation, and brings us to the prime question: Is Friskies pate good for cats?

In this article, we will discuss this and look into some of the typical pate meals to give you an insight. Hopefully, it should be enough to influence you toward the right decision for your cat.

Let’s get into it.

Is Friskies Pate Good for Cats

Is Friskies Pate good for cats

Friskies Pate is different from the wet cat food diet, even though they essentially call them both wet foods.

The reason for this is that wet food has even more water and gravy, and the canned food is more solid since it is sealed.

It depends on whether your cat is a licker too. Some cats have difficulty eating dry food with all the swallowing and chewing so they may have to switch to a wet diet.

When they do, they really like the gravy and will keep licking it instead of the food they should eat, leaving them malnourished.

With Pates, it is different. The food is wet and dry at the same time. Your cat has no choice but to eat the food itself.

However, the Pate diet contains a lot of allergens and preservatives. A lot of them are known to make cats sick, and in some cases even kill cats.

But there are several variations of Pate cat meals and this is not true for all of them. You will see further in this article as we break down the ingredients of a few meals.

Best Friskies Pate meals for your cat

Some of the best Friskies Pate meals are all compiled below. We will talk about why they are better than the other meals, and the reasons you should choose them.

However, this list does not substitute for vets’ advice. If you are looking to choose a meal for your cats please make sure you talk to a vet first.

Let’s talk about the different meals.

Friskies Paté Turkey & Giblets Dinner Wet Cat Food

The turkey and giblets dinner is one of the most famous combos in the Pate category. It is really liked by cats too, which gives it its top position.

To consider a cat food suitable for your cat, it should have a good quality protein ingredient. In this cat food, there is turkey present, which makes it attractive for cats.

It also has a very low amount of carbs, if you talk about it as compared to protein and fats. The percentage of fiber is great too.

Does this pate diet lack somewhere? Yes, it has some allergens and not-so-good ingredients present in it.

A few examples of these are gluten, wheat, and some meat by-products too. These can make your cat get sick too if its stomach is not able to handle them well.

However, because we are talking about Friskies as a brand, we know that these things are common in it. You should be ready for some ingredient drawbacks if you are looking for food in this category.

Friskies Paté Seafood Entrée Wet Cat Food

The Seafood Entree wet cat food is different from other cat food flavors. The main ingredient here is shrimp which makes up the majority of the protein.

There are a couple of ingredients like rice and some meat by products but they are not in a very high amount.

The Seafood Entrees nutritional breakdown is good as well. It is high in both protein and fat, most of the fat being from omega 3 fatty acids.

Omega fatty acids are unsaturated healthy fats that are found in fish themselves. Quantity of carbs is low which is good.

If you decide to choose this for your cat, make sure it is not allergic to fish and other seafood ingredients beforehand.

Friskies Paté Liver & Chicken Dinner Wet Cat Food

Liver and Chicken pate as the name suggests has 2 good proteins in the meal. This is good for your cat.

There is also some fish added in the mix but it is said not to be the best quality, so we will not count it among the good proteins.

Besides the potential allergens existing in every friskies food, the food has a good nutritional balance and is good for a cat in its growing phase.

For feeding this meal to kittens, please consult a veterinarian first.

Friskies Paté Mixed Grill Wet Cat Food

Mixed grill wet cat food pate contains a mixture of grilled proteins based on the nutritional needs of the cats eating them.

For this, there are some ingredients that are not the best such as rice, guar gum, and chicken by-products since the majority of the protein is chicken.

Carbohydrates, protein and fats proportion is quite balanced, considering chicken makes up a lot of this meal. The amount of fiber in this food is lower than the other foods of the same nutritional value and price range.

It is best to make sure that your cat actually enjoys chicken because this meal is mostly made of that.

Friskies Pate Meals you should avoid feeding your cat

Now that we looked at cat food Pate that is good for your cat, let’s look at food options we do not recommend you feed your cat.

Friskies Paté Chicken & Tuna Dinner Wet Cat Food

Chicken and tuna are the main proteins present in this wet food pate. However, both of them are of bad quality that are not good for your cats long-term health.

Additional ingredients include a ton of rice, guar gum, and even meat by-products. It can get worse if your cat cannot stomach the by-products.

With less amount of fiber and carbs, but insanely high protein and saturated fat content, you are better off choosing this meal for your feline friend.

Friskies Paté Country Style Dinner Wet Cat Food

You may not have heard about this cat food as much, because it is not that common. And mostly for good reason.

Poultry by-products, guar gum, and carrageenan are all ingredients in large quantities in this cat food. There is also rice, and gluten present and these are harmful to cats.

The proportions of fats, carbs and proteins are all really well-balanced though, and the fiber percentage is pretty good too.

But because of the excessive use of by-products and allergens, we rule this out as being a good option for your cat’s diet.

Friskies Paté Ocean Whitefish & Tuna Dinner Wet Cat Food

Ocean Whitefish makes up the majority of the protein here along with some tuna. There is some level of rice and carrageenan and by-products added in here too.

Many cats are allergic to seafood, so this food is totally ruled out for those. However, additives are added in quite a large quantity as well, so this is harmful as it goes into the cat’s bloodstream.

Proteins are high since there are two types of fish used, but the carbs amount is low and fats percentage is also pretty low.

The best combination for a balanced portion is to have high protein, average fats and low carbs. This food does not tick all the boxes.

Carrageenan and guar gum are the leading causes of diseases in cats, so if you find any food high in these, then make sure you do not feed it to your cat.

If your feline friend is diabetic you can have a look at Friskies for diabetic cats.


In conclusion, is friskies pate good for cats?

We are generally in favor of friskies pate being good for cats, but there are tons of flavors and not all of them are good for cats.

Wet Cat Food Pate that are good for cats are the turkey and giblets pate, seafood entree pate, liver and chicken pate, and mixed grill.

All of these contain some form of main protein like chicken, shrimp, fish, or turkey. So before feeding them to your cat, you need to make sure they are not allergic to any of them.

While these foods do contain some allergens themselves too, they are still the better versions of the pate category available.

Some foods that are not the best are the Chicken and tuna pate, the country style meal, and the ocean whitefish and tuna pate meal.

These are too high in either proportions of fat, fiber, carrageenan, or additives. All of them are canned foods, so of course, there will be additives. But these foods contain excessive amounts.

Finally, we advise you to seek a nutritional chart for your cat’s dietary requirements from your vet.

This will help you pick out cat food for your cat rather easily, no matter what diet you choose.

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