How to help your cat in the heat with a Q tip method?

Are you a cat owner? Do you have a female cat that is in heat and driving you and everyone crazy? Do you know about Q tip? And How to help you cat in the heat with Q tip?

If so, then you will be aware of how frustrating it is. You want to help her but don’t know what to do. That’s why we created this guide about how to calm your cat during her estrous cycle. There are many ways to handle your feline friend and make sure she stays calm and happy throughout this particular condition.

In this read, we will discuss how you can help your cat in heat via the Q-tip method. The method is popular and used by many pet owners across the globe, and it has proven to be effective. It’s easy, inexpensive, and safe for your furry friend.

So, let’s get started:

Cat in heat signs & symptoms

Before the treatment, diagnosis is important, so look out for these heat signs and symptoms in your cat. When your cat is in heat, she might:

  • Make annoying and sometimes funny sounds.
  • It will become more impatient.
  • Crawl on the ground.
  • Be more warm with objects and other animals.
  • Frequently groom their private parts.
  • Try to go outdoors.
  • Adopt the mating position or put its tail to the sides.
  • Often urinate to show its territory.
  • Loose appetite

So whether your little friend is meowing, moaning, or crying, walking funny, rubbing your furniture, or exposing her lady parts, it means she is in heat and needs your attention.

Now, let’s look at how to help a cat in heat via q-tip.

Q-Tip Method For Cats In Heat:

Follow these steps to calm your cat via the Q-tip method.

  • Have the cat on the ground or any hard surface, but the floor is more preferable.
  • Please keep it in front of you, face away in a position that its bottom faces you.
  • Now take a sterilized q-tip. Avoid using any lubrication such as Vaseline or anything.
  • If your cat has not lowered her shoulders or raised her bottom, stroke its back (or the bottom of her tail) to raise her rump.
  • When your cat lowers her shoulders and raises her back, insert the sterilized q-tip into its vagina. Be cautious and never put the q-tip into the cat’s rectum.
  • Next, gently move the stick in and out, or you can also rotate the q-tip.
  • Now increase the pace but be gentle.
  • When your cat howls (it is the normal reaction a cat mates with a male cat), slowly take the q-tip out of her vagina.
  • The cat will have an orgasm, and there will be a mess for you on the floor to clean.

Things to remember when using the Q-tip method:

  • Never attempt to try the Q-tip method when your cat is not in heat.
  • Only apply this method with your pet cat, not with unfamiliar cats.
  • Never use any lubricant on the Q-tip because it can result in severe infections.
  • Discard the used Q-tip properly.

Furthermore, most people opt q tip method to help a cat in heat because these are household items. However, we will advise you to use this method as a last option. Keep in mind that it looks natural and straightforward fix, but there are many hygienic concerns associated with it.

Quite often, the Q-tip’s fibers can stick inside the cat’s vagina and may cause serious infections. Similarly, your feline can form a dependency with this fix, and sometimes they can act even crazier when it is in heat.

It’s common for cats to become aggressive when they are in heat, and it can be one of the possible causes why cats bite you.

Q-Tip Alternatives to Help A Cat In Heat

For many pet parents Q-tip technique is risky, so if you also think the same, here are some Q-tip alternatives for you and your cat when it’s going through the heat cycle.

Have a look at these methods:

The Needleless Syringe Method

  • Place the cat on any hard surface, preferably the floor.
  • Keep its face away from you and keep its bottom in front of you.
  • If the cat’s shoulders are not lowered, and the bottom is not raised, stroke her to lift her back.
  • When you see that her shoulders are down and the bottom is raised, insert a needleless syringe tip gently into its vagina.
  • Let it be there for a few seconds.
  • Repeat it up to three or four times.

Don’t overdo the process. And never attempt it when your pet cat is not in heat. Keep in mind that the method is not recommended for stray cats but only for pet cats.

The Thermometer Tip Method

  • Have the cat on the ground or table.
  • Keep its face away from you and keep its bottom in front of you.
  • Ensure that the cat’s shoulders remain down and back raised. If it is not, you will have to stroke her back to lift it.
  • When the cat’s shoulders are down and the bottom is raised, gently insert the thermometer tip into its vagina.
  • Let it be there for a few seconds only.
  • Repeat this process up to three or four times.

Always do this when you are sure that your cat is in heat and never use this method for stray cats.

Finger Acupressure Method

  • Have the pet cat on the ground or a table, but the ground is more preferable.
  • Keep its back in front of you.
  • If the cat’s shoulders are not down and back not raised, stroke her back to lift its rump.
  • When her shoulders are down, and her back is raised, check on which side of the tail she keeps her tail.
  • Next, press your index finger under her tail close to the point where her tail is. If your cat holds her tail to the left side, you need to press your index finger on her tail’s right side.
  • If the cat holds her tail to the right side, you will have to press your index finger on the tail’s left side.
  • Press down and right close to the cat’s tail and try to feel hollow. Be gentle and don’t press on the cat’s anus or vulva.
  • After you found the hollow, press down and curve your index finger a bit near yourself. Be careful and don’t rush.
  • When your cat’s yowls stop pressing.
  • As soon as you take out your finger, the cat will reach to an orgasm, and you will have to clean it.

This method is only recommended when your cat is in heat. Don’t apply this to stray cats.

Some other tips to calm down a cat when it is in heat:

If you don’t want to use the above-mentioned methods, here are some general tips to keep your cat calm when in heat. Take a look:

Extra Care To Keep Her Calm During Heat Cycle

For almost all pet cats, a little extra care and attention can ease the stress caused due to estrus. Give your feline extra care when she is going through this tough phase, and you may calm her down and her stress levels. Gentle belly rubs for a cat can do wonders in this case.

Give Your Cat a Bit Freedom

Most cats like to be alone when they are in heat unless the care is from a particular person. She will do crazy things or act aggressively but don’t mind; it is common. Try to keep it as comfortable as you can and provide her sufficient space and a bit of freedom where she can ease the stress and escapes the commotion.

Give Some Extra Playtime

Apart from extra care, ensure that you give her sufficient playtime when a cat is in heat. Here we will advise you to keep her occupied with her favorite and exciting toys to divert her mind.

Secure the Place

A cat in heat is aggressive and might try to escape. Hence you need to ensure that your place is secure and safe. Check out potential escape routes like doggie doors and kitchen windows, and don’t leave the main entrance open.

Try Herbal Remedies To Keep Your Cat Calm

According to many pet parents, herbal remedies are the best to help a cat when she is in heat. If you want to try out an herbal remedy for your cat, we will recommend the Rescue Remedy as it is the most popular, and if catnip positively affects your cat, then it is the suitable choice for your baby.

However, don’t use these remedies constantly for your cat. Use them with case and as a last resort.

Play Some Music 

Like us, cats also love music. So, to relax your cat, you can fill your home with soothing music. Try different music genres such as classical, smooth jazz, or ambient electronic music and see which one your feline loves. This simple remedy is effective and may help your cat stay cool and calm.

Ensure that Litter Box is Clean

Cats mark their territory in normal conditions as well as when they are in heat. Keeping the cat’s litter box clean, you can encourage your cat to mark it, and she will not mark your closet or sofa.

Besides, never use harsh ammonia-based cleaners as they are not for cat’s health and arouse their spraying behavior.

Spay Your Cat

As per vets, spaying a cat when she is in heat is not ideal; neither most vets recommend it. But you can go for this surgical procedure when your cat is not in heat and if you don’t want little kittens from your cat. By doing so, you can avoid these situations.


Remember that cats getting in heat is natural, and you can efficiently deal with it if the heat intensity is not very high.

Try to keep her in a dim room where she cannot see sunlight. Similarly, ensure that your cat does not interact, smell, or hears a non-nurtured adult male cat This is because male cats will make her heat symptoms more strong.

Lastly, your best bet is spaying to prevent all this in your female cat. It lessens the chances of ovary cancer, especially in the long run, reduces their stress and discomfort, and above all, saves your ears too.


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