Marlot Cat – All You Need To Know

Interested in this strange breed of cat, right? What is even a Marlot cat? Being a cat lover, you must be curious about different kinds of cats.

Well, here is something for you to have an idea about the famous Marlot cats.

Starting with the fact that these are hybrid cats, let’s have some proper introduction regarding these species.

marlot cat

Marlot- A Hybrid cat Breed

The 20th century is followed by many different but fascinating hybrid breeds of cats. Marlot cat is also among these amazing hybrids.

But what are hybrids?

What are hybrid cats?

Hybrid cat breeds include the cats, the parents of whom belong to two distinct, but unique species.

The progeny born is not a true breed themselves but does consist of exceptional features that they are given a name of their own.

Chronicle of Marlot hybrid:

Hence, one of the resulting hybrids is also ‘Marlot’.

Marlot is a descendent of the Margay male crossed with Ocelot female.

The history follows as in the year 1976, there was a birth of a male kitten in the family of Barbara Brocks.

That kitten had a Margay Father and an Ocelot Mother and therefore, was said to be as ‘Marlot’.

After that, in the year 1977, recorded birth of a second kitten, and this time it was a female one.

Being a hybrid, the female Marlot kitten resembled both of her parents in the features.

She had the rosettes and a golden coat just like father Margay and a tail like Ocelot just like her mother with a pink nose.

So, it confirmed the hybrid theory.

Another Marlot kitten was spotted in 1980. Studies show that there were more  Marlots but it is not certified yet.

Features of a Marlot Hybrid

Following are the major physical features owned by the Marlot cats:

ColorSandy in color
Appearance and PatternsTabby Appearance and Brown Marbled Patterns
Tail and LegsCompletely stripped
Facial Features and NoseFace- Margay Father and A pink nose- Ocelot Mother
BodySpotted body- Margay Father
Body shapeShape- Ocelot Mother and a Jumping posture
CoatFurry and owns a Marvelous shine

Common Traits of a Marlot Cat

Mentioned here are some well-observed traits of the Marlot hybrid:

1.   Rare and Expensive:

Firstly, you will be known to Marlots only if you are a breeder or a crazy cat lover.

This is because it is a very rare hybrid and that is why expensive.

So, very few people have seen them in person, and hence not many photos of them are around.

The Marlots are renowned by very few individuals and therefore, not many people know how they look.

2.    Playful but Mischievous:

Keeping in view the nature of the Marlots, they are found to be very playful but full of mischief.

Being mischievous is a source of pleasure for them.

They are fond of making trouble around them. This brings them joy.

They would love to climb and jump to the highest spots and would happily knock your things over.

The reason for their doing so is not that they are being irritated, they just do it to seek pleasure naturally.

Hence, following the path of their wild forefathers.

3.    Clever Marlot hybrids:

These are very clever hybrids. They could easily sort out the things on their own like copying your actions.

This is explained as they might open the closed jars or cupboards on their own.

They do so just by following your action to take out the food you kept for them in there.

4.    Time and Affection:

Being the progeny of wild ancestors, they opt for a great deal of time, love, and affection from you- their owners.

Therefore, if you are planning to get one of these particular species, be ready to involve in deep socialization with the Marlots.

They would love you to spend time with them and give them the attention and affection they deserve.

Or else, then do not complain if they swipe when you walk by.

Putting an end

There is not much information on the Marlots is available due to the reason that they are the rarest.

The mystery remains as it is still uncertain that how many of these are present or bred across the world.

Despite of rarity, their distinctive features and famous attitude make them attractive for the cat fans who are looking for a loyal friend.

Hence, the rare the Marlot, the more is demanded by the actual cat lovers.

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