Sheba vs Friskies

Are you facing problems with what brand of cat food to feed your cat? There are many options out there, and a well-known competition is between Sheba and Purina Friskies. While Friskies is a little more popular and widely available than Sheba, many cat owners say that their cat likes the latter. This is where the main question arises, is Sheba actually good for your cat over Friskies? Let dive into Sheba vs Friskies duel.

In this article, we will look at all the pros and cons of Sheba vs Friskies, along with the best option for your feline friend’s health.

Let’s get started!

Sheba vs Friskies Head to Head

Sheba and Purina Friskies are pretty competitive brands. Both these brands are mostly used by many cat owners and are well loved by their cats too.

However, no cat is the same, and different ingredients suit different cats so it is important to know the compositions of both these cat foods in detail before you make a decision.

Luckily we have done a complete analysis of both sheba vs friskies below that will aid you in choosing the best food for your cat.

Nevertheless, it is always best to consult your vet on what diet to feed your feline friend that may keep the cat happy, healthy, and jolly.

The food you feed your cat needs to be according to its nutritional requirements, and that’s where your vet can help you out.

Now let’s look at the pros and cons of Sheba cat food.

Pros and cons of Sheba cat food

Sheba may not be the oldest brand there, but it has surely made a name for itself among the other renown cat food brands.

While it does have a few drawbacks, this cat food is still considered exceptional by the cat owners, so as long as that lasts, sheba may become cat owners’ go-to food.

As long as they are not on a budget, that is.

Let’s look at the different aspects.


Every cat owner wants the best for their cats, however, with the rise in prices, it is not easy to get the best quality without sacrificing the cost.

This case is the same for Sheba cat food. Sheba cat food lies from a price of $48.99 to anywhere about $68.99.

Despite the high prices, Sheba cat food is preferred by many cat owners as their cat absolutely loves it.

According to many Sheba cat food owners, the cats lick their bowls clean when given Sheba cat food.

So as long as the price is justifiable as compared to the quality and taste of the food, cat owners have no problem in buying sheba cat food.


Sheba does not have a lot of cat food flavours which, luckily though, may not be a problem for many cats.

The flavours of Sheba that are most liked by cats are Gravy Tuna and Shrimp Entrée as well as Gourmet Salmon & Seafood Entrée.

With a good amount of protein, this is quite nourishing cat food. If your cat is a fish lover, it is going to go crazy over this food.

However, Sheba cat foods provide only wet cat food and don’t provide dry cat food. This can be disappointing for some cat owners who mostly feed their cats dry cat food.

The good thing about Sheba cat food is that Sheba provides a grain free cat mix which is known as healthy for the cats.

It is always best to consult your vet about your cat’s diet as you want the best for your feline friends.

Ingredients analysis

Sheba cat food is widely known for its good quality and healthy ingredients. While this may be true some cat owners have objected to this when they glanced at the cat food ingredients.

There are a lot of controversial things present in Sheba cat food that ought to be unhealthy for the cat.

Some of these ingredients include animal plasma, artificially added colours, and other harmful additives.

No long-term disease has been caused due to this issue in cats so far. And this is still much better than many other cat food ingredients.

However, it is always better to be safe than sorry so just run it by your vet so it does not trigger a negative reaction in your kitty.

Pros and cons of Friskies cat food

Being one of the prominent Purina brands, Friskies has been around for a long time. It is also one of the most trusted brands for budget cat foods.

But this does not mean that it is the best for your cat.

And while there are plenty of options out there, we have done a detailed analysis that will help you decide if it’s fit for your cat.


Due to the rising prices of everything nowadays, people are considering cheaper alternatives for their cat’s diet and found Purina Friskies as an answer.

Purina Friskies cat food comes in both wet cat food and dry cat food. If you feed your cat wet cat food then your yearly cost can lie around $90 to $140, which is a very reasonable amount.

However, if you give your cat food dry food only then your yearly cost can lie around $60 to $90.

These are estimated calculations based on the average cat’s diet. Obviously this may differ for your cat.


Purina Friskies are known for their variety of cat food. Many cat owners choose Purina Friskies just because of their variety, the cat never seems to get full of them.

If your cat has eaten a lot of Purina Friskies cat food and you are considering changing their diet why not try to change the food flavours instead?

The best part is that Purina Friskies come in both wet and dry cat food so they basically got you covered with respect to the flavours.

However, the disadvantage is that Friskies do not provide a non grain free mix for their cats.

Grain is usually known to affect your cat’s health in the long run so it is better not to give your cat grain mix cat food.

Ingredients analysis

Due to the reputation of Purina Friskies and the questionable ingredients they may use, many cat food owners are switching their cat’s diet to other more trusted brands.

Most cat owners are facing problems with the cat’s health whilst feeding them Friskies.

This corresponds to the ingredients and when many cat owners take a look at the ingredients there were a lot of controversial things such as:

Liver                                                            Soybean Flour

Soybean Hulls                                             Ground Wheat

Vegetable Oil                                               Brewers Rice

Poultry Giblets                                             Ground Wheat

Poultry                                                         Wheat Gluten

Added Colour                                               Yellow 6

These are just some of the few that are present in Purina Friskies that have upset a lot of their customers.

Which cat food is better overall?

So, at last, the question arises which cat food is better? Sheba vs Friskies?

Many feline owners prefer Sheba cat food.

However, not everyone is satisfied with Sheba cat food as for the price, however, Sheba cat food can give reassurance that your cat will be in its best shape almost every time.

Many vets also recommend Sheba cat food over Friskies as for the rise of concerns people are having about Friskies cat food hurting their cat.

Not only from the statistical point of view but also the cat’s liking point of view Sheba cat food is way more dominant in this sector.


Overall, keeping all the prospects in mind, in my opinion, Sheba cat food takes the edge over Purina Friskies by a small margin.

In some areas Sheba cat food overtakes the latter and in some places Purina Friskies has the edge over Sheba.

Sheba cat food is known for its good ingredient quality and its reputation with owners about their cats liking the cat food a lot. Whereas Purina Friskies does not have a very good reputation amongst cat owners for the quality.

Friskies however have the edge on cost as they are cheaper in comparison to Sheba as well as they have a bunch of varieties available.

Hence, keeping all that in mind the one major flaw of Sheba is that they only serve wet cat food whilst Purina Friskies provides both kinds.

Finally, before a change of diet, it is always best to consult a vet so your cat gets the nutrition it needs from its food.

Your vet will guide you to the best food to keep your feline friend healthy and active.

Wish you and your cat good health!

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