Treats For Cats With Kidney Disease

We all know what kind of different commercial food for cats is available in the market. The aspect which bothers is ‘treats.’ Can any kind of cat be given treats? And what about those cats with kidney disease, is it safe to offer them treats?

The answer is Yes. There are some healthy treats for cats with kidney disease and it’s ok to offer it this. These healthy treat options will be an amalgam of a clean protein diet with something that has high nutritional value. It is because a high amount of protein adds strain to the kidneys, a healthy combination would be a better choice. You can skip the junk and carbohydrates part here as cats are carnivores.

Before jumping directly towards the treats for cat options, remember these should be served only in small and limited portions and let’s dig in a more towards the kidney diseases in cats.

treats for cat with kidney disease

Do’s & Don’ts in Diet for Cats with Kidney Disease

Do you know it’s quite tough to diagnose kidney disease in cats, as it can live comfortably with the disease for years? If it is diagnosed at an early stage, the symptoms can get reduced and can even be put to an end.

But there’s one more thing that can prevent the disease’s adverse effects, a properly designed diet for cats with kidney diseases. The changes in nutritional intake work as magic towards the disease’s severity. Let’s have a look at some of the do’s and don’ts to make a customized diet plan for our cats.

  • Research and evidence state that The Addition of phosphorus (P) in an excessive amount can lead to severe risk factors in a cat with chronic kidney disease. It invokes the serum PTH, which leads to digestive problems in the animal.
  • Similarly, protein consumption should be given in a limited amount as well. The recommended amount for cats with kidney diseases is approx. 28% to 35%. The vital reason for giving less protein is that it leads to less excretion of protein through a proper filtration mechanism of the kidney. It helps in preserving the normal functionality of the kidney. You can’t compromise on its importance by giving a too low amount of protein to cats with kidney diseases as it will break down their muscle mass.
  • On contrary, it is found that there is one thing that is quite beneficial for cats with kidney diseases i.e., omega-3 fatty acids. Fish oil can be used as a supplement separately or can be added to the daily diet regimen. But make sure that you talk to its veterinarian first about the required dosage and precautions.
  • Remember one thing while making or choosing the desired food items for the cat with kidney disease: that it shouldn’t be acidifying. The body system of pets is already too acidic due to improper kidney function, and it can’t tolerate much more.

That is why veterinarians design such a holistic diet plan which can solve the issues mentioned above. If you don’t read the ingredients or nutritional value mentioned on the store-bought treats for cats with kidney diseases, you are into a huge mistake. The food item can have a high amount of phosphorus and protein that can be too acidifying. It’s best to do your research well.

Now let’s move forward with the options we have. We divide the options of treats for cats with kidney disease into two:

(i) Store-bought Treats for Cats

(ii) Home-Made Treats for Cats

Store-bought Treats for Cats

1.     Temptations Cat Treats

These are amazing munching bars with almost a protein content of 33.1% and phosphorous content of 1.17%. The phosphorous portion is a little higher which makes it a less preferable choice among others. But still, it is one of the best and America’s # 1 Cat Treat.

  • It is a 100% nutritionally complete and balanced food choice.
  • All the cats love its crunchier outer portion and soft-inside feel.
  • And although it’s high in nutritional value only consumes 2 calories per piece. So, what else one wants.

2.   PureBites Cat Treats

PureBites is one of those companies which are built on a vision to provide the finest healthy pet treats, free from any kind of preservatives. And almost the company has been up in their fame for the last 16 years.

  • PureBites offer 100% organic, and grain-free Cat Treats.
  • The Freeze-Dried treats are easy to digest as it’s without any kind of added-preservatives.
  • It is one of the ideal treats for cats with kidney disease, diabetes, has allergies, or on a restricted diet.

3.   Tiki Cat Stix & Broth Pouches

Tiki as a brand is famous for providing real & natural ingredients i.e., fish pieces, shredded chicken, diced veggies, etc. The usage of high-quality Proteins and Superfoods is prevalent in their food items. The best part which makes the brand different is their amazing & thoughtful recipes.

  • If your cat loves something for munching then Tiki Cat Stix and if it’s a gravy or soupy thing lover, Tiki Broth Pouches are to go for.
  • Both the meals are low-calorie with high-nutritional value.
  • Also remember, it has no added grains, extra salt/ sugar, by-products, preservatives, artificial flavors, and food colors. Then what are you waiting for!

4.    Beaphar Urinary Tract Support Easy Treat

Beaphar Urinary Tract Support Easy Treats are one of the most popular, crunchy, and tasty treats having a unique filling. It has a certain formula paste inside it that is designed to treat the cat’s urinary tract infections.

  • It has ingredients like cranberry powder, D-mannose, etc. that support good bladder functionality and protects it from further damage.
  • Moreover, the amount of Vitamin E, Omega 3 treats Vitamin D & calcium deficiency and prevents the formation of bladder stones.
  • You can easily give maximum 10 treats to your cat daily.

5.    Bonito Flakes

Bonito Flakes are the most delicious and high-quality natural flakes available worldwide. Why it is one of the best choices to make?

  • It is one of the most natural treats for your cat as it is made from a single-protein source with no added preservatives.
  • It has an ingredient Taurine which protects from severe eye infections and diseases.
  • The addition of fish oil in its ingredients makes your cat healthy with shiny fur.

6.  Friskies Lil’ Soups

If your cat is a soup lover then just go for this amazing natural ingredient-based tuna broth soup.

  • It has effective healing characteristics for the cat, like the addition of Vitamin E, taurine, with no artificial color, and added preservatives.
  • Also convenient and easy to handle.
  • Further it is grain-free with no filler or by-products of meat.

Home-Made Treats for Cats

1.     Plain-Cooked Chicken

The easiest recipe which is equally loved by cats too is simply cooked chicken. You may add a lot of different herbs and seasoning to it as per your choice. You just have to boil some raw chicken pieces in water, add whatever you like and you are good to go!

2.     Beef & Salmon Cat Food

This recipe has different sorts of meat in it which are enjoyed by cats. It has a very high nutritional value and your cat won’t need any other supplements after this.


  • 100 gms chicken liver
  • 100 gms beef kidney
  • 4 cups of water
  • 12 gms ground eggshell
  • 2 whole raw egg
  • 100 gms chicken heart piece
  • 1400 gms ground beef
  • 200 gms raw salmon (deboned)
  • 28 gm oil (sardine/ salmon)


  • Firstly, make a puree of all the organ meats (heart, kidney, etc.). And put them into the water.
  • Mix it with the ground beef. You may use a blender or any other food processor machine for this purpose.
  • And it’s ready.
  • Note: You can use this meal for the next 3 days.

3.     Chicken & Rice Cat Food

It is one of the most-approved meals by the vets as it has a high source of nutritional value essential for your cat. Moreover, all the items are easily available in everybody’s kitchen and can be made in no time.


  • 85 gm chicken meat
  • 50 gm white rice (boiled)
  • 30 gm boiled potato
  • 4 gm olive oil
  • ⅛ tbsp. Rx Vitamins Nutritional Support


  • Mix all these ingredients well and the meal is ready.
  • Note: It is 3 persons serving and has 280 kcal.

4.     Beef and White Rice Cat Food

Rice is never a problem for cats. Cutting it all together from the entire diet is a problem and can lead to severe health problems. See this easy and amazing recipe for reference.


  • 85 gm boiled beef
  • 50 gm steam-cooked white rice
  • 30 gm mashed potato
  • 4 gm sesame oil
  • ⅛ tbsp. Rx Vitamins Nutritional Support


  • Just blend all the ingredients.
  • Note: It is a serving of 3 persons and has 295 kcal.

5.     Tuna and Rice Cat Food

If fish love is your priority, go for this recipe without any doubt.


  • 83 gm tuna (canned/ boiled)
  • 50 gm cooked white rice
  • 30 gm mashed sweet potato
  • 4 gm fish oil
  • ⅛ tbsp Rx Vitamins Nutritional Support


  • Blend all the ingredients well and the meal is ready.
  • Note: It has 3 people serving and has 275 kcal.

6.   Salmon and Rice Cat Food


  • 83 gm steam-cooked salmon
  • 50 gm steam-cooked brown rice
  • 30 gm mashed potato
  • 4 gm olive oil extra virgin
  • ⅛ Tbsp Rx Vitamins Nutritional Support


  • Blend these ingredients well and it is ready.
  • Note: It is a serving for 3 people and has 265 kcal.

7.    Chicken with Oatmeal Cat Food

If rice is not your cat’s thing, try adding oatmeal instead of it and you’re good to go.


  • 83 gm steam-cooked/ boiled chicken dark meat
  • 50 gm boiled oatmeal
  • 30 gm mashed sweet potato
  • 4 gm sunflower oil
  • ⅛ tbsp Rx Vitamins Nutritional Support


  • Blend the ingredients well and it’s ready.
  • Note: It is a serving for 3 persons and has 280 kcal.

8.     Beef and Oatmeal Cat Food

It is one of the most delicious and perfect recipes for cats.


  • 83 gm boiled beef
  • 50 gm boiled oatmeal
  • 30 gm mashed potato
  • 4 gm sesame oil
  • ⅛ tbsp Rx Vitamins Nutritional Support


  • Just mix all the ingredients and it is ready to be served.
  • Note: It is a serving of 3 persons and has 290 kcal.

Recommendations from Us for Quick- meal treats for the Cat:

  • Give dry 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup of grounded chicken meat to your cat preferably.
  • Give 1 to 1 & 1/2 cup cooked white rice to your cat.
  • 1-2 tbsp of omega-3 fish oil is enough to meet the dietary needs.
  • 500 mg of calcium supplement would work wonders.
  • The Feline multivitamin tablets can also be added in the daily diet.

Final Words

It is a commitment to prepare the cat’s food on your own, but trust me you won’t regret it. It’s the best approach not to compromise on its health at any cost.

You will enjoy the entire process of making treats for cats with kidney disease eventually and will become a Pro at it. It will help in identifying what’s the best thing for your cat’s health. You will come up with something that’s best for your kitty and it would enjoy.

Moreover, you can always consult with its vet and take recommendations.


1 thought on “Treats For Cats With Kidney Disease”

  1. Hi. Thank you for the informative article. But, I’m a bit confused.

    I have (2) 18 y.o. stage 3 chronic kidney disease cats. I just lost 2 geriatric cats to cancer recently, so I want to do everything right for these siblings. So I would appreciate your answering my confusion.

    Both cats have been on kidney prescription food for 1.5 yrs a combination of both kibble and wet. One cat just had a near fatal CKD crash but after 1 week in hospital, finally turned around. But this particular cat rarely touches the wet food and begs for cat treats and goes to great lengths to steal any dog treat or my food …anything with protein. I’ve learned I can’t set anything down without watching, after finally figuring out where/what happened to it after I leave the room for a second.

    Both cats have muscle wasting due to age, CKD and low protein diets. They are indoor cats.

    After this recent hospitalization, I really want to do the best I can both for their health and quality of life. I quit giving kitty treats the last 2 weeks not wanting to risk causing more harm. But she begs for them at the same time every night…which upsets both of us.

    If I read your article correctly, you are suggesting pure proteins (chicken, liver, hearts, fish) in your treat recipes. That confuses me since the prescription renal foods have very low 7% protein. Cat treats may be 30% or more protein which is why my cat begs and fusses every night for them. I had heard giving high protein with CKD shortens their life as it is hard on the kidneys. But…they are skinny.

    I was just doing a search for treats for CKD geriatric cats and came upon your article. I’m thrilled what I read but it seems to go against everything I’ve been told on feeding my CKD cats.

    Would you please tell me if I’m understanding your article and recipes on treats and proteins correctly? I’d love to treat them with something yummy that won’t further damage, harm or pressure their kidneys.

    Thank you.


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