Are Baby Wipes Safe For Cats

Baby wipes may have come to your attention, but here the question lies, are baby wipes safe for cats? So, the answer is – after a rigorous research, we have brought some great alternatives that are as good as the baby wipes.  To know about it more, keep on reading.

Generally, cats get messy after a long day of rough play, or they usually shed a lot. And this is where you would have to up your game at that time to stay them clean.

It has some ingredients that are not safe for cats. You can use baby wipes on children without an issue as they cannot lick the specific area you have cleaned with them whereas cats are flexible to reach different parts of the body easily.

are baby wipes safe for cats

Some Insights about Baby Wipes

How Baby Wipes can Hurt Cats?

The baby wipes themselves have no issues hurting the cats like its texture or the actions regarding it. If you gently rub it, there’s no possibility of hurting your cat.

It’s all about the ingredients present in it. This is why the best approach is to get those baby wipes that don’t contain certain harmful chemicals like Triclosan, Aloe Vera, and Propylene glycol. It is extremely toxic for cats and can cause burning too.

Well, it’s all about the ingredients that are of a diverse range which answers are baby wipes safe for cats. Actually, it’s formulated to clean the area but it can disinfect the baby’s skin too. So, what are some of the ingredients? Let’s talk about them.

1.Detergent/ Soap

The combination of soap or detergent in baby wipes is not suitable for the cats.


It will result in upsetting your cat’s stomach if it licks that specific area having the residue left.

Formaldehyde is one of the most talked-about ingredients in the world of cosmetics and personal care products like baby wipes.

It is a water-based solution named formalin which is derived from formaldehyde, best known for preventing bacterial contamination.

The most common problems being observed are irritation leading to severe chronic diseases like cancer.
3.Propylene glycol

It is one of the most widely used chemical in the manufacturing of personal care products. It is best to add in the moisturizers due to their water-based physique.


But is also known to cause irritation and itching in some of the cats.



Triclosan is a powerful antibacterial ingredient that is the best cleaning purpose especially baby’s skin.

Although it has several pros, ingesting it can result in severe harmful after-effects.
5.Mixture of Lavender and Aloe Vera

In the manufacturing of personal products, mostly plant-based products are used due to the trend of organic products. Aloe and lavender are one of the most popular two plant-based ingredients.

Aloe is best to prevent skin rashes but acts as a toxic product for cats. Similarly, lavender is famous for its scent but is poisonous for cats.



Fragrances are used in different products like baby wipes to attract customers and give a feel of freshness. Although many of the times, the core ingredients remain unknown.


It is always extremely poisonous for cats. Its best alternative for cats is to use antiseptics as disinfectants.

Chemicals that contain Endocrine, Triclosan, Phthalates, Phenoxyethanol, and Parabens, etc.

Some chemicals like Polyethylene Glycol and Propylene Glycol can cause severe skin problems like rashes and irritation.


Can Flushable Wipes be used on Cats?

No, it’s not safe at all. As we discussed the answer to this question that are baby wipes safe for cats so understand the phenomenon here. We, humans, can use it but due to the difference in pH levels, it’s not preferred at all for pets. It can react too acidic for them due to an abundance of harmful chemicals, strong fragrances, and preservatives.

Can Clorox Wipes be used on Cats?

No, it is not safe at all. The toxins present in these wipes create a burning sensation and strong itching in cats. It can cause severe results which can lead to death sometimes. One thing more to remember here is that people use Clorox wipes for home cleaning purposes too. In that case, try putting your pets away at that time or it may cause severe consequences.

Alternatives way to clean your Cat

As we have already discussed above Baby wipes, flushable wipes, and Clorox wipes are not the best suitable methods to clean your cat, then what are safe alternative ways.

Pet Wipes

Some baby wipes are available in the market that is customized and tailored-made, especially for cats. It is made up of natural ingredients and is fragrant-free.

Below are some examples of customer favorites:

·       Pogi’s Grooming Wipes

It is very gentle on the cat’s skin and is hypoallergenic. It is also true that removing hard stains is no issue it. And you don’t have to be harsh with it.

·      Glandex Pet Wipes for Cleansing

These are one of the most practical and doable wipes one can have as they can be used anywhere. It mostly caters backside of the cat’s body as it is the most sensitive area.

·       Earthbath All-Natural Grooming wipes

If you are someone who prefers organic items, these wipes are for you. It is hypoallergenic and keeps the dirt away.

Damp Washcloth

Another way is just to use a warm and wet damp washcloth to clean the dirt and debris around the cat’s body. Make sure to use a safe cloth.

Cloth and cotton balls

A piece of clean cloth and cotton balls are present in everyone’s home. It is the best thing to use for cleaning the cat’s face and eye part. Many of the time, cats have regular eye discharges which need to be cleaned immediately. Dip in the cotton ball in water before wiping your pet.

Dry shampoo

If your cat is enough dirty, giving them a full bath is essential. But you can also put dry pet shampoo over it. It has an anti-flea formulation. A small amount of product is enough to rub it all over the cat’s body. Even if it will lick its body, nothing would happen.

Giving a bath to your cat

It’s real that cats don’t like being wet that’s why wipes are more preferred. But if it’s much dirty or the vet recommends giving them a bath then go for it. Remember, avoid applying shampoo on your pet’s head.

Final Words

So, an answer to this question are baby wipes safe for cats – it is evident that baby wipes are potentially harmful to cats and should be avoided at any cost. So, for the safe side. It’s recommended to use the pet wipes formulated with the safely prescribed ingredients to avoid any serious consequences.

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