Black Cat with Green Eyes

One unusual color in cats is black that besides being unique, remains one of the most adored colors amongst cat owners. So is the case of the color of eyes that come in a range of marble-like hues. Are you curious about the rarity of black cat’s eyes and wonder if there is black cat have green eyes? The answer is yes, and details to such cats are discussed in the article below:

black cat with green eyes


People who have been cat owners for real long pretty much know that beauty of the cat is in its eyes. The colors and range of it come naturally, making it an ever-gorgeous creature. One such color is the dreamy green color that stands out amongst the cats. The color is the highlight of the cat and stands out in all intensity of light. It brightens up in the daylight and shines up in the night.

However, the point asked frequently is that is it some breed that owns the green color of eyes or is it some natural selection, coming to cat mere out of luck. We have observed some species that are particular with this color. The cat has transferred the green eye color to its progeny. Some of them are Russian Blue and Bombay cats.

  •       Munchkin Cats

One such cat that presents the combination of a black cat with green eyes is the Munchkin. The name comes from the small height and petite figure of the cat, which makes it adorable. The cat grows up to adult maintaining its short legs as it is. If any of you wonder that you never came across one, that is because it is a genetically modifies breed that came to the view in the early 2000s.

black munchkin with green eyes

  •      Russian Cats

Besides the name and what their actual ethnicity is, these cats are lovable creatures. They come in a dark black shade of fur and stand out with their sparkling green eyes. The cat passes on the same color to the following generation. Thus, the adult cat of this breed has an adult cat showcasing the green eyes as a constant.

black russian cat with green eyes

  •       Bombay cats

It is another unique breed of the cat that meets the criteria of up taken discussion. It is essentially a cat that comes in black color and sparkling green eyes. A vast range of gleaming eye colors is seen in this same breed. The Bombay cats glance out with its ever stunning copper or green eyes.

black bombay cat with green eyes

 A rare combination: Black Cat with Green Eyes

A cat with black fur and green eyes makes it look nothing less than a panther. It is pretty much true with the story of the line of generation of the cat. However, people who wish to adopt this very combination should know that this is one rare combination. For instance, the Bombay cat is one of the rarest cat species that is hard to find and comes with a high price. So is the case with the Russian cat.

Sometimes the overall look of the color makes the cat appear cute and their outstanding coat makes them look like a bit of panther. People looking for such cat options should know that this is a rare species and is hard to find with green eyes.

Our discussion will essentially cover the black cat with green eyes that include two breeds. One being Bombay cats and the other being munchkin cats. However, it is essential to cater that black cats as more of a type than one specific breed. However, our discussion will cover this type of cat under two species.

Bombay cat 

This cat with rare black whiskers is a cat of US origin that comes with short hair. The cat is a mix of sable Burmese and black American Shorthair cats. This type of breeding brings out the cat with features of the cat that inclines the Burmese style. Yet the cat turns out to have a skinny, delicate coat of the Black Panther like a coat. Thus, the name comes from the black cats that represent the cats of the Asian group.

The same breed of the cat came forth initially by the breeder named Nikki Horner from Kentucky. It was an inspiration from the Black Panther and failed in the first experimentation tried around 1958 until it was done and registered as one of the black cats till 1970. The International Cat Association notes it as one of the black cats that have some types with green eyes.

Outlook of the cat

This Bombay cat is primarily a breed with short hair and a close association to the Burmese cat. In terms of the appearance of this cat, the cat has a black coat. And this blackish hue is taken down to the sole of the cat. The cat is all black, with the nose all covered in the same shade. In terms of the color of the eyes, the cat showcases to primary colors in the eye. One is more like copper color while the other is mushy green eyes.

The color of the cat is black all across, reaching out to the roots. There is no lightening of the color or paling down at the root level of the hair. However, below this black fur is the sturdy build of the cat. The cat is weighty, with around 7to 14 pounds which make approximately 3.2 to 6.9 kg. However, it is essential to cater that the male cat is usually more substantial and heavier than the lighter female counterpart.

Temperament and health of the cat

Generally, the cat is healthy in terms of the health and temperament of this black cat with green eyes. The cat can live up to a good fifteen to twenty years, like any average healthy cat. The cat needs to be taken good care of some issues that it can have in its life. One such is gingivitis and snuffled noses. The cat requires a good diet but always in the proper proportions. The cat should never be overstuffed with food or unhealthy stuff.

The cat is entirely social and steps out in the community with a brave attitude in terms of behavior. The cat doesn’t like to be left alone and enjoys being in company and playful. This black cat, with green eyes, is close to the family they live with and openly accepts to muddle with the kids. They tend to become brave and independent with increasing age.

Overall the cat is playful, attention-seeking, and heavier than it appears. The cat may require some time and grooming to be maintained well. The cat has a distinct purr that is loud enough to gather your attention, even if it takes a big meow to have it.

black cat with green eyes needs

Munchkin cats

Munchkin cat is yet another type that presents a black cat with green eyes. The cat comes as a fun-loving, affectionate, and energetic pet. It’s not just the rare eye color over black fur that makes it unique but the tiny legs that give it a unique outlook and lovable nature.

This cat is instead a dwarf amongst cats, and that is where the name comes from. It is available in different colors where one unique combination is of a black cat with green eyes. Overall the dwarf cat gets normal in size as it grows into adulthood. They are comparatively a new breed of cats that came in view around 2000.

These short-legged cats are the result of a genetic mix that is a result of mutation. Now they are preferred for the short legs and bred for the same feature making it more adorable. But an essential point of consideration is that having two munchkins coupled together could be a deadly combination. Quite some controversy revolves around it, and one recommendation is to check for ethical approval when breeding the cat.

The appearance of the cat

This black cat with green eyes comes with a unique look. This comparatively petite figured cat is small in size and has legs around 3 inches shorter than an average cat. It weighs around 6-9 pounds with short limbs.

Visually the Munchkin’s come in various colors of coat and styles with long and short hair. The short limbs are under a skin that could be of medium-density with long hair. The shades that it presents can range from light grey to solid black.

black cat with very beautiful green eyes

Temperament of Munchkin

Min terms of behavior, this cat is a friendly cat with a friendly attitude around the family and strangers. It’s is playful with cats and pets. The cat seems to enjoy its stay at the house, having fun with easy to cuddle attitude.

Overall the cat is intelligent, lovable, and enjoys having company. It is inquisitive and enjoys getting over trees and having games.

Living Needs

In terms of the needs of this black cat with green eyes, it settles well in all sorts of domestications. It prefers staying indoors, provides some space for playing around. The cat with tiny legs and a high energy level is fast in activities, especially when playing, thus needing some space.

The cat loves juggling and jumping to some heights. It gets over small, heightened trees and can easily hop up to vouch. One needs to keep an eye, so it does not climb up the curtains and cause some trouble with the outlook of the house.

They muddle well with other animals, with family and guests coming around. The cat does need some attention and mixes well with all easily.

Care of cat

The cat needs grooming like any average cat. But here, the length of the cat’s hair will decide the grooming needs of the cat. The cat should be brushed every week and made free of tangles. Usually, a cat would clean itself, but here the tiny legs could interfere with personal hygiene. But occasional bathing and trimming with cleaning up ears will help the cat tidy and free from infestations.

In terms of activity, the cat does not require human-guided actions. The cat itself is inherently active and keeps running here and there.  Overall, the cat is intelligent enough and socially apt that it gets along well with all, rarely getting itself in trouble with neighboring cats or other pets.

The cat needs a good diet and a meal that meets all nutritional requirements. The food provided should be fresh with water requirements met. The cat needs to visit the vet occasionally to be sure of the health condition.


In terms of the health of the Munchkins, they are usually healthy with a good lifetime of around twelve to fifteen years. It’s, however, with some health issues as encountered with any healthy cats. Some of the problems seen usually revolve around cardiac issues, pancreatitis, and periodic urinary tract infections that are handled well with timely diagnosis and medication.

An essential point of consideration is to feed the cat properly as obesity can be trouble with short legs. Providing them healthy and keeping them active is one thing that is important to cater in the cat’s lifecycle.

black cat with green eyes temperament


Is there any particular class of cats that are black with green eyes? 

Quite a few cats are available that have a typical feature of black color and green eyes. One such is the Bombay cats, which have all-black color from sole, to body including the nose. Yet, when we get into the color of the eye, it is sparkly green.

Is it rare to have a black cat with green eyes?

The eye color and the color of skin are determined by genetics, as in case of human. The same is the case with cats. It follows the genetic makeup. Genes of such cats decide the coat of fur and color of the eye, a rare combination of a black cat with a green eye, but it exists.

How come the black cats shine a lot?

Cat judges can pick out blindfolded black cats because their fur is shiny and sleek with a melanin cover. Scientists have even posited that black cats’ genetic makeup makes them resistant to some common disease mutations.

Is there a standard eye color for black cats?

The black cats come in a sparkly range of colors and make them stand out in masses. Some of the unique color that exists in black cats includes copper, blue and even green.

Some cats may have golden yellow color too that makes the eyeball of the cat shine and appear distinct from a distance.

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