Boarding Facilities For Cats

If you plan to travel or stay away from home for a while. You must be caught up by the idea of your cat being on its own. Well, no more because here is a solution for you. We gladly have whole lots of Boarding Facilities For Cats, promising to take care of the cat when you are away.

Boarding Facilities For Cats

An introduction

Not all jobs make you stay put. Some might take you here and there every once in a while. It is better to have the cat at home under surveillance than to be left all alone. One of the best ways out is having Boarding Facilities For Cats.  They have the right ingredients and environment. The cat will have all the fun temptations to stay there without being homesick.

These are some of the professional and reliable hands that will keep the cat intact till you come back safe. Generally, the cat might love wandering all around. But when it comes to traveling for a trip or a fun day out. They might be grumpy and would rather be given away for a while.

Typical Boarding Facilities For Cats

Some people might have heard of or visited one. While many shall be new to this concept. We tend to cover the required details of what such facilities will be like. What to expect and what they are not. Plus, there is a range of choices to choose from. One can pick and choose as per the convenience and taste of the cat.

Cat Kennels

When talking of Boarding Facilities For Cats, Kennels come as one unique option. They are industrialized capacities available to house both cats and dogs. It comes with workers that know what best is for the feline fellow. The infrastructure also supports the purpose.

They will have metal crates for the cats. The people there are cat lovers and all in for the safety of your pet. That shall allow the cat to have a nice stay. The Kennels are all built to provide security and a safe area for cats to be.

They shall be catered for daily care, food needs, and water supply. The cat has a litter box to defecate and urinate. The prices of such facilities depend on the location and size of the kennel. One normally prefers to join one closer to the house, otherwise, a facility can be chosen for the facilities provided.

Cat Hotels

That is our other option for Boarding Facilities For Cats. It will be a healthier option for cat owners that need to have bigger space for cats. And do not believe in having them caged. Cats here will be staying in the room instead of wired crates.

This hotel thing provides a peaceful and more comfy space for the cat. The cat can have shelves to stay on along with a couple of themes. One you can choose from many. The price here will go higher as the facilities are more sophisticated.

Cat Resorts

This is an expensive yet the most luxurious Boarding Facilities For Cats. They come around as upgraded in all aspects. Be it cat care or the environment it gets to interact with. If one demands some luxurious stay for the feline fellow, then it has to be the choice.

It comes with a 5-star experience. Provision of space, lightning and all the cat might like to have. The cats are provided with fun activities and tools that shall keep them happily engaged. The facility is provided with ramps, hammocks, climbing towers, and scratching posts. It will also have some fun elements of catnip toys, kitty loops, blankets, and upholstered bedding.

Moreover, this can be customized and themed as per the taste of the cat. On top of this, cat parents can stay connected via live screening access to their cat’s activities. All it takes is a little extra money, but quality does come with a price.

What to expect from Boarding Facilities For Cats

The cats staying at the boarding facility should be as enjoyable as your travel. There must be all things that can keep the cat engaged and happy while the parents are away. Luckily the Boarding Facilities For Cats believe that the stay is the pamper time for cats and provides all that can help them get refreshed and excited.

So here is a list of things that Boarding Facilities For Cats shall offer:

Feline Cages and Condos

Cats are famous for loitering and wandering in the land of nowhere. All it takes is a little sneak out and there they go. When housed in a boarding facility, security comes first. The cat needs to be given freedom yet kept safe.

These cages are not captivating or threatening but have the right space for the cat to move, sleep and play around. They are made of plastic or metal with wired doors. The size of the cage is almost three to four feet square with a smooth interior to allow cleansing as needed.

The cages are provided with drinking bowls, food pans, and pots to allow eating and sleeping. This is all made by keeping the comfort of the cat in mind. It can be upscaled by turning it into condos. Here, more than one cat can be boarded but only if the cat allows it. Some cats enjoy the company and here they can have to play around. It helps cats to relieve stress and anxiety when their loving parents are away.

Food Zone

The cat needs to be treated well especially when it is away from home. This is a mandatory part of the stay. The cat gets the standard food as per its age and eating requirements. Many premium cat foods available in the market are chosen for feeding the cat during its stay.

However, if you have special requirements for the cat. If the feline is ill or young enough to be served special food. You can provide the details to the caretaker and the individual requirements will be met.

Playspace aka Playrooms

The fun thing that all the Boarding Facilities For Cats offer is a fun-filled playing zone. Nothing like freedom makes the cat happy. The play rooms here are kept as per the mood of the cat. It has a whole lot of stuff to offer. Including yet not limited to furniture, a range of toys, climbing areas, scratching posts, etc.

It all helps keep the cat active and excited for its stay. Leading to a tight sleep right after it. While they are having some fun, a caretaker is always around to keep an eye on them. Normally it is all free but you never know when a cat gets creative or aggressive to invite some problem.

What is The Cost For Boarding Facilities For Cats

When it comes to the cost of the boarding facilities for cats. It may start from a minimal amount. And rise as much as luxury or customize the stay becomes.

If you are a regular customer some discount coupons might be available. The cost varies from region to region and as per facilities extended. Additional charges might be to ask for multiple cats and stay for multiple days. The same goes for any special grooming requests made.

What should one know before admitting to Boarding: Policies

Simple as the availability of  Boarding Facilities For Cats shall be. Some policies need to be followed by the cat’s parents. It is meant to protect any incoming cat and is generally common for all boarding facilities.

Health Disclosure:

  • Before getting your cat into a boarding facility. You are required to provide the current status of the cat’s health. Facilities are mindful of any communicable condition that a cat might have. They cater it under FIV i.e. feline equivalent of AIDS or any other upper respiratory infections.
  • There are high chances of spreading communicable diseases. Thus, a cat without health clearance may not get entry to the facility. But maybe willing to care for pets with other minor afflictions.
  • However, in other cases, if the cat is having an illness. The dietary and medical needs can be provided separately. The cat will be taken care of accordingly.


  • Before getting the cat boarded. One needs to provide certified or attested vaccination proof. Many of the facilities take seven to thirty days post-vaccination. It confirms the production of antibodies and the establishment of immunity.

Parasite Free:

  • The cat needs to be parasites-free, completely. The only ticket to entering the boarding house is having a clean chit on this.
  • However, some boarding facilities can get you admitted into grooming sessions for a nice stay.


  • The boarding facilities for cats demand you to sign any liability release and provide a working credit card number. It is pertinent to allow you a reservation.

How to Pick the Right Boarding Facility For Your Cat

  • When you need to figure out the right Boarding Facilities For Cats. For this, you need to do a little work in finding different boarding houses in your region.
  • Once you have a list of a few. You can pin it down to one by checking in the given pointers. Or the one that attracts you the most.
  • You can start by referring to other cat parents for their list of boarding houses.
  • Local phone directories or maps can be used to pinpoint the nearest one. Randomly walk into the nearest facility.
  • A tip here would be to do it in the middle of the day when they are in the middle of work. Morning generally turns out clean when they are just about to start the day.
  • Utilize this visit to inspect the facility.
  • Look for the area, hygiene, and services available
  • One of the points of interest shall be the availability of a vet at the facility. Need for one can arise anytime.
  • Do not shy away from inquiring. Ask all questions that pop into your mind.
  • Some of them could be about the feed given to the cat. The litter changes routine and how they work in case of cat sickness.

Below are some tools that will make you make the best out of the boarding facility chosen. Get a toy that your cat likes. It will help it fight down anxiety and have a sense of belonging.

  • Remember, the environment needs to be explicitly calm. Cats like peace around them.
  • Be Satisfied with Your Choice of the boarding facility.
  • Let the caretaker of the facility know all details of the cat. Including its choice of mingling with fellow cats. It might help them keep them in isolation or group.
  • Boarding might induce stress levels in cats. Choosing the right boarding kennel is imperative to ensure that you can enjoy your trip and not have to worry about your pets.


Q: How do we choose a good boarding facility?

The facility that has a calm and neat environment with a vet on the premises is a big yes. All other points like facilities available and nursing people will be an add-on. The policies should be clear with good market repute.

Q: Do I need a pre-visit to the boarding facility?

It shall be a wise thing to be done. Having a grasp of the environment ensures there is no triggering point at the facility. You can make a special request or switch to the one you like most with details in hand.

Q: What are the vaccine requirements of the boarding facility?

A complete vaccination record shall be available. It should include shots against calicivirus, herpes virus, rabies, and panleukopenia. It is also required for cats to be seventy thirty days pre-treated to ensure antibody development.

Q: What to do if my pet has special needs?

You can mention all the needs separately on the admission form. If it’s related to diet, you can specify. Or if it’s a medical need, check the availability of a vet on the premises. You can also provide prescriptions and medicines with special instructions.

Q: How will the boarding facility deal if a cat gets sick?

They have all the cat’s records and history that shall be required. Plus, the facility has a vet that can take care of any rising issue. Even in case of injury, a registered vet is there to offer help.

Q: Will my cat have fun at the boarding house?

The boarding facilities have a lot of activities and tools planned and installed for cats. They allow them to have play time, feed properly, and allow sleeping time. This helps cats to have a good time.

The ones that like to socialize are allowed to mingle with other fellows. They may or may not be allowed out of the cage as per the cat’s behavior and situation.

Q: Does boarding effects cats in any way?

Yes, it does. Like any person, a cat may feel homesick. It can make the cat go anxious, angry, or sad for that matter. Change in diet or being handled by new people can be a few add-ons. A good boarding facility can well attend to all these points. It will provide them with a feeling of home.

Q: How can anxiety be reduced in cats?

You can admit the cat before leaving and make some visits. In the meanwhile, the cat will acclimatize to the environment. It will be less stressful after this. Providing its favorite toy can also help. You can make diet instructions to not have drastic changes in that. Food changes can affect the cat of mood.

Q: What to do if I have more than one cat?

Being an owner of more than one cat turns out in your favor. It helps nursing facilities to put them all in the same boarding facility. It will provide them with a feeling of home. The cats will be less anxious with other cats around them.

Q: What should one expect of a cat after returning from boarding?

Generally, cats are excited about seeing their parents back. Yet some might show some levels of stress. Cats will present this by a lot of meowing or losing appetite for a while. As this takes some time to get back to normal. You should keep loving them. Only in extreme cases, refer to vet.

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