Are Whiskas Temptation Safe For Cats?

 If you are a cat parent then you are probably aware of the importance of feeding the right food to your cat. Just like humans get sick after eating the wrong food, certain foods can make cats unwell too. Today, we shall talk about whether it’s safe to feed Whiskas to the cats. Is Whiskas Temptation Safe for cats? Let’s move on and find it out.

are whiskaz temptation safe for cats

What is Whiskas?

Let us begin understanding the Whiskas in the first place. Many of us might be new cat parents still wondering what exactly it is. They are one of the oldest food brands that many of us know. It is old enough with its introduction seen somewhere in the year 1936.

They present a couple of cat food items in the store. Many cat parents hear it out from other cat parents. Mostly having it as one of the prepared cat feeds. We can not put it out front as a threat yet we might have our concerns. Today the details below will unveil some.

Is Whiskas a good cat food

If you look for a true answer, it is not something that comes out as a healthy option for cats. The problem primarily lies within the making or ingredients of the product. It comes with an amalgam of add-ons like corn, grains, soy, cereals, meat by-products, artificial flavors, and preservatives.

What does Whiskas Cat Food contain?

Whiskas has a lot to offer when it comes to cat food. We have tried to pen down some of its labeled ingredients. Some of the common ingredients we can see include the following:

Meat by-products: Ground yellow corn, Bone meal, Chicken, Natural flavors, Pork meat, Vitamins, Corn gluten, Soybean meal, Animal fat with preservatives, Proteins, Wheat, Minerals, Taurine, Various sugars, Folic Acid, and more. The Whiskas temptations cover a whole range of stuff like cereals, vegetable derivatives, vegetable protein extract, fats and oils, animal and meat derivatives, etc.

Additionally, it is pertinent to mention that there is a little more to it. The food is commercial cat food and thus contains colorant and preservatives as an essential part of the pack. Without getting into details of the food items. We can blindly state that these last two will be quite a question mark. Even if you plan to question Are Whiskas Temptation Safe for cats? You will still be skeptical of these additives.

What makes cats like Whiskas?

It is for sure a popular brand. Whiskas cat food is widely available. And it is popular amongst the user probably because the cat gobbles down without a frown. Yet what we can not ignore are its health effects.

It is known for having some low-quality ingredients. One would never like one, let alone a pack full of these. Whilst some cats might not be able to digest the non-meat ingredients. Many might react and present hypersensitivity complaints with its use. So not quite a cat choice or let’s say not the right choice.

Problem with the Whiskas

Technically speaking the ingredients have quite some things that should not be given to cats. They tend to start allergic reactions. Or even entice the GI issue. Cats by nature, come out as carnivores and should be feeding on meat. However, the cats living in shelters are fed differently and have different tolerance and acceptance toward food.

The digestive system is, however, made to digest and assimilate meat products. We might be feeding them differently, yet the mix of ingredients brings in a threat to the GI system of felines. The preservatives, on the other hand, are generally troubling. Additionally, salt can also be bad for cats’ health.

In addition to this, the cats might show an allergic reaction to it. The flavor comes with a particular additive that can entice one. A few of the contents could include gluten, wheat additives, grains, and corn.

So the question: Are Whiskas Temptation Safe for cats? Turns into what are you feeding the cat? Is it a grain-filled cereal or a pack of gluten? With so much into it while the cat is a carnivore.

Moreover, feeding the cat with the packed items is just like giving it outdoor food. Maybe feeding oneself with fast food that besides taste has nothing to offer. And comes with an ill effect on the health. Therefore, the question is that why would you be feeding whole grain cereals, corn, gluten, and grounded wheat to your cat when its primary diet is meat?

The Whiskas temptations are catered to junk food by some experts. It might attract the cat but one should be switching to or choosing a healthy option instead. Or something with better ingredients. Sometimes, one might think of treating the cat especially when the temptations are shooting. Here, we would recommend just a bit of it.

So when you ask  Are Whiskas Temptation Safe for cats? The question is legit as it offers some temptations to the cat. The flavor and smell are quite an attraction to the cat. But having it fed would not be the right thing.

Let us break it into some of the individual products of Whiskas and see if any of them is any different. Generally, the preservative or soy and gluten may be a no. Yet we need to break it item-wise to be more rational in our answer.

Are Whiskas Dry food good for felines?

It is one of the widely available items on the shelf. If one tries getting one of the cat food. This is not the choice to be made. A far from quality, low-priced item. The food has no good to offer. It is not something that might bring good to cats.

The cat is more of a meat animal with a natural system to process it. Here the ingredients are far from their natural capacity to process. A lot of whole grain items, cereal, grounded wheat, corn, gluten, and soy. The added artificial flavors and preservatives will bring no benefit to the feline. However, a stomach upset post-consumption is quite a possibility.

What about the Whiskas wet food?

The younger feline needs a wet food supply yet, this is not taken as a good food choice. When it comes to the wet food supply. Whiskas bring out low quality with third-grade ingredients. It is also understandable with the little prince it comes with.

Plus, by having a peek at the ingredient. One will find soy, corn, and wheat as a major part of it. So here Are Whiskas Temptation Safe For Cats? Will male a big-time no for the feline fellow.

Can we feed Whiskas perfect portions to cats?

The answer would tilt to yes here. One can have a bit of it fed to the cat but with a word of caution. The portion size needs to be itsy bitsy as it offers no good to cats in general. A good balance of healthy diet along with this is highly referred to here. Losing sight of it will only bring trouble to the cat’s health.

What about the Whiskas cat milk?

In this case, we have switched the item kind here. The ingredients it offers are entirely different here. It is milk and might be good for cats in the right amount. Sometimes one might prefer it over regular milk. The reason here is a medical condition. This enables the cat to break down lactose. The cats fail to process milk.

Generally, it causes GI issues in cats. Leading to diarrhea and vomiting with never-ending episodes. So in scenarios where the cat refuses to take in. Or when the system would not let it stay. The Whiskas milk shall help suffice the dietary need for calcium and minerals.

It comes with almost more than 90% lactose cut down. So if you think Are Whiskas Temptation Safe for cats? In this case, it might be helpful. Yet it is pertinent to say that keep it in reasonable amounts. Try giving a small portion as needed.

Does Whiskas make an exception for the Persian cats?

As strange as this might appear, the answer is yes. Here it might bring in a little good. The reason lies in the fact that the Persian cat needs some ingredients. Which comes a handful of Whiskas. The Food contains glucosamine which is very mandatory for Persian cats.

It also relates to the fact that these cats have a threat in old age. The gray Persian cats are more prone to a condition that we may call hip dysplasia. This medical condition mandates the input of Glucosamine in the cat diet. So here is a yes to Are Whiskas Temptation Safe for cats? For Persian cats, they help save cats from developing medical conditions.

What good does Whiskas bring to diabetic cats?

Diabetes is quite an issue with cats, they are more sensitive to insulin resistance. And this can aggravate other health complications if not dealt with on time. In this case, or any health issue for that matter. One needs to be more careful of the food ingredient.

Particularly, if you go for a commercial product.

A lot of sugar and carbohydrate is an immediate threat. Generally, the wet food of Whiskas has a lot of it. It might make an exception in one or two cases. Here it would be a big-time no.

Normally they come with printed terms on the backpack of the packet. One should double-check and see for oneself. So one can go for the grounded Whiskas. They are the ones that shall have rice, tuna, lamb, and chicken, which works well for diabetic cats.

Why do cats have Whiskas temptations

To explain why Whiskas is such a temptation. We have a list of additional ingredients to bring some help. It includes colorants, salts, and flavoring agents. They all add up to make the temptations. This all makes Whiskas appear more tasty, delicious, and addictive for cats.

However, health problems can also arise due to eating these Whiska’s temptations. It’s equivalent to eating junk food. Moreover, there are certain ingredients in Whiskas that are not even a part of the diet of your cat such as vegetable extracts and derivatives, corn, wheat, cereals, etc. Cats are class of organism called carnivores. As carnivores they are meat eaters and don’t need these things in their diet.

H2: What is a safe amount of Whiskas to feed my cat?

The Whiskas is not something that one should recommend yet the age shall decide the amount to be taken in. For the younger feline under twelve months. They should be getting fed by their mother until the fourth month. However late, one pouch will suffice the need for one time. Here, a cat needs to be fed three to four times a day in such an age span.

Do not feed Whiskas to a cat under 6 months of age. Similarly, the quantity can be increased for senior cats. Cats are fed as per their body weight. The pack is labeled for age and food amount to be given on commercial products.

H2: Customer view of Are Whiskas Temptation Safe for cats?

Many customers have failed to give an opinion of it and straight away refuse to respond. Some have found it ok with the price it comes in. And since some formulas are ok to be taken, this might work.

Yet many have been up straight for coming up with adverse effects. The allergic issue and GI Disturbance in this case. Generally, they prefer not to use it because of mixed quality ingredients and compromised quality.

Sometimes, learning from customer experience. Or an experienced cat owner gives clear insight. Here, it turns out that Whiskas is not to be trusted in large proportions. One or two exceptions and rare intake might be forgiven though.

H2: Conclusion:

The Whiskas food comes with quite a confusion, let alone the question Are Whiskas Temptation Safe for cats? Some of the packet formulas are ok to be taken. Many others are a complete no. Some range of products come across with fair and even reasonable amounts of meat additives. This is what the cat needs and can consume. The cat is a carnivore. Nature allows it to digest and process it.

However, many Whiskas formulas lack it completely. They come with soy, wheat, and cereals. The problem becomes greater as it contains salt, artificial flavor, and color. It makes it a no for cat consumption as a meal. The problem is the company churns out a range of products. To mention a few we have Whiskas Trays, the Whiskas Dry, Whiskas Pouch, and Snacks.

It makes it quite dubious with a mixed rating. Almost giving different meal types under their name makes it quite an exception and trouble to process. Some of the Whiskers come with good vitamin and mineral counts. Mainly, the one for Persian cats and the milk Whiskas. But again with this image in the market, one needs to cross-check.



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