Friskies Dry Cat Food Making Cats Sick

Friskies has been one of the longest surviving budget cat foods in the market. If we talk specifically about its dry food form, it is known to be many cats’ favorite. So much that they would refuse to try out another dry food if it was not Friskies. When this happens, it is not usually seen as a very good sign. Recently there has been news that Friskies dry cat food is making many cats sick.

A matter to be taken very seriously, in this article we will be discussing the possible reasons Friskies Dry Cat food could make your cat sick, and what you can do about it.

Friskies Dry Cat Food Making Cats Sick

Why is Friskies dry cat food making your cat sick?

There are many reasons why you would assume that specific cat food is not good for your cat’s health.

Not every Friskies dry cat food has the same reaction in cats but certain flavors are advised to be avoided altogether.

One such flavor is the Tender and Crunchy Friskies Dry Food combo. This cat food has multiple reviews from cat owners that say it has made their cats sick.

With ingredients like meat by-products and smells that make it seem like it has gone bad, surely you would not want to feed it to your cat.

The tender and crunchy part of the meal is rather unfresh and makes cats vomit, which in turn makes them weaker.

The quality of ingredients used in the Friskies dry food diet seems to be low, and this goes for all types of their food.

Of course, the quality is according to the price point, but many reviewers say that this caused a negative impact on their cat’s health, but seemed to do well with feral cats.

These were some of the main reasons Friskies dry food is not deemed the best choice for adult cats.

Now let’s look at the list of cat foods you should not feed your cat as they may make it sick.

Friskies dry cat foods that can make your cat sick

Before we get into this part of the article, we want to say that every cat is different.

Dry cat food that suits another cat may not suit yours, which is why it is very important that no matter what food you feed your cat, you get a vet’s recommendation first.

There may only be certain ingredients that may be making your cat sick, but it can be difficult to decipher what it is.

That’s where your vet comes in.

Now, let’s look at some of the non-preferable options for Friskies dry food.

Friskies Surfin and Turfin dry food

Friskies Surfin and Turfin dry cat food is a common variation in the dry food category. It is supposed to have salmon pieces in it to make it healthy for your cat.

Besides the salmon, however, there are a number of questionable ingredients present.

These ingredients are very similar to what you would find in other types of Friskies food. They are meat by-products, soybean meal, and abnormal amounts of corn.

It also contains some artificial colors and additives that your cat is better off without.

With a lower amount of protein and more carbs, this dry cat food is not very filling or good for an adult cat’s meal.

Because of this imbalanced portion, many cats are not able to stomach the ingredients and combinations and end up sick.

This food has caused many cats to vomit and have diarrhea. It has also led to kidney and liver problems. Hence, if you have a choice, it is best that you avoid it.

We will suggest alternatives to Friskies dry cat food below, so keep reading.

Friskies Seafood Sensations Dry food

Friskies seafood sensations dry cat food is a well-known version of Friskies dry cat food in the seafood category. It has a ton of positive reviews on various cat food providers, but that does not mean it is perfect.

This cat food also has a reputation for making cats very sick. As if it being addictive was not a big problem, there is widespread use of gluten and corn.

Additives and colors made artificially are also used quite a bit, and even though the nutritional part is better than other cat foods at the same price, this ruins it.

There is some quantity of shrimp and tuna in the food, so that’s one good thing.

On the other hand, the addition of fish by-products and cornmeal along with soybean makes this food a low quality option.

Ingredients like these make cats feel nauseated and sick, allowing them to throw up.

Sometimes the food itself clumps up together and starts smelling bad. In such cases if you feed your cat, it can cause gut problems.

Friskies Gravy Swirlers Adult dry food

Gravy Swirlers Adult Dry Cat food is not usually the most common option for dry food, but it is a notable mention.

First, a small breakdown of the contents of this cat food. Gravy swirlers have a good portion of meat and bone meal, which is good for your adult cat.

This makes sure there is a good source of protein in the food but the amount of fats and carbs is a bit low.

Along with this, there are a bunch of not-so-good ingredients for your cat that may deter you from feeding it to your cat.

The first ingredient (that seems to be common in every friskies meal) is gluten cornmeal. Since it is not an animal derived ingredient, it is harmful for your cat. Not to mention it is present in excess quantities.

Chicken by-products and beef tallow are also added to the meal. Now, we said that animal-based products are important, but by-products are the inedible parts of the chicken, which is not good for your kitty.

Lastly, wheat flour. It can make your cat sick if ingested in huge quantities. This is mostly grain wheat, so it does not contain protein.

Alternatives to Friskies dry cat food

Now that we have an overview of the friskies dry cat foods that make cats sick, you know of the base ingredients to avoid in all types of cat food.

For our solution, we have suggested a couple of alternative foods you can feed your cat instead of friskies dry cat food.

Take a look.

Purina Pro Plan Dry cat food variations

Purina Friskies may not be the best, but that does not mean that their other variations can be completely ruled out.

A good example of good dry food within the same brand is Purina’s Pro Plan dry cat food. It is a bit towards the more expensive side, but if you can afford it, definitely go for it.

If we talk about one specific Pro Plan cat food, there is a variation called the Chicken and Rice dry cat food.

With chicken as the main protein, this cat food has a good amount of fats and good quality rice present in it.

Rice is not usually deemed as the best for cats, but they use brewers rice, which is a good ingredient.

There are colors and some additives too, but not harmful in a way to make your cat sick.

Hence, this is one of the good foods out there.

Friskies Pate Wet food varieties

Talking about Friskies, the dry food may not be the best, but the wet foods have not reported many such incidents of cats getting sick.

There are many types of wet cat foods that are available in the wet or gravy form.

Some good ones are, Turkey and giblets dinner and the Salmon and turkey mix. These contain a good amount of moisture as it is a wet diet along with high protein content.

Fat amounts are sufficient as well, and even though there are some issues with different flavors in wet food too, it is less likely to make your cat sick. (if you’ve done proper research)

If dry food is making your cat sick, you always give wet food a try. Who knows, your cat might like it more!

Iams Proactive health adult dry cat food

This dry cat food is a low-calorie diet for adult cats. It helps the cat’s hair clump up and save hairballs from forming and choking.

Some good ingredients this cat food contains are omega 3 fatty acids, fiber content, and good proportions of protein and carbs.

It does have some harmful ingredients in it like chicken by products, but they are in lesser content and balance out with other ingredients.

Hence, the chances of your cat getting sick are quite low if you have consulted with your vet beforehand.


In conclusion, why is friskies dry cat food making cats sick?

There are a number of reasons why this is happening. The quality of the Friskies cat food is not very great, so depending on the flavor of food you feed it, things can differ.

Some foods we generally recommend you to avoid are The Surfin and Turfin meal, Seafood sensations, and the gravy Swirlers meal.

These are known to have some questionable ingredients in them that may cause your cat to get sick.

We can suggest some alternatives, but keep in mind that this is not vet certified. In order to make sure that the food you feed your cat will suit it, make sure you talk to a vet.

Alternative options are Pro Plan version of Purina dry cat food, Friskies wet pate foods like turkey and giblets, and Iams Proactive health is also a good option.

Finally, if your cat is currently eating this meal and you feel that Friskies dry cat food is making it sick, make sure you contact a vet immediately.

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