Cat Canned and Pouched Food Calorie Count

Food NameCalories
Advanced Pet Diets-Select Choice All Natural~ 5.5oz cans
Chicken Formula192
Chicken, Ocean Fish & Turkey Formula192
Ocean Fish Formula176
Turkey Formula200
Turkey, Ocean Fish & Chicken Lite146
Alpo ~ 5.5oz cans
Sliced w/ Beef & Gravy139
Sliced Chicken in Gravy Dinner174
Sliced Turkey in Gravy Dinner139
Beef & Liver Dinner165
Captain’s Table169
With Chicken & Rice180
Flounder, Cod & Sole Dinner172
Liver & Chicken Dinner171
Ocean Whitefish Dinner166
Poultry Dinner167
Robust Stew168
With Salmon & Shrimp173
Savory Grill172
With Tuna & Chicken171
With Tuna & Rice171
Turkey & Bacon Dinner171
Turkey & Giblets Dinner169
Whitefish & Tuna Dinner171
Flaked w/ Tuna in Sauce153
Authority~ 5.5oz cans
Turkey & Giblets186
Ocean Fish186
Blue Healthy Gourmet ~ 3oz cans
Flaked Chicken Entrée90
Flaked Salmon Entrée87
Flaked Tuna Entrée82
Flaked Turkey Entrée88
Blue Spa Select
Savory Salmon Entrée w/ Lentils &
3oz ~ 100
5.5oz ~ 191
Tender Turkey & Chicken Entrée
w/ Garden Vegetables
3oz ~ 90
5.5oz ~ 181
Tempting Tuna Grill Entrée3oz ~ 86
5.5oz ~ 153
Savory Seafood Stew w/ Garden
5.5oz ~ 190
Braised Beef & Liver Entrée w/
Garden Vegetables
5.5oz ~ 183
Blue Wilderness ~ 3oz cans
Chicken Entrée132
Turkey Entrée132
Dick Van Patten Nature’s Formulas~ 6oz cans
Chicken & Liver Paté156
Ocean Fish156
Tuna with Shrimp156
Turkey & Giblets156
Indoor Cat Formula156
Limited Ingredient Diet – Duck & Green Pea156
Limited Ingredient Diet – Venison & Green Pea156
EVO ~ calories per oz
Cat & Kitten36
95% Beef38
95% Chicken & Turkey38
95% Duck39
95% Venison43
Fancy Feast~ 3oz cans
Chunky Chicken Feast93
Chunky Turkey Feast96
Chunky Chopped Grilled Feast92
Flaked Chicken & Tuna Feast98
Flaked Fish & Shrimp Feast89
Flaked Ocean Fish Feast87
Flaked Salmon & Ocean Whitefish Feast97
Flaked Trout Feast99
Flaked Tuna Feast94
Flaked Tuna & Mackerel Feast96
Grilled Beef Feast in Gravy75
Grilled Chicken Feast in Gravy74
Grilled Chicken & Beef Feast in Gravy77
Grilled Liver & Chicken Feast in Gravy77
Grilled Tender Beef & Liver Feast in Gravy78
Grilled Tuna Feast in Gravy71
Grilled Turkey Feast in Gravy75
Grilled Ocean Whitefish & Tuna Feast in Gravy73
Grilled Salmon Feast in Gravy68
Grilled Salmon & Shrimp Feast in Gravy75
Grilled Seafood Feast in Gravy73
Grilled Tuna Feast in Gravy71
Grilled Turkey Feast in Gravy75
Chopped Grill Feast94
Cod, Sole, & Shrimp Feast85
Gourmet Chicken Feast94
Gourmet Salmon & Shrimp Feast92
Gourmet Seafood Feast85
Ocean Whitefish & Tuna Feast85
Savory Salmon Feast85
Tender Beef Feast94
Tender Beef & Chicken Feast94
Tender Beef & Liver Feast102
Tender Liver & Chicken Feast94
Turkey & Giblets Feast102
Marinated Morsels Beef Feast in Gravy82
Marinated Morsels Chicken Feast in Gravy78
Marinated Morsels Salmon Feast in Gravy80
Marinated Morsels Tuna Feast in Gravy84
Marinated Morsels Turkey Feast in Gravy84
Minced Turkey Feast in Sauce79
Minced Beef Feast in Sauce76
Roasted Beef Feast80
Roasted Chicken Feast73
Roasted Turkey Feast72
Sliced Beef Feast in Gravy76
Sliced Beef & Giblets Feast in Gravy75
Sliced Chicken Feast in Gravy84
Sliced Chicken Hearts & Liver Feast in Gravy79
Sliced Ocean Fish Feast in Gravy78
Sliced Salmon & Chicken Feast in Gravy76
Sliced Turkey Feast in Gravy79
Sliced Turkey & Giblets Feast in Gravy79
Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys~ 3oz cans
Turkey Florentine in a Delicate Sauce
w/ Garden Greens
White Meat Chicken Florentine in a Delicate Sauce
w/ Garden Greens
Wild Salmon Florentine in a Delicate Sauce
w/ Garden Greens
Yellowfin Tuna Florentine in a Delicate Sauce
w/ Garden Greens
Shredded Turkey Fare in a Savory Broth
w/ Garden Greens
Shredded White Meat Chicken Fare in a Savory
Broth w/ Garden Greens
Shredded Wild Salmon Fare in a Savory Broth
w/ Garden Greens
Shredded Yellowfin Tuna Fare in a Savory Broth
w/ Garden Greens
Seafood & Whipped Egg Soufflé
w/ Pacific Shrimp & Garden Greens
Tender Turkey & Cheddar Cheese Soufflé
w/ Garden Greens
White Meat Chicken & Cheddar Cheese Soufflé
w/ Garden Greens
White Meat Chicken & Whipped Egg Soufflé
w/ Garden Greens
Wild Salmon & Whipped Egg Soufflé
w/ Garden Greens
Cat & Kitten Formula5.5oz ~ 188
13oz ~ 442
Chicken & Rice5.5oz ~ 188
13oz ~ 442
Platinum (senior & overweight)5.5oz ~ 172
13oz ~ 404
Friskies Kitten~ 3oz cans
Mixed Grill Formula99
Ocean Whitefish Formula150
Turkey Formula172
Friskies~ 5.5oz cans
Carved w/ Beef in Gravy139
Carved Chicken & Tuna Dinner in Sauce149
Flaked w/ Tuna in Sauce172
Flaked w/ Tuna & Egg in Sauce171
Prime Filets w/ Beef in Gravy171
Prime Filets w/ Chicken in Gravy137
Prime Filets Chicken & Tuna Dinner in Gravy139
Prime Filets w/ Ocean Whitefish & Tuna in Sauce137
Prime Filets w/ Salmon & Beef in Sauce144
Prime Filets Turkey Dinner in Gravy143
Shredded Chicken & Salmon Dinner in Gravy130
Shredded Turkey & Cheese Dinner in Gravy133
Shredded w/ Beef in Gravy136
Shredded w/ Chicken in Gravy132
Shredded w/ Salmon in Sauce132
Shredded w/ Ocean Whitefish & Tuna in Sauce132
Sliced w/ Beef in Gravy151
Sliced Chicken Dinner in Gravy156
Sliced Gourmet Grill152
Tender Cuts Chicken & Salmon Dinner in Gravy145
Tender Cuts w/ Ocean Whitefish in Sauce137
Tender Cuts Turkey & Liver Dinner in Gravy138
Supreme Supper156
Classic Seafood Entrée172
Country Style Dinner187
Poultry Platter187
Liver & Chicken Dinner172
Mariner’s Catch156
Mixed Grill172
Ocean Whitefish & Tuna Dinner172
Chicken & Tuna187
Salmon Dinner187
Sea Captain’s Choice172
Turkey & Giblets Dinner187
Friskies Senior 7+ years ~ 5.5oz cans
Pacific Salmon Dinner in Sauce156
Savory Beef Dinner in Gravy147
Turkey & Giblets Dinner in Gravy154
Sliced w/ Lamb & Rice in Gravy135
Ocean Whitefish & Rice Dinner in Sauce145
Tender Cuts Chicken & Tuna Dinner in Gravy136
Friskies Special Diet~ 5.5oz cans
Beef & Chicken Entrée183
Beef & Liver Entrée181
Turkey & Giblets Dinner175
Ocean Whitefish Dinner184
With Salmon177
Sliced Chicken in Gravy146
Friskies Pouches~ 3oz poucfies
Fine Cuts w/ Real Chicken – w/ Chicken & Gravy81
Fine Cuts w/ Real Fish – w/ Ocean Whitefish &
Tuna in Sauce
Fine Cuts w/ Tuna in Sauce82
Seared Filets w/ Beef & Chicken82
Seared Filets w/ Salmon83
Seared Filets w/ Turkey & Giblets82
Hill’s Prescription Diet~ 5.5oz cans
a/d Canine/Feline180
c/d MultiCare w/ Chicken163
c/d MultiCare w/ Seafood147
d/d Duck Formula189
d/d Rabbit Formula174
d/d Venison Formula197
k/d w/ Chicken183
r/d w/ Liver & Chicken114
w/d w/ Chicken127
Iams Premium Pate
Gourmet Chicken – KITTEN3oz - 112
Tender Beef3oz – 96
5.5oz – 176
Gourmet Chicken3oz – 94
5.5oz - 172
Wholesome Lamb & Rice3oz - 99
5.5oz - 182
Select Oceanfish3oz - 98
5.5oz - 180
Country Style Turkey & Giblets3oz - 106
5.5oz - 194
Succulent Seafood Sampler3oz - 93
Tender Chicken & Liver3oz - 94
Pacific Salmon3oz - 99
5.5oz - 181
Iams Carved Filets
Savory Chicken in Gravy3oz - 85
5.5oz - 156
Skipjack Tuna in Sauce3oz - 86
5.5oz - 159
Succulent Salmon in Sauce3oz - 89
5.5oz - 163
Iams Veterinary Formulas ~ 6oz cans
Skin & Coat - Response LB185
Intestinal - Low Residue169
Weight Loss - Restricted Calorie172
Urinary S - Low pH/S191
Urinary O – Moderate pH/O189
Renal – Multi-Stage Renal199
Maximum-Calorie – Canine & Feline333
Innova~ calories per oz
Cat & Kitten36
Lower Fat28
Innova Flex~ calories per oz
Kitten – Chicken & Brown Rice Stew30
Beef & Barley Stew31
Chicken & Brown Rice Stew29
Senior – Chicken & Brown Rice Stew29
Meow Mix Market Select Cups
Real Chicken & Whole Shrimp in Sauce69
Real Salmon & Crab Meat in Sauce58
Tuna & Whole Shrimp in Sauce63
Ocean Whitefish & Tuna in Gravy60
Salmon & Ocean Fish in Gravy60
Tuna & Salmon in Gravy65
Real Chicken & Liver in Gravy58
Real Beef in Gravy63
Real Turkey & Giblets in Gravy61
Tuna & Crab in Gravy62
Meow Mix ~ poucfies
Hook, Line, & Sinker64
Upstream Dream56
What’s the Catch58
Fillet Meow59
Deep Sea Delight64
Maine Attraction68
On a Wing and a Prawn56
Surf ‘n Turf66
Merrick~ 5.5oz cans
Cowboy Cookout154
Grammy’s Pot Pie159
New England Boil133
California Roll182
Ocean Breeze122
Southern Delight157
Surf N Turf157
Thanksgiving Day Dinner170
9Lives ~ 5.5oz cans
Chicken & Beef Dinner162
Chicken & Cheese Banquet147
Flaked Tuna in Sauce147
Flaked Tuna w/ Cheese Bits140
Flaked Tuna w/ Egg Bits140
Ground Chicken & Seafood Dinner154
Ground Chicken & Tuna Dinner161
Ground Chicken Dinner159
Ground Liver & Bacon Dinner176
Ground Seafood Platter161
Ground Super Supper159
Ground Turkey & Giblet Dinner156
Ground Turkey Dinner154
Ocean Whitefish & Tuna Dinner145
Ocean Whitefish Dinner145
Prime Entrée w/ Real Salmon159
Prime Entrée w/ Tuna & Shrimp167
Prime Grill w/ Beef159
Prime Grill w/ Chicken, Lamb & Rice Dinner158
Shredded w/ Real Chicken & Beef119
Shredded w/ Real Chicken in Gravy122
Shredded w/ Real Turkey in Gravy117
Tender Carvings w/ Real Chicken & Salmon in
Tender Carvings w/ Real Oceanfish & Tuna in
Tender Carvings w/ Real Salmon & Crab in Gravy119
Tender Diced w/ Real Chicken & Beef in Gravy119
Tender Nibbles w/ Real Chicken & Liver in Gravy157
Tender Slices w/ Real Beef in Gravy115
Tender Slices w/ Real Chicken122
Tender Slices w/ Real Veal in Gravy115
Nutro MAX Cat Gourmet Classics – Kitten ~ 3oz cans (unless otfierwise noted)
Chicken & Liver Formula95
Chicken & Oceanfish Formula ~ 3oz95
~ 5oz174
Turkey & Giblets Formula99
Nutro MAX Cat Gourmet Classics – Adult ~ 3oz cans (unless otfierwise noted)
Alaskan Halibut & Rice Entrée90
Beef & Egg Skillet91
Beef Ragoût85
California Chicken Supreme88
Chicken Cacciatore87
Chicken & Lamb Formula ~ 3oz169
~ 5oz385
Chicken & Liver Formula ~ 5oz169
Lamb & Turkey Cutlets90
Oceanfish (5oz)169
Orleans Shrimp Jambalaya88
Salmon & Whitefish Entrée86
Savory Hunters Stew w/ Duck90
Savory Hunters Stew w/ Venison90
Seafood & Tomato Bisque84
Turkey & Chicken Liver Sauté90
Turkey & Giblets ~ 5oz169
Veal Pâté105
Nutro MAX Cat Gourmet Classics – Adult – Hairball Management ~ 5oz cans
Chicken & Rice Formula175
Oceanfish & Rice Formula165
Nutro MAX Cat Gourmet Classics – Adult – Lite ~ 5oz cans
Chicken & Lamb140
Chicken & Oceanfish141
Turkey & Chicken143
Nutro MAX Cat Gourmet Classics – Senior7+ years ~ 5oz cans
Chicken & Lamb Formula169
Platinum (senior & overweight) ~ 5.5oz172
Nutro MAX Cat Gourmet Classics – Kitten ~ poucfies
Chicken & Tomato Dinner77
Nutro MAX Cat Gourmet Classics – Adult ~ poucfies
Beef & Brown Rice Platter75
California Tuna Supreme Dinner75
Chicken & Brown Rice Entrée75
Salmon Entrée75
Nutro MAX Cat Gourmet Classics – Senior 7+ years ~ poucfies
Whitefish & Crab Platter73
Nutro Natural Choice Complete Care – Indoor ~ 5oz cans
Oceanfish & Rice Formula160
Chicken & Rice Formula167
Senior – Chicken & Lamb Formula169
Nutro Natural Choice Complete Care – Kitten ~ 3oz cans
Chicken & Lamb Formula105
Tuna & Chicken Formula99
Beef & Chicken Formula100
Nutro Natural Choice Complete Care – Adult ~ 5oz cans (unless otfierwise noted)
Chicken & Liver Entrée ~ 5oz167
~ 12.5oz380
Salmon & Shrimp Chowder179
Chicken Casserole170
Chicken & Lamb Stew167
Chicken & Turkey Platter177
Nutro Natural Choice Complete Care – Indoor ~ poucfies
Chicken & Giblets76
Turkey & Liver74
Oceanfish & Shrimp75
Whitefish & Tuna74
Nutro Natural Choice Complete Care - Kitten ~ poucfies
Chicken & Liver Chunks in Gravy83
Oceanfish & Tuna Formula Chunks in Sauce83
Salmon & Oceanfish Formula Chunks in Sauce83
Nutro Natural Choice Complete Care – Adult ~ poucfies
Chicken & Liver Chunks in Gravy89
Turkey & Giblets Chunks in Gravy87
Salmon & Oceanfish Chunks in Sauce85
Oceanfish & Tuna Chunks in Sauce85
Weight Management – Chicken & Liver
Chunks in Gravy
Nutro Natural Choice Complete Care – Senior 7+ years ~ poucfies
Chicken & Turkey Chunks in Gravy83
Royal Canin Veterinary
Calorie Control CC3oz pouch – 66
5.8oz can – 130
Control Formula6oz can – 229
14oz can – 534
Development Formula6oz can – 222
Dissolution Formula6oz can – 157
Green Peas & Duck Formula5.5oz can – 208
Green Peas & Lamb Formula5.5oz can – 212
Green Peas & Rabbit Formula5.5oz can – 200
Green Peas & Venison Formula5.5oz can – 209
HiFactor Formula6oz can – 164
14oz – 382
Mature Formula14oz can – 492
Modified Formula6oz – 256
14oz – 596
Renal LP3oz pouch – 126
Urinary SO5.8oz – 200
Pet Promise
Chicken Formula172
Ocean Fish Formula156
Wild Salmon Formula172
Precise Pet ~ 5.5oz cans
Growth Turkey185
Foundation Chicken195
Foundation Turkey189
Foundation Ocean Fish154
Foundation Mixed Grill203
Foundation Beef189
Foundation Simmered Seafare153
Foundation Triple Delight199
Foundation Deluxe Medley203
Precise Plus171
Purina Pro Plan Kitten~ 3oz cans
Chicken & Liver Entrée Classic99
Ocean Whitefish & Tuna Entrée Flaked98
Salmon & Ocean Fish Entrée Classic98
Purina Pro Plan Adult~ 3oz cans
Beef & Liver Entrée Ground84
Chicken Entrée Chunky95
Chicken & Liver Entrée Classic102
Chicken & Rice Entrée in Gravy78
Ocean Fish & Crab Entrée in Aspic77
Ocean Whitefish & Salmon Classic92
Salmon & Rice Entrée in Sauce78
Sardines & Tuna Entrée in Aspic77
Tuna Entrée in Sauce75
Turkey & Giblets Entrée Ground79
Turkey & Rice Entrée in Gravy76
Purina Pro Plan Extra Care~ 3oz cans
Hairball Management – Chicken & Liver Entrée
in Gravy
Indoor Cat Formula – Turkey & Liver Entrée77
Indoor Care Formula – Salmon & Rice Entrée79
Urinary Tract Health – Chicken Entrée in Gravy81
Weight Management – Turkey & Rice Entrée
Purina Pro Plan Selects~ 3oz cans
Natural Chicken & Brown Rice Entrée Classic95
Natural Turkey & Wild Rice Entrée Classic94
Natural Salmon & Brown Rice Entrée Classic95
Natural Yellowfin Tuna & Mackerel Entrée Classic95
Purina Pro Plan Senior 7+ years~ 3oz cans
Chicken & Beef Entrée Ground81
Salmon & Tuna Entrée Ground79
Hairball Management – Salmon & Ocean Fish85
Purina Veterinary Diets
CV – CardioVascular223
DM – Dietetic Management
Royal Canin Veterinary Diets
Growth DD5.8oz ~ 239
Mature WK 285.8oz ~ 214
Young Adult YWS 345.8oz ~ 223
Young Male WS 385.8oz ~ 152
Calorie Control CC 29 High
6oz ~ 164
Calorie Control CC High Protein3oz Pouch ~ 66
5.8oz ~ 130
Control Formula6oz ~ 229
14oz ~ 534
Dissolution Formula6oz ~ 157
Duck Formula5.5oz ~ 212
Lamb Formula5.5oz ~ 212
Venison Formula5.5oz ~ 212
Modified Formula6oz ~ 256
14oz ~ 596
Renal LP3oz Pouch ~ 126
Urinary SO 333oz Pouch ~ 101
5.8oz ~ 200
Recovery RS6oz ~ 172
Science Diet ~ 5.5oz cans
Feline Growth – Liver & Chicken Recipe210
Feline Growth – Ocean Fish in Sauce207
Hairball Control – Chicken Entrée168
Hairball Control – Seafood Entrée165
Savory Salmon163
Gourmet Beef171
Liver & Chicken167
Savory Seafood157
Gourmet Turkey162
Turkey & Giblets178
Savory Cuts -- Beef in Gravy165
Savory Cuts – Chicken in Gravy165
Savory Chicken Entrée175
Savory Cuts – Ocean Fish170
Senior – Gourmet Beef162
Senior – Gourmet Turkey160
Senior – Chicken Dinner in Gravy150
Senior – Chicken Entrée168
Sophisticat~ 5.5oz
Beef & Liver197
Beef Stew3oz ~87
Chicken Dinner154
Country Style195
Elegant Entrée183
Flaked w/ Tuna160
Flaked w/ Tuna & Egg158
Liver & Chicken191
Mariner’s Catch182
Mixed Grill202
Prime Entrée Pouch206
Salmon Dinner190
Sea Captain’s Choice170
Seafood Entrée183
Sliced Beef Dinner in Gravy138
Sliced Chicken & Salmon in Gravy148
Sliced Chicken Dinner in Gravy154
Sliced Ocean Whitefish in Gravy161
Sliced Tuna Dinner in Sauce163
Special Diet – Beef & Chicken189
Special Diet – Ocean Whitefish Dinner181
Special Diet – Salmon Dinner189
Special Diet – Sliced Chicken & Gravy142
Special Diet – Turkey & Giblets Dinner204
Turkey & Giblets Dinner183
Turkey & Liver in Gravy171
Sophisticat Supreme~ 3oz
Flaked Chicken & Tuna Dinner98
Flaked Tuna Dinner97
Sliced Duck Dinner w/ Wild Rice100
Sliced Ocean Fish Dinner87
Sliced Salmon & Chicken Dinner94
Sliced Turkey Dinner87
Beef & Chicken Dinner98
Beef Dinner87
Chopped Grill94
Fish & Shrimp97
Flaked Salmon & Ocean Whitefish Dinner100
Flaked Trout Dinner109
Gourmet Chicken Dinner105
Liver & Chicken Dinner108
Ocean Whitefish & Tuna Dinner92
Salmon Dinner102
Seafood Dinner75
Sliced Beef & Giblet Dinner88
Sliced Beef Dinner83
Sliced Chicken Cacciatore89
Sliced Chicken Hearts & Liver Dinner95
Sliced Yellow Fin Tuna in Wild Rice89
Turkey & Giblets Dinner103
Sophisticat ~ 3oz poucfies
Beef & Gravy85
Chicken & Wild Rice in Gravy80
Chicken Dinner & Gravy87
Mixed Grill in Gravy87
Ocean Whitefish w/ Tuna in Sauce75
Tuna & Sauce86
Turkey & Giblets87
Turkey & Giblets in Gravy87
Special Kitty-Walmart ~ 5.5oz cans
Beef & Liver Banquet167
Chicken & Tuna Banquet161
Chicken & Tuna Dinner158
Mixed Grill167
Ocean Whitefish164
Prime Entrée179
Salmon Dinner167
Sliced Beef in Gravy119
Sliced Chicken Banquet144
Sliced Turkey125
Super Supper164
Tuna Banquet162
Turkey & Giblets172
Special Kitty-Walmart~ 3oz cans
Chicken Dinner90
Chicken Hearts & Livers80
Cod, Sole & Shrimp80
Flaked Tuna88
Liver & Chicken Entrée87
Mini Shreds Turkey Entrée64
Mini Shreds Tuna & Chicken64
Mini Shreds w/ Tuna64
Ocean Whitefish & Tuna83
Salmon Dinner86
Sliced Beef Entrée80
Sliced Turkey77
Tuna & Shrimp Entrée87
Turkey & Giblets Dinner97
Triumph ~ 3oz poucfies
Turkey & Giblets in Gravy87
Tuna in Gravy81
Mixed Grill in Gravy88
Chicken Dinner87
Beef in Gravy85
Kitten3oz ~ 140
Turkey & Salmon Formula3oz ~ 99
5.5oz ~ 181
12.5oz ~ 412
Turkey Formula3oz ~ 119
5.5oz ~ 218
12.5oz ~ 495
Chicken & Herring
3oz ~ 103
5.5oz ~ 189
12.5oz ~ 429
Chicken & Lobster
3oz ~ 107
5.5oz ~ 196
12.5oz ~ 447
Chicken Formula ~ 3oz3oz ~ 120
5.5oz ~ 200
12.5oz ~ 500
Beef & Chicken Formula3oz ~ 105
5.5oz ~ 193
12.5oz ~ 439
Beef & Salmon Formula3oz ~ 100
5.5oz ~ 182
12.5oz ~ 413
Salmon & Trout Formula3oz ~ 124
5.5oz ~ 228
12.5oz ~ 517
Sardine, Shrimp & Crab
3oz ~ 107
5.5oz ~ 195
12.5oz ~ 447
Wellness Healthy Indulgence Pouches ~ 3oz poucfies
Chicken, Crab & Herring Recipe70
Turkey & Duck Recipe73
Salmon & Chicken Recipe67
Chicken, Duck & Shrimp Recipe72
Whiskas ~ 5.5oz cans
Chicken & Tuna Dinner165
Chicken Dinner165
Choice Cuts in Sauce w/ Beef & Chicken115
Choice Cuts in Sauce w/ Chicken & Liver115
Choice Cuts in Sauce w/ Lamb & Poultry115
Choice Cuts in Sauce w/ Turkey & Giblets115
Savory Pate Ground Chicken165
Savory Pate Ground Chicken & Tuna165
Savory Pate Ground Kitty’s Stew148
Savory Pate Ground Liver & Beef165
Savory Pate Ground Mealtime165
Savory Pate Ground Turkey & Giblets165
Savory Pate Ground w/ Bits O’ Beef165
Savory Pate Ground w/ Lamb & Rice165
Savory Pate Ground w/ Veal165
Seafood in Sauce w/ Catfish120
Seafood in Sauce w/ Trout120
Seafood in Sauce w/ Tuna120
Seafood Kitty Chowder150
Seafood Seaside Supper150
Seafood w/ Salmon150
Tender Morsels in Gravy Savory Bites w/ Beef106
Tender Morsels in Gravy Savory Bites w/ Chicken106
Tender Morsels in Gravy Savory Bites w/ Turkey106
Whiskas ~ 3oz poucfies
Choice Cuts Ocean Whitefish50-60
Tender Bites56-60

Friskies are one of the best qualities and good canned foods that hold a great nutritional value. It consists of products that are all of the high quality.

Majorly, it consists of all essentials 12 vitamins and minerals that help in strengthening the immune system of the cat, providing with a properly balanced diet that would give 100% health, and also energy.

The important minerals include salt, potassium chloride, magnesium sulfate, zinc sulfate, potassium iodide, ferrous sulfate, choline chloride, tricalcium phosphate, and carrageenan.

All the ingredients used in the Friskies canned food hold their specific benefits for the proper health of the felines.

As guaranteed research, it holds 10% crude proteins, 5% crude fats, 1% crude fiber, 3.5% ash, 78% moisture, and according to the selected product, 0.03% taurine.

Hence, the nutritional value of the Friskies canned cat food holds great importance to go for the perfect and 100% balanced and healthy diet for the cats.

AAFCO- Association of American Feed Control Officials approved.

  1. Friskies Pate Calories:

Keeping in view the calories calculations approved by the AAFCO- Association of American Feed Control Officials, the Friskies Pate contains reasonable amounts of calories per gram/ounce.

Breaking it down, Friskies Pate provides approximately 25 calories per ounce or 88 calories per 100 grams.

This is an average estimation of the calories in the Friskies Pate in contrast to other wet cat foods in the Cat Food Databases.

  1. Friskies Shreds Calories:

AAFCO- Association of American Feed Control Officials approved the calorie content in the Friskies Shreds.

The Friskies Shreds contain up to 18 calories per ounce or 63 calories per 100 grams.

This is said to be fewer than the calories present in other wet cat foods which are enlisted in the Cat Food Databases.

  1. Friskies 5.5 oz can calories:

Friskies tend to offer different flavors in their products using different kinds of ingredients.

Hence, due to this difference in the ingredients used in its products, the number of calories may vary.

Here are some following examples of Friskies products with distinct ingredients and the number of calories they provide as per 5.5 oz can:

per kgper can
1.Friskies Pate Salmon Dinner Canned Cat Food1166 kcal/kg181 kcal/can
2.Friskies Classic Pate Ocean Whitefish & Tuna Dinner Canned Cat Food1,141 kcal/kg419 kcal/13 oz can

32 kcal/can

3.Friskies Pate Country Style Dinner Canned Cat Food1,164 kcal/kg182 kcal/can
4.Friskies Classic Pate Liver & Chicken Dinner Canned Cat Food1,112 kcal/kg173 kcal/can
5.Friskies Classic Pate Chicken & Tuna Dinner Canned Cat Food1,184 kcal/kg184 kcal/can
6.Friskies Classic Pate Mariner’s Catch Canned Cat Food1,117 kcal/kg174 kcal/can

All of these products come in a 5.5 oz can and a case of 24. The number of calories can be noticed easily each of the cans has to offer to your cat.

A Friskies wet canned food for cats is very much popular. It consists of many different flavors that are all meant and suit the taste of the cats.

When talking about the number of calories in them, it depends upon the ingredients used in them, as well as the size of the can.

Following are some famous Friskies products with the number of the calories present in the wet can food according to the relative size of the can:

per kg                       per can
1.Friskies Pâté Chicken Dinner Wet Cat Food1164 kcal/kg182 kcal/can
2.Friskies Pâté Poultry Platter Wet Cat Food1222 kcal/kg


450 kcal/can
3.Friskies Pâté Ocean Whitefish & Tuna Dinner Wet Cat Food1106 kcal/kg


173 kcal/can
4.Friskies Pâté Seafood Supreme Wet Cat Food1132 kcal/kg


176 kcal/can
5.Friskies Pâté Mariner’s Catch Wet Cat Food1051 kcal/kg


164 kcal/can
6.Friskies Pâté Turkey & Giblets Dinner Wet Cat Food1159 kcal/kg


181 kcal/can
7.Friskies Pâté Chef’s Dinner Wet Cat Food1167 kcal/kg


182 kcal/can


One would raise the cat’s food serving to the next level by giving it a bowl of Fancy Feast wet cat food.

The Fancy Feast wet cat food calories or Fancy Feast canned food calories are very much reliable for your cat’s good health.

Calories in the Fancy Feats wet cat food are approximately 1159 kcal/kg or 99 kcal/can.

But the Fancy Feast calorie content also depends on the ingredients that are used to divert the flavor to make it savorer.

About calories in a 3 oz can of Fancy Feast wet cat food, Fancy Feast cat food is said to have approximately 56 Calories in the 3 oz cans.

Each of the delicious servings is filled with a balanced and full of nutritious portion.

The number of calories may vary according to the flavor that is selected for the cat.

Following is a quick analysis of the calorie count according to the different flavors offered by Fancy Feast:



per kgper can
1.Fancy Feast Classic Pate Chicken Feast wet cat food1159 kcal/kg99 kcal/can
2.Fancy Feast Classic Pate Tender Liver and Chicken Feast wet cat food1,129 kcal/kg96 kcal/can
3.Fancy Feast Classic Pate Ocean Whitefish & Tuna Feast wet cat food997 kcal/kg85 kcal/can
4.Fancy Feast Classic Pate Salmon & Shrimp Feast wet cat food1037 kcal/kg88 kcal/can
5.Fancy Feast Classic Pate Chopped Grill Feast adult wet cat food1168 kcal/kg99 kcal/can
6.Fancy Feast Classic Pate Tender Beef & Liver Feast wet cat food1159 kcal/kg99 kcal/can
7.Fancy Feast Classic Pate Tender Beef Feast wet cat food1087 kcal/kg92 kcal/can


Fancy Feast has to offer all the essential minerals and 12 vitamins to your cat and satisfy its health demands.

All the flavors are made to fulfill the appetite of your cat as well as brings it joy.

The Fancy Feast classic pate nutritional information has to offer is as follows that is good enough for your cat:

  • Crude Protein (Min)-10.0%
  • Crude Fat (Min)-5.0%
  • Crude Fiber (Max)-1.5%
  • Moisture (Max)-78.%
  • Ash (Max)-3.2%
  • Taurine (Min)-0.05%

The calories in the Fancy Feast may also depend upon the flavor and the size of the can in which they are served.

About the approximate calorie count, the Fancy Feast classic pate has to dedicate about 1159 kcal/kg or 99 kcal/can.

Keeping in view the count as approved by the AAFCO- Association of American Feed Control Officials, Fancy Feats Gravy Lovers Chicken, in a Grilled Flavor of Chicken Gravy holds an approximate count of 16 calories per ounce or more specifically, 57 calories per every 100 grams.

This calorie count in the gravy is fewer than the other wet cat foods for felines as mentioned in Cat Food Database.

Fancy Feast broth brings another kind of pleasure to your cat’s meal. There are no artificial flavors, preservatives, or colors are used.

They hold real bites of the type of meat used and are available in many flavors depending upon the ingredients.

Fancy Feast broths are said to be crafted without the fillers or by-products.

Fancy Feast Broths are meant for only supplement food. This product might be given daily accompanied by a complete and balanced cat food diet.

The Fancy Feast broths are one of the compliments that you might bring to your cat’s meal.

Following is the average calories count in the Fancy Feast broth according to the different flavors:



Name of ProductNumber of KILOCALORIES- kcal
per kgper pouch
1.Fancy Feast Wet Cat Food Complement with Tuna, Shrimp & Whitefish in a Decadent Silky Broth389 kcal/kg


15 kcal/pouch
2.Fancy Feast Wet Cat Food Complement with Wild Salmon & Vegetables in a Decadent Silky Broth462 kcal/kg


18 kcal/pouch
3.Fancy Feast Wet Cat Food Complement with Tuna, Anchovies & Whitefish in a Decadent Silky Broth412 kcal/kg


16 kcal/pouch
4.Fancy Feast Broths Senior White Meat Chicken & Vegetables in a Decadent Creamy Broth414 kcal/kg


17 kcal/pouch
5.Fancy Feast Broths Wet Cat Food Complement Seafood Bisque with Real Shrimp301 kcal/kg


12 kcal/pouch


Fancy Feast kitten wet food holds importance due to the following reasons:

  • They own proteins in the average amount
  • The carbohydrate content is fewer than other wet cat foods
  • Fats in average amounts an average amount of fat
  • Contains a lot more fibers than the normal range
  • Sufficient moisture

Bringing in accordance with the AAFCO- Association of American Feed Control Officials approved calorie count, the Fancy Feast wet cat food for a kitten is said to have around 24 calories per ounce or 85 calories per 100 grams.

When compared to other wet foods in other Cat Food Databases, it is an average amount of calories to hold.

Fancy Feast holds great nutritional importance. It is crafted with very real and high-quality meat by-products.

It is no doubt a 100% balanced and complete diet for cats. It is experienced to be savory and delicious in every bite.

Fancy Feast consists of all kinds of essential mineral and 12 must vitamins that holds a great deal to do with your cat’s better health conditions.

Following are minerals present in the Fancy Feast wet cat food:

Potassium Chloride, Magnesium Proteinate, Zinc Sulfate, Ferrous Sulfate, Manganese Sulfate, Copper Sulfate, Potassium Iodide, Tricalcium Phosphate, Guar Gum, Choline Chloride, Taurine and Salt.

All these minerals hold their specific importance plus provide 100% daily health needs.

When looking through the Fancy Feast carb chart, the number of carbohydrates differs with the variety or flavor of the Fancy Feast product.

But overall, Fancy Feast has lower carbohydrate content as compared to other wet cat foods in the Cat Food Databases.

Following is a sneak peek of the total carbohydrates present in the Fancy Feast in different flavored products:



1.Chicken Feast3
2.Chopped Grill Feast3
3.Cod, Sole & Shrimp Feast1
4.Ocean Whitefish & Tuna Feast0
5.Salmon & Shrimp Feast1
6.Tender Beef & Chicken Feast3
7.Tender Beef & Liver Feast2
8.Turkey and Giblets Feast2

Wet cat canned foods are lesser in calorie content than dry cat foods. They hold moisture of about 75%.

According to the FDA, wet cat foods have a lesser calorie count than dry food which owns 10% moisture.

Wet foods are promised to fill with lower calories.

It holds an advantage against overweight or healthy cats, but for weak kittens, it is a drawback.

It all depends on the recommendation of the vet as well as the health of the cat.

For the sake of nutritional value, wet canned cat foods generally contain way better high-quality ingredients, more content of meat protein, and fewer carbohydrates than dry foods.

While these might be costly, they are likely a better choice for the cats.

Following are some known wet cat canned foods with their calorie content:



1.Addiction211 per 6.5 oz
2.Drs. Foster & Smith200 per 5.5 oz
3.Fancy Feast89 per 5.5 oz
4.Hounds & Gatos195 per 5.5 oz
5.Nature’s Variety202 per 5.5 oz
6.Pro Plan89 per 3 oz
7.Science Diet220 per 5.5 oz
8.Triumph223 per 5.5 oz
9.Ultramix149 per 5.5 oz
10.Wellness82 per 5.5 oz
11.Ziwipeak207 per 5.5 oz
  1. Wellness cat food calories

Wellness cat food is said to have the average amounts of proteins, fats, fibers, carbohydrates, and fats. They have lesser moisture than the comparative wet foods.

Going through the calorie breakdown in accordance with the AAFCO, the wellness cat food has approximately 100 calories per ounce or 355 calories per 100 grams.

This is the average calorie count when in contrast with the other Cat Food Databases.

  1. Calories in meow mix wet food- meow mix wet food calories

Meow Mix wet cat food owns significantly more protein than the average and lesser carbohydrates than the average. There are more fibers as well as fewer fat counts.

This is a perfect and balanced diet preferred for a cat’s healthy life. Further depends on the vet’s recommendation as well as the size of the cat to be fed.

According to the AAFCO, the Meow Mix has around about 16 calories per ounce or 57 calories per 100 grams.

But these are fewer calories than the other wet cat foods in the Cat Food Databases.


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