How much is a Maine Coon cat?

Thinking of adopting a Maine coon cat, and how much is a Maine coon cat? Well, you have got a good eye for the cats. Maine coon cats worth it for many reasons. A big size rather than normal accompanied with a smooth, luxuriant coat makes it the most desired feline. Hence, you could get it from various online sites or from animal shelters at the average price of $800 to $1200 or more depending upon the color you go for.

Let us talk about the expense in more detail, but first, there are certain things you would like to know about the Maine coons before getting one.

how much is a maine coon cat

The Maine coon cats

Maine coon cats are one of the most special and beautiful creatures that are exhibited by nature.

Basic Introduction:

The most noticeable feature is that Maine coons are really big! They have been awarded as the world’s longest domestic cats as they grew to be more than four feet.

But they have way more to offer than a shaggy coat and a long fleecy tail. They are more affectionate but are not attention seekers like other felines. Also, are found to be very adaptive and still own their hunting instincts like a fine mouser.

All in all, they are a good addition to your life. So, here lies how much is a Maine coon cat and what to do when going for one?

Here is everything you need to know about it.

Buying a Maine coon cat

Buying a Maine cat is not the problem. All you need to do is give the money but the following are the ambiguities you should clear yourself of with:

Are Maine coon cats expensive?

Embrace your pockets because the Maine coon cats are not cheap. And this cost might increase if you want to get a Maine coon kitten. Hence, if you are a Maine coon devotee, you must be aware of this fact.

Later on in this article, it would be explained that why are Maine coon cats are expensive.

How much is a Maine coon cat?

A Maine coon kitten coming from a reliable breed would cost you about £750 to £1000 (if dealing in ponds). Moreover, if you are looking for the cost ranges in dollars, the Maine coon would be from $800 to $2000 or even more than that.

The average price is expected to be about $1500. Be mentally prepared for it.

What affects the price of the Maine coon cat?

One of the features that might have a definite effect on the price of the Maine coot is its color.

This is a major distinguishing feature. Hence, Ginger or Orange Maine coot cat or Black Maine coots are often being sold at higher rates than a normal one.

Let us briefly have a look at the different colors of Maine coon and their prices:

Color ClassesEstimated PriceWhere to find?
Orange / Ginger / Red Maine coon cats
  • ·        Solid Red
  • ·        Red Tabby-Orange and White
  • ·        Red Tabby and White
  • ·        Cameo Smoke-Red Smoke
$800 to $2000·        CFA certified Breeders

·        Through online Maine coon catteries

·        A cat show

Silver Maine coon cats
  • ·        Solid Silver
  • ·        Silver Tabby
  • ·        Smoke Silver
  • ·        Shaded Silver
  • ·        Blue Silver
$1000 – $2000
Black Maine coon cats
  • ·        Solid Black
  • ·        Black and white
  • ·        Black Smoke
  • ·        Black smoke and white
$800 – $2000
White Maine coon cats
  • ·        All-White
  • ·        Blue and White
  • ·        Red and White
  • ·        Cream and White
  • ·        Tabby and White
  • ·        Black and White
$1000 – $2000
Calico Maine coon catsNo subclasses and are the rarest$800 – $2,000


If you are getting a Maine coon cat worth less than $800, you are not getting a fine breed at all. Be aware that Maine coons do not come any cheaper, this might be a scam you are falling for.

It is most probably not a true breed or might be ill. Whatever the reason, do not go for it without inquiring about the matter.

Why are Maine coons so expensive?

Now, it would definitely cross your mind that why are Maine coons so expensive. Here are the facts explained about its high price.

1.    A Pure Maine Coon:

Just keep in mind that the true Maine coons are lavish. Plus, it is also dependent on the repute and ethics of the breeder you are dealing with.

A fine breeder would not want to just make money, but they do the breeding as a hobby. Many breeders will also follow the respective guidelines that are set up by the relative Government Council regarding cats in their community.

2.     Other Expenses while getting a Maine coon:

Following are the other expenses that might result in raising the price of your Maine coon, hence, be ready for them too:

  • Vaccinations and treatment for prevention of diseases or any other medical inconvenience
  • Stud fee- in order to get a good Maine coon, let them breed naturally and hence fee for the male owner by female owner to permit the breed
  • For the surety of lineage- Genetic Test
  • Healthy and good food for the kitten and the Queen Maine coon to breed
  • Other vaccinations like primary vaccination for the respective kitten
  • A proper Veterinary medical check of the kitten
  • Registration fee charged by the breeder
  • Installing the microchips in the kittens- in case you lose them, easy to locate
  • Fee for neutering (Optional- for not using the kitten to breed next)
  • Time of breeding- to get an actual Maine coon time is needed for accurate breeding and so, it might result in  increasing the price

The average cost of Maine coon is approximately £750 to £1000, but it doesn’t end here.

Be prepared for the following expenses as follows:

Yearly vaccines and respective Boosters£40-£50/year
Neutering the Maine coon·        Female: £50-£100

·        Male: £40-£60

Insurance of Maine coon£20 (Depends upon the age of the pet and the insurance policy)
Flea and Worming Treatment£20-£25/monthly
Toys and other entertainment expendituresVary with the market prices
Brush for the Maine coons£10-£12 (going for a good one)

These prices are not a surety and may vary from market to market and region to region.

They are just to give you an idea overall about the costs and expenses.

Points to Ponder while buying a Maine coon cat:

Following are some important points regarding the buying of Maine coon about the expense and all.

1.     Do not be tempted by a cheaper Maine coon cat:

As discussed before, do not be inspired by the cheap price when buying anything. The same goes with all the pets and your Maine coon too. The cheapest ones sometimes are not bad, but you have all the right to think about it.

How can Maine coot so cheap, right? Then why this breeder is giving you at such a lower price? Make sure that a reliable breeder will not firstly give the precious Maine coon at a low price no matter what. And secondly, the breeders would not give it as such. If the breeder is loyal to its selling pet, he will definitely find him a good home and take his time to inquire the buyer well.

He will surely send his Maine coon to a safe and worthy home!

2.     Getting the Maine coon from false means:

Also, if you do not want to be entertained by a fake Maine coon, do not get it by false means like getting from some breeders in the backstreet.

Hence, if you do not want to be played, go to the right place to buy it.

3.     Do your research about the Breeders:

This is one of the most important decisions for you now. So, you need to do the research regarding the breeders on your own part too.

Doing that would ensure that you are going to have a healthy Maine coon kitten. It would belong to a well-bred Maine coon too. You can also make it evident by inquiring about the family line of the kitten you are going to buy.

Do not worry, you will not get just a long-haired cat if you keep up the research but an actual Maine coot.

Finding a Reliable Maine coon Breeder

Getting a Maine coon is not a tough task but getting an original one is.Therefore, if you want to get a pure Maine coon kitten, you must be careful about the breeder you are dealing with.

Following are some means that might help you detect an authentic Maine coon breeder:

1.     A CFA certified Breeder:

Ensure that you must go for the breeder that is Cat Fanciers’ Association-CFA certified. This must be your utmost priority when buying a Maine coon.

How much is a Maine coon cat would not be a problem unless getting an actual Maine coon kitten.

There are many Maine coon alike cats in the market. Therefore, if you have not done any homework on buying a Maine coon, you would be easily conned by the breeders.

You will get only a long-haired cat by spending your money on the fake Maine coon.

2.     Get recommendations from the Vets:

A vet is someone sitting in the animal market and knows well about what is going on around. He better knows what is being sold and how it is sold?

Therefore, no one can properly guide you about the best breed in the vicinity. You should ask the veterinarian to recommend you and give you the best suggestion from which breeder to get the Maine coon.

3.     If your friend/family own a Maine coon:

Nothing could be better than this. Ask around your family, friends, and neighbors if they have a Maine coon. Just find it with someone already and then, if they are satisfied, you could go for the same breeder.

Also, look at their Maine coon by yourself so you would decide the best.

4.     Inquire the breeder:

Do not just stand there and buy a Maine coon like candy. Just ask the breeder about anything and everything about the Maine coon.

Do not hesitate in inquiring about the Maine coon you are going to get. Remember to ask the breeder that for how long he has been breeding? His experience in the field?

What about the medical state of the Queen and Stud? Do they have regular checkups with the vet?

How many kitten Maine coons they have sold already and what is their status? You need to clear your mind of all the uncertainties before getting one for you.

5.     Buy what you see with your eyes:

Just believe what you see. Buying a Maine coon with your hard-worked expense must be worth it.

There are some things you need to see and satisfy yourself.

They might include:

  • Do not buy until you see the kitten with its mum that is the Queen Maine coon unless you are getting one from the rescue.
  • Make sure that the kitten looks physically healthy too.
  • Take a hold of it. When you do so, you would know about the weight and it should not be weak or have any other problems like some injuries etc.
  • Look at the eyes of kitten Main coon closely. They ought to be bright and sparkling and do not secret any kind of discharge.
  • All the physical parts like ears should be clean and free of any little insects.
  • The coat must be soft and furry. It must be clean to prevent any microbes from residing on it.

Hence, no risks shall be taken when getting a Maine coon because if there is any inconvenience in the future, you will be the one to suffer.

Maine Coon Breeders Certified by TICA

Sherry StrackCalgaryAlbertaCanada +1 (403) 510-8255
 Kimberly BowesVictoria British ColumbiaCanada
Svetlana FrantsishkoLake Cowichan British ColumbiaCanada
 Elizabeth Cochrane HantsportNova ScotiaCanada
CathieOntario Canada+1 (647) 677-1349
Olga ZakharovaEast GwillimbutyOntarioCanada
France CoolidgeQuebecCanada
Marie-France LambertSaint-Henri de LevisQuebecCanada
Elena GavrilovaTrois-Rivieres QuebecCanada
 Alena ZivkovRimbachGermany
 Dejan RadonjicBelgradeSerbia+381 638221685
Neil CuthbertAlbertonSouth Africa +1 0834003990
Kim ParrottSpain00 34 691 978310
 Edita SolarIpswichUnited Kingdom447877435589
Jessica Beckwith Wellingborough United Kingdom+44 07 42 25 55149
 Judy StrattonPeterboroughUnited Kingdom+44 1733571260
 Bernardeta Zaczek BournemouthUnited Kingdom
Stacey NatarCheshireUnited Kingdom
 Jessica LaffosseLincoln AlabamaUSA
Svitlana RevenkoPanorama CityCaliforniaUSA+1 (818) 217-5368
Irina VakulchikSusanvilleCaliforniaUSA
Elena BurovaTemeculaCaliforniaUSA+1 (323) 620-9075
Katerina Evers Conifer ColoradoUSA+1 (813) 389-3788
Mace JessicaWestcliffeColoradoUSA+1 (808) 221-0368
 Alicia KarpovBrightonColoradoUSA+1 (303) 888-0089
Bogdan BudzAvonConnecticutUSA +1 (860) 818-0184
 Caylee VaraPort Saint LucieFloridaUSA+1 (772) 213-2772
K. JohnsonJacksonvilleFlorida USA
 Lorrie DelmottePunta Gorda FloridaUSA+1 (941) 380-5502
 Peggy HuffHudson,AshevilleFlorida,North CarolinaUSA
Ginnie Lane DunnellonFlorida USA
Tracy CaywoodJacksonville Beach FloridaUSA+1 (904) 203-8186
Natalia DriverMariettaGeorgiaUSA+1 (404) 542-1113
Emiliya RadfordWarner Robins GeorgiaUSA
Tammy GregoryGray Georgia USA+1 (626) 833-7078
Tina HeldrichShawneeKansas USA+1 (913) 638-4059
 Olathe Kansas USA (913) 563-0043
 Ekaterina SablinWestminsterMarylandUSA+1 (443) 540-7982
Katrina Brown AdrianMichigan USA+1 (517) 662-0200
 Erica KesslerHoustonMissouriUSA+1 (417) 228-0109
 Megan LeadyImperialMissouriUSA+1 (314) 809-7222
Sarah Savoie & Matt Castillo HamiltonMontana USA
Marie Harriman & Chris CondonAntrimNew HampshireUSA
Amy RoweBoscawen New HampshireUSA+1 (603) 573-5432
 Amy Siegel East Setauket New YorkUSA
 Deborah LuxSaratoga SpringsNew YorkUSA +1 (518) 832-0227
Elena M MandelbaumBoicevilleNew YorkUSA
RaisaNew YorkUSA(516) 578-7828
CathieNew YorkUSA+1 (647) 677-1349
Caron Jantzen Mars HillNorth Carolina USA+1 (828) 206-2818
Ryan WalkerKnightdaleNorth Carolina USA+1 (336) 469-3398
Debbie DavisWilmington North CarolinaUSA+1 (310) 480-3301
 Peggy HuffHudson, AshevilleFlorida, North CarolinaUSA
Lydia Chapman NewlandNorth CarolinaUSA+1 (828) 964-1848
Laurie Taft WoodsOhioUSA(330) 219-9897
Elaine LoftissDill City OklahomaUSA
Deborah KinsleyMoorelandOklahomaUSA
Colleen K Schlosser PortlandOregonUSA
Rhonda K WenrichCoudersportPennsylvaniaUSA
Roman LytvynPocono Summit PennsylvaniaUSA
Jessica M. ZerrSinking SpringPennsylvaniaUSA
 Rhonda LundTravelers RestSouth CarolinaUSA+1 (864) 438-6675
Nacho Mama's KittySouth CarolinaUSA+1 (803)507-5031
Alla OusleyKnoxvilleTennessee USA+1 (678) 349-4887
Michelle TuckTennesseeUnited States
Gloria Perigo NashvilleTennessee USA+1 (615) 209-0307
Mahanz SharifRichmondTexas USA+1 (281) 725-1090
Kimberly Johnson Marlin Texas USA +1 (254) 275-1006
 Leanne MitchaCypressTexas USA
Kendra WelchLong Branch Texas USA+1 (830) 275-1477
Marika V Venger-Pakanich Texas USA +1 (972) 922-9140
Carley LinebaughForneyTexas USA+1 (972) 489-4998
Jamie LiptakWimberleyTexas USA
Elena MikirtichevaHenricoVirginia USA
Bonnie Pearson DisputantaVirginia USA
Lisa K. McCannCarnationWashington USA +1 (206) 794-5472
Sylvia A FelitskyHurricaneWest Virginia USA+1 (681) 313-7040
 Kosmos KnovasRandom LakeWisconsin USA +1 (262) 339-8775
Emily Jarrett La CrosseWisconsin USA +1 (608) 799-7904 


Keeping in view all the mesmerizing features of Maine coon, it is not tough to sort out why they are the favorites. Putting an end to, ‘how much is a Maine coon cat?’ we hope that you got all your answers, information, and precautions when buying one.

You need to be clear that these do not come for lesser prices, so, be careful that you are getting a real Maine coon and not just a long-haired cat. It is better to get a Maine coon of your own through a respective breeder rather than getting it by any method that would not ensure its purity.

Therefore, no matter what color you go for, we hope that you find a real Maine coon and you would realize it when one of them is snuggling beside you.

Best of luck with it!

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