Cat Throwing Up Friskies

Is your cat throwing up every serving of Friskies? This can get really frustrating as a cat owner. Luckily though, there are a couple of reasons for this and they are totally fixable. So in this article, we will tell you why your cat is throwing up Friskies and what you can do about it.

cat throwing up friskies

Is your cat regurgitating or vomiting?

Regurgitating is commonly confused with vomiting. Figuring out which is which will help you fix the problem for your cat accurately.

Vomiting occurs when the abdominal muscles stretch and contract to let the contents of the stomach out.

Regurgitating on the other hand does not involve the abdominal muscles, the food from the food pipe or mouth are simply let out.

Often times cats may regurgitate the food they eat because they do not like it. Vomiting is usually caused by food not being very fresh.

Let’s look at the reasons your cat could be throwing up Friskies.

Cat throwing up Friskies

Cat throwing friskies is not a new thing, many cat owners face this when they switch their cat to a new flavor or diet. So a change of diet is one of the reasons.

If your cat is eating too fast, it is also proven that this could be a reason for throwing up. This can be fixed though.

It is no surprise that friskies contain some weird ingredients. These are often allergens and can cause irritation in your cats’ stomach. This is another reason it could throw up.

Your cat may also simply not like the flavor of the friskies diet you are feeding it. Allergies to seafood/poultry can also happen, so you can always try out another flavor.

How to stop cat throwing up Friskies

We know the basic reasons a cat could throw up friskies, but how do you get it to ingest it without throwing up?

Well, if it has a habit of eating too fast, try to slow it down by giving it water alongside. This will also help in digestion as the food will gently go to the stomach.

Moreover, if the flavor is the issue, then you can try out different variations of the friskies diet, they have multiple yummy options!

However, your cat throwing up every single meal could indicate a much  bigger problem in its gut. Cases like these are often diagnosed as gastrointestinal problems.

Hence, it is best to go get a vet’s help as soon as you can and get it treated. If Friskies are given to the cat and your cat gets sick, please have a look into our in-depth research on Friskies Dry Cat food making cat sick.


In conclusion, why is your cat throwing up friskies?

Firstly, look into whether it is vomiting or regurgitating. This will help figure out your next steps.

Your cat could dislike the flavor, be allergic to some of the ingredients, or have a problem in its gut.

In any case, you need to be vigilant and take necessary precautions to take care of your cat’s health. Throwing up food at every meal is not normal.

Therefore, it is best to get a vet involved at an early stage to protect your feline friend from harm.

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