Why does my Cat Eat Cobwebs?

why does my cat eat cobweb

A cat could be seen as a creature of strange habits, especially when it comes to eating. The cat eating weirdest stuff include cobweb making the cat parent wonder why does my cat eat cobwebs? The answer lies in the nutritional deficiency of the cat, making it chew down anything that it finds as a supplement … Read more

My Cat Ate Hair Tie

my cat ate hair tie

My cat ate hair tie and got me worried. The good thing is she threw up. But cases with long surgeries are also seen. If you need to know why the cat does that or how to keep her from doing so. Continue reading below. Is cat playing or is it pica? The cat owners have been … Read more

Are Lilacs Poisonous for Cats?

Watch Flowers Lilac Cat Sitting Glass Animal

Cats are naturally eager animal. If you like to keep plants in your house, you would have noticed that your cat checks out them, sometimes even sniff or nibble on them. Various plant species could affect your cat’s health if they are poisonous or toxic. It might cause a minor problem to a severe one. If you have lilac in your compound, you … Read more