Homemade Pill Pockets For Cats

homemade pill pockets for cats

Ever heard of homemade pill pockets for cats? And have no idea about it, don’t worry – I will explain it here. If you have a kitty and you have tried to give it some medications – so, now you know what am talking about. It’s the look of sudden disapproval and eventual rejection you … Read more

Is Iams Good for Cats?

is iams good for cats

Before you decide on the perfect food for your cat that has all the nutrition it needs, It is important to weigh the pros and cons of different cat foods. One of the most famous and common brands of cat food is Iams. Iams claims to be good for cats in terms of nutrition, quality, … Read more

Is Olive Oil Safe for Cats or Not?

is olive oil safe for cats

Olive oil is a vital part of kitchens in almost every household, as it is known for its various antioxidant properties. But weirdly enough, some cats are also very fond of olive oil, so before you decide to incorporate it into their diet, it is important to make sure that is olive oil safe for … Read more

Z/d Cat food alternative

zd cat food alternative

Has your cat got stomach problems? Maybe it has a sensitive stomach that reacts quickly to heavy food. If this sounds like your cat, then it could have some sort of stomach problem. Cats like these are advised to take Hill’s z/d cat food so it is light on their digestive system and still gives … Read more

Can Cats Eat Brussel Sprouts

can cats eat brussel sprouts

People usually look for healthier food choices for their cats. Such a problem arises when cutting down their waistline or bringing healthier food alternatives other than commercial cat food packages. Today we will be dealing with healthier vegetable choices and the question; Can Cats Eat Brussels Sprouts? Are sprouts a powerhouse for cats? Can cats have … Read more

Fancy Feast for Diabetic Cats

fancy feast for diabetic cats

It is quite definite to be worried about your cat’s health and diet. And this concern increases when your cat is already suffering from a serious medical condition like diabetes. It’s a good thing that you are here for looking that, ‘Is Fancy Feast for diabetic cats?’ Well, there might be several reasons like it … Read more

Why Do Cats Eat Their Hair?

why do cat eat their hair

Have you ever witnessed the cat licking stuff from the floor? The answer is probably yes, but what if that stuff is precisely hair. It might not be new information for the cat owners, but why do cats eat their hair is quite a query. It might hit you with an odd piece of information that a … Read more

Tidy Cat Breeze Pellets Alternative

tidy cat breeze pellet alternative

Having a cat comes with a lot of errands to run and everyday responsibilities. A cat comes with a mix of habits and behaviors, opening you to all sorts of accidents and oddities that it can bring in at any part of the day. One such duty comes with feeding a cat and properly ridding … Read more