Is Friskies Pate Good for Cats

Is Friskies Pate Good for Cats

Among all the Friskies meals, the Pate meal is quite common to be fed to cats. Friskies Pate is just another name for wet canned cat food, but with many flavors. While there has not been much research on this, many cat owners are concerned if they should feed their cats the friskies pate meals. … Read more

Is Meow Mix A Good Cat Food?

is meow mix a good cat food

When one has a cat, cat feeding is quite a conundrum. Different ages of the cat need different food types. If one has the feline fellow, one needs to pick and choose amongst various brands available. Amongst many brands being inquired about, one is Meow Mix. And thus, many people ask Is Meow Mix A … Read more

Purina vs Royal Canin

Purina vs Royal Canin

If you have had a cat for a while, you probably know about two of the biggest names in the cat food industry: Purina and Royal Canin. Both of them are equally competitive, have food that cats usually enjoy, and do not have a lot of differences in their food compositions. But nevertheless, one of … Read more

Adding Water to Dry Cat Food

Purina vs Royal Canin

Adding water to dry cat food may sound a bit odd, especially when you can simply go for wet food options. But it is still a common practice among cat owners and there are many more benefits to it than you think. While adding water to dry cat food does not replace the need for … Read more

Z/d Cat food alternative

zd cat food alternative

Has your cat got stomach problems? Maybe it has a sensitive stomach that reacts quickly to heavy food. If this sounds like your cat, then it could have some sort of stomach problem. Cats like these are advised to take Hill’s z/d cat food so it is light on their digestive system and still gives … Read more

Cat eating Cactus

cat eating cactus

If you have a cat eating cactus, you might be wondering if it is safe or not. And for a moment, let’s say it is safe; what about the thorny spines that it has with it. The cat might not be affected by constituents, but the spikes may cause injury. Let’s dig into it with … Read more

My Cat Ate Hair Tie

my cat ate hair tie

My cat ate hair tie and got me worried. The good thing is she threw up. But cases with long surgeries are also seen. If you need to know why the cat does that or how to keep her from doing so. Continue reading below. Is cat playing or is it pica? The cat owners have been … Read more

Cat Canned and Pouched Food Calorie Count

cat canned food calories count

Friskies are one of the best qualities and good canned foods that hold a great nutritional value. It consists of products that are all of the high quality. Majorly, it consists of all essentials 12 vitamins and minerals that help in strengthening the immune system of the cat, providing with a properly balanced diet that … Read more