Is Meow Mix A Good Cat Food?

When one has a cat, cat feeding is quite a conundrum. Different ages of the cat need different food types. If one has the feline fellow, one needs to pick and choose amongst various brands available. Amongst many brands being inquired about, one is Meow Mix. And thus, many people ask Is Meow Mix A Good Cat Food?

is meow mix a good cat food


To begin with, Is Meow Mix A Good Cat Food? We first need to understand what sort of brand it is. Meow Mix stands out as a popular brand. Many cat foods are widely available in the market, while the meow Mix sweeps away the entire market with popularity.

This food is special in quality and is made in Alabama and Thailand. But the cat’s love for it is worldwide. Pun intended here, the jingle says the cat calls out for it by its name. So it is not just a parent choice but a cat choice, all around the globe.

Is Meow Mix A Good Cat Food?

The Meow mix wins over as the utmost food of choice for cats. Many reasons can be found to support the reason of choice. It is not just quality or flavor but also affordability. However, the fact of honesty here is that it might not only be the option available for cat food. We do not deny the fact that other healthier options are available in the market. Some might be customized to meet specific cat needs. However, when it comes to one neutral choice, hands down on Meow Mix.

Many might argue that other competitors or brands in the market will make healthier choices. They might, we don’t argue about that. Yet one can state with all confidence that Meow Mix has been a safe choice for cats for ages. No health issues or otherwise complaints have been reported against it. The cats have been healthy and sound with their use.

Journey Of Meow Mix Cat Food In Nutshell

The Meow Mix Cat Food is not a new brand and enjoys a history that can be dated back to 1974. The brand was originally started by the Ralston Purina Company. This is better known as Nestle-Purina.

Post this ownership for around four decades the brand has traveled among several owners. Some of the other companies that have enjoyed ownership involve Cypress Group and Del Monte Foods. Currently, the brand seems to be in hands of the Big Heart Pet Brands since 2015.

Origin and Preparation:

To serve the query Is Meow Mix A Good Cat Food? It is important to cover the origin and making of the meow mix cat food. The amazing cat mix comes as both dry and wet food. A range of products is available that serve multiple purposes. Be it a young or old feline. Be it Taste or one-time serving. Ask for quality or affordability, we have a range of products with Meow Mix cat food. One brand serves all types of needs and caters to all customers.

This amazing brand finds its roots in Thailand. The hub of production is located in Decatur, Alabama. It is not any ordinary name, the same company covers the production of better-known Alley Cat products. Explaining their expertise in cat food manufacturers. In the context of preparation, the company is very particular. Nothing is compromised that can affect quality in one way or another. Yet mass production allows us to serve the market with a price that is easy on the pocket.

We might not be able to share recipes or secret formulas. All we can fetch in the name of manufacturing information is that it is quality-oriented production.

The above information takes us back to the big question: Is Meow Mix A Good Cat Food? Well, yes it certainly is. But if you wonder, is it a healthy choice? We would believe that since it meets the protein needs of the cat. Keeping in mind that cats are carnivores. The protein needs are met here and flavors are added to make it attractive to the cat.

Many brands would compromise on the standard of ingredients. This not only keeps it quality oriented but adds on the plant protein and mineral that is needed by the cat.

A sneak Peek into the Awesome Meow Mix Cat Foods Available?

  • An affordable Mix

First, on the list, we have something that comes within an affordable range. It is what we call Meow Mix Tender Center Dry Cat Food. This is a whole Meow Mix offering the right proportions of minerals and vitamins to the little feline.

  • Easy to make

This one is the simplest cat food on the planet earth. It is none other than Meow Mix Simple Serving Wet Cat Food. It is a whole pack. One serving and it does it all. The best part is it is all in one. It has the right serving, is light on the pocket, and is wholesome in terms of nutrition. What else one can ask for in the available price range?

  • The Ultimate Taste pack

Yet on the list, we have the Meow Mix Tasty Layer Dry Cat Food. This is one of the most delicious packs that we have. This savory cat food will blow the taste buds of your cat. It will fall in absolute love with the flavor. It offers some crunchy and gravy-dipped pieces. The cat loves nothing like this.

  • Popular Delight

Here is one thing that everyone just loves for the cat. It is called Meow Mix Original Choice Dry Cat Food. It is not just popular amongst the masses for no reason. It offers the comfort of being available in a range of sizes. Plus it has flavors like Turkey, Fish, Salmon, and Chicken flavors.

  • Superb Cat Food

The one meow mix pack that offers the best quality comes in the name of Meow Mix Pate Toppers Wet Cat Food. This wet food is easy to chew. It is a whole package that comes with a cent percent availability of nutrition. It is just the perfect balanced diet that a cat would like. It falls per the criteria of healthy food. By the way, the good thing is that it is reasonable in terms of price.

Meow Mix: Wet and Dry Cat Food

Here we shall answer Is Meow Mix A Good Cat Food in a different context. How good it is in terms of wet and dry food available. It has been established earlier that the ingredients and formula can not be shared. It is just with the manufacturers. Some key ingredients as per the need of the cat are found in both its dry and wet formula. That is discussed briefly below:

Wet Food

When it comes to wet food, it comes with some additional needs to get it prepared. The dry on other hand is pre-prepared and is easy to fetch the cat. The dry meow mix also attracts cats with its aroma. Yet the wet meow mix is also a food of choice. Cats have shown an inclination to its intake too.

This mix of food comes with a good mix of protein. The protein is served as gravy. Plus it has additions of other ingredients. The flavor is one of them. It is what makes it all the more fun for cat’s consumption

The content that serves basic protein needs lies in animal protein. The source is beef and chicken or tuna. This is what makes it a portion of good food.

The original animal source suffices the protein needed naturally. Meeting the protein source of an animal that is naturally a carnivore does best. The body needs it as it relies on protein for development and strength. Sometimes soybean oil is added. Having gravy with a certain flavor and source of fat.

However, the other needs of the feline body cannot be compromised. Thus, the wet meow mix serves it through the addition of carb and mineral content. The minerals and vitamins are required in portions.

It is important to note that carbohydrates can cause dependency. But this is what gives cats a sense of fulfillment.

It also adds a certain flavor to the food making the cat fall for more. Regardless, the flavor is an artificial addition that is not a good thing. But this is what cats love. And the maker has a range of flavors that the cat can choose from. This is what makes the customer a repeat customer. As the cat wouldn’t give up on flavor it relished the most. So whether a cat likes tuna or chicken. Meow mix got it sorted for you. A pouch is available in each of the flavors.

Lastly, some additional ingredients that preserve and stabilize the canned item are also found. The stabilizers used in the product are guar gum. Technically this is a cat-friendly item. That is why it is chosen amongst the range of stabilizers available. But their addition has to be kept within a certain limit. Excess can be a cause of cancer and other problems in the cat.

Meow Mix Dry Cat Food

Meow Mix has a range of dry cat food products. Usually, customers have amazing feedback on it. With cats absolute pleasure in its consumption. It might have some ingredients that are carb oriented and less on the protein side.

The cat loves it though. While if a cat owner finds it to not meet specific cat needs, it might not be the food of choice. We can break the ingredients into a list with goods and bass associated with it. To start with here is the list of content it has.

The corn gluten extract lies in it, serving as a major protein source. Although it fulfills protein requirements and seems appropriate. The problem lies in the fact that the proteins are of plant origin.

Soybean meal is also an ingredient with the same issue. Thes plant proteins might suffice the need on the label yet do not meet health needs.

Both are questionable in terms of their high content of phytoestrogen. This might arise some health concerns in cats. This is also backed by the addition of meat by-products. This could be either the beef or chicken offering protein source.

These in comparison to plant source protein are better. They at least fulfill the protein need better yet not serve the right quality. They are cat friendly for that matter yet being a by-product makes it a potential source of the problem. It does not suffice the inherent protein need of little carnivores.

This animal-based protein content is high in fat content. The fat and carbohydrates usually take the cat on the side of obesity.

Not to forget the dry cat food is also provided with a whole lot of ground corn. Again another carb-rich ingredient. Rising the fat tendency of the little feline. The rise in weight can affect the limbs of cats. Although it does add the crunchy flavor and makes it tastier. The reason why the cat falls in love with it.

Last but not the least, dry mixes are supplied with flavor and preservatives. These artificial add-ons might not be a good thing to be discussed any further. However, additives like minerals and vitamins are must-haves.

But the color and flavor might be attractive for cats though. Yet adding on to something is not healthy. And is dangerous in large quantities for the cat. They may pose health threats with longer use.

So telling Is Meow Mix A Good Cat Food becomes quite perplexing. One should weigh the benefit and compare it to the harm before reaching a decision.

Product Recall Record

To our pleasure and relief, the Meow Mix has never been recalled. So while we wonder Is Meow Mix A Good Cat Food? The answer falls safely to yes. But we need to keep a practical and realistic approach. And not close our eyes to some of the basic health concerns.

Here, we need to bring to light a story of 2015 where the meow mix had an issue. It surfaced with the presence of great amounts of mold contamination. The study revealed a large quantum of mycotoxin that was in there.

This is a fungus and can grow on food ingredients. The growth is seen in items like wheat and rice and corn etc. Nevertheless, certain unhygienic or humidity factors are to be blamed for massive growth. This is something that causes a health concern. The ingestion of the fungus can have a serious impact. Some of them include kidney toxicity, teratogenicity, and liver toxicity.


Does Meow Mix offer variety in cat food?

Yes, the feed is available in both dry and wet forms. Also, it has certain flavors available as Tender Favorites, Pate Toppers, Classic Pate, and Simple Servings.

What are some protein sources in Meow Mix?

It offers protein from both animal and plant sources. Plus some artificial additives are also added. The animal source serves the purpose best.

What is a stabilizer in Meow Mix?

To enhance the shelf life of the product, stabilizers are added. Some of them you can identify as stabilizers on labels include guar gum and carrageenan. The former is safe to be used in cats. Thus, makes an additive of choice.

Does fish serve any good in cat food?

Yes, fish is rich in vitamin E. Also cats enjoy the smell and flavor thus, serving as an ingredient of interest. It also serves as an antioxidant, helping in achieving optimal health.

Is there any recall history of Meow Mix Cat Food?

Technically Meow Mix is not recorded for any recall in its production history. However, a small episode of fungal growth in the product is seen. This fungus grows on ingredients like corn and wheat. It can be really bad for cat health if ingested. The effects can include kidney toxicity and other health issues.

How costly is Meow Mix Cat Food?

The meow mix comes in a variety of flavors and food types. Still, it is an affordable product. One of its reasons for popularity amongst the masses.

Meow Mix is one of the oldest cat feed available on the market. It has survived all sorts of markets over the years. The competitive advantage was taken by its unique formula and range of flavors available.

Most consumers keep coming back to it because of its price. Moreover, it offers food packs both dry and wet food. Both come with their good and bad. The features have been discussed to have an insight into the product.

For the query Is Meow Mix A Good Cat Food? All facets need to be reviewed carefully. The food has a mix of high and average-quality ingredients. Which explains why the product remains easy on the pocket. But there are many options. Just like flavor choices we have a meow mix that offers quality. Wet food offers animal source protein better than dry food.

Meow mix comes with a mix of protein, the main need of carnivores. Yet it serves the mineral and carb needs. The carbohydrate in a certain amount brings a sense of fullness to the cat. The artificial ingredient could be a point of concern. Yet, this is what brings flavors and stability to the product. The product needs to stay fresh and safe during its shelf life. Necessitating the use. But one should be mindful of quantity as large intakes can be a threat to health.

Meow Mix remains an easy-to-have and affordable brand. The availability around the globe supports its purchase and popularity. A range of flavors makes it possible to serve an even larger chunk of cats.


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