Can Cats Eat Pastrami?

Introduction As a cat owner, it’s natural to wonder if certain human foods are safe for your feline companion. Pastrami, a popular deli meat, is often enjoyed by humans, but can it be safely shared with cats? In this article, we will explore the topic of cats consuming pastrami and provide insights into cat nutrition … Read more

How often do Cats Eat in the Wild?

Introduction In the wild, cats are natural predators with specific feeding patterns and behaviors. Understanding how often cats eat in their natural habitat can provide insights into their nutritional needs and help guide our approach to feeding domesticated cats. In this article, we explore the feeding habits of wild cats and how they differ from … Read more

Can Maine Coons Live With Other Cats?

Introduction Maine Coons are beloved for their large size, friendly personalities, and social nature. If you’re considering adding a Maine Coon to your family but already have other cats, you may be wondering if they can peacefully coexist. In this article, we will explore whether Maine Coons can live harmoniously with other cats and provide … Read more

Understanding Fear-Induced Defecation in Cats

Understanding Fear-Induced Defecation in Cats

When cats experience fear or anxiety, it can manifest in various ways, including fear-induced defecation. This behavior can be concerning for cat owners, but understanding the underlying causes and implementing appropriate strategies can help alleviate the issue. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind fear-induced defecation in cats and provide practical tips to … Read more

Undercoat Rake vs Furminator

Undercoat Rake vs Furminator

Cat grooming is an inherent feature of the cat. Cats love laying around and pampering themselves. While they are doing so, they are at risk of getting a hairball stuck in their throat. Not every time; long-length fur will be nice to have. A cut or trim is needed under certain conditions. Some veterinary specialists … Read more

Can Cats Eat Baked Beans?

cat cats eat baked beans

Beans are established as natural reservoirs of protein that serve as a rich source of amino acids in acids. This is taken by humans, prepared to utilize various recipes, relishing both taste and nutrients. But the question cats can eat baked beans and they are safe for their consumption remains unanswered. Primarily the cats fall into a group of … Read more

Adopting a Declawed Cat

adopting a declawed cat

The process of declawing in a cat is known as amputation. Typically, people go for declawing either the entire joint or some part of it. On the contrary, this could be a result of an accident resulting in amputation. No matter, what the cause of declawing remains, people have a reservation in adopting a declawed cat. … Read more

Cat With FIP when to Euthanize

cat with fip when to euthanize

Feline infectious peritonitis virus or FIP is a disease caused in young kittens when they spend time around other kittens in shelters. It is a fatal virus and in most cases, there are not many treatments that will benefit the kitten. Fip is not very common, but when it does occur, cat owners are suggested … Read more