Do Cats Have Eyebrows

Before going into the discussion, do cats have eyebrows or not – first stop. And think that do cats need eyebrows?

No idea? Ok, let’s make it a bit easier.

do cats have eyebrows

Have you ever thought about why do we (humans) need eyebrows?

It is because:

Eyebrows or eyelashes are responsible for stopping sweating and any incoming particle which comes in contact with the eyeball.

So, now the question arises that doesn’t cats need them?

This entire discussion looks simple but it is not. Sometimes you would feel that a certain cat has eyebrows or eyelashes but in actual it would be something else. Firstly, let’s discuss why do we have eyebrows? What’s the purpose behind it?

Why Do We Have Eyebrows?

Research studies sum it up like this that to keep the sweat, outside particles (dirt/ debris), and rain out of our eyes, it is needed that we should have eyebrows. And, when you think actually about it, the entire job is being done quite well.

Not only this, but eyebrows play a vital role in defining your facial expressions. You may have noticed in drawing and different cartoon characters like raising an eyebrow on an upward angle can define being happy while a downward-angled eyebrow can depict evilness.

So, the question remains intact that,

Do Cats Have Eyebrows?

So, the answer is No, cats do not have any eyebrows. But cat does have Whiskers instead of it.

What are Cat’s Whiskers?

Whiskers are a kind of thin hair in place of eyebrows that works as a radar for it. Yes, you read it right ‘radar’, because it helps the cat during night vision to prevent itself from the obstacles. Moreover, it also prevents the cat from excessive moisture or incoming dirt and debris. Here’s we are talking about the whiskers present above the eye area, but whiskers are also present at others of the face too i.e., cheek and under the chin.

The functionality of Cat’s Whiskers

  • It helps cats in being aware of the external environment. That’s why it leads to preventing any harmful changes occurring in the surrounding.
  • Plus it helps the cat to see the at-far objects easily without any difficulty.
  • The obvious one is – protection of the cat’s eyes from any other external objects i.e., dust and debris.
  • Moreover, it helps the cat to assess the distance & width while jumping. It enables the cat to calibrate the distance at an accurate approximation.

So, after all the facts mentioned above, why does a cat need an eyebrow at all – obviously not!

Moreover, there is also one more reason for it. Eyebrows play a vital role in expressing through facial expressions, and cats don’t need to communicate via it. So, it’s irrelevant for it and not needed at all.

Do all Cats have Eyebrow Whiskers?

Most cats have whiskers, but if one doesn’t have, you don’t have to panic. It’s all fine without it too. There are some breeds like Sphinx, Cornish Rex, etc. which don’t have whiskers at all or have a very thin one. Having a hairless breed is common as well.

Some Points to Remember related to Cat’s Whiskers

  • Falling out of Cat’s Eyebrow whiskers is normal. If it happens gradually in two to three weeks, you don’t have to worry. But if it does happen all at once, then go and consult a vet. It may be because of any chronic health condition, hormonal issues, allergies, or disorder.
  • Never try to cut or trim your cat’s eyebrow whiskers. I repeat, don’t try it at any cost. It may lose its sense of direction and distance calibration completely. And whiskers have many tiny nerves inside them that will get damaged as well.
  • If your cat has curly or wavy whiskers, it’s normal. Don’t get worried because it rubs its face too much that causes this phenomenon. Moreover, there is a breed ‘Selkirk Rex’ which naturally has curly whiskers.
  • If your cat licks or bites its whiskers, it’s just a sign that your cat is itself’s favorite. It’s a sign of affection, but don’t let it do this often as it can cause redness or irritation.
  • If your cat scratches the same area, then do consult a vet. It could be a sign of infection, allergic or any genetically transmitted disease.

Final Words

After reading this detailed article, now you know whether do cats have eyebrows or not. Cats usually have whiskers and it’s not the same as other mammals. That’s why it is said that cats do not have eyebrows. And trust me, it does a far better job for the cat rather than having eyebrows or lashes.


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