Is It Cheaper To Make Your Own Cat Food

So here we are with a common conundrum. One that cat parents tend to have. Is It Cheaper To Make Your Own Cat Food? Well technically speaking it is not the only thing one should be considering. It can be rewarding when it saves a buck or two. But ever wondered if it is safe too? So we need to cater to a few points before we jump to a conclusion. Read with us to find more.

is it cheaper to make your own cat food

The Big Question: Is It Cheaper To Make Your Own Cat Food

Preparing a home-cooked meal comes with the need of a lot of time and effort. You need to figure out quite a few things before taking an onset. Like being sure of the age of the cat. Looking into its dietary needs, and having a knowledge of food content needed by feline fellows.

Now, if you actually dive into the food preparation. After gathering the required data. The question comes down to the choice of ingredients. When you tend to make cat food. You choose material from the grocery store that comes cheap. You can have a range of options to choose from. But do not forget that a cat is an inherent carnivore. And the diet should be something around its inherent need.

On the other hand, when you come to picking a brand of food. You end up buying an expensive one. The reason is quality over price. Similarly, many people may end up buying some pricey stuff when plunged into the zone of making cat food. Yet keeping an eye on the price tag one can make a reasonable save over the price.

So What Does Making Cat Food At Home Have To Offer?

Money Saving

Of course, making the right choice. Picking ingredients wisely and putting a bit of effort into the process can make Is It Cheaper To Make Your Own Cat Food an indisputable yes. Try to picture what causes the brands to make the item pricey. It’s the branding process. The marketing, the ad campaign, and processing in between. This all tallies up and adds to the price of the final item high.

A little survey of the area. A little detailing of articles used in the food. Be it meat or other veggies to fulfill mineral requirements. Some others might include eggs, salmon, sweet potatoes, and a whole lot of pumpkin to serve the fiber. All shall be accessible and cheap.

Preservative-Free Nutritious Diet

While you look for Is It Cheaper To Make Your Own Cat Food, let us tell you what other benefits it brings to you. It is free of any additives or gluten products. Moreover, prepared branded food comes with a real lot of stabilizers. Also, homemade feline food is free of preservatives. This definitely adds to the good news.

A whole Lot Of Healthy Meal

The homemade diet comes with a whole lot of nutrition. It adds nutritious and pure ingredients, hand-picked from the best source. You can add the ingredient less or more as per the need of the cat. One can refer to a vet for any input.

Some Points To Be Aware Of

While you are all aware of the savings of homemade food. There are some particulars that one needs to be conscious of.

  • The first thing is retaining all ingredients in balance.
  • It is an obligate carnivore thus, needs to be fed with the right amount of meat for protein. All veggies and fiber won’t serve the best diet.
  • Yet, a proper balance of all other nutrition is still there. Some sort of minerals and vitamins need to be fed to the cat. Otherwise, a nutritional deficiency will be evident in the later growth stages.

What Does It Take To Prepare Cat Food At Home?

So here are a few essentials that are a must for a cat’s diet. While the cat branded food comes in a balance of all of the required ingredients. Here is a list of cat food essentials.

  • The meat of fish provides protein.

Protein: Cats being carnivores essentially need a whole lot of meat. It could be both raw and cooked. However, the handling or cooking norms should be followed in either case. Any source can serve the intent like fish, lamb, canned tuna, and many more options available locally.

Serving bones to the feline is also an option but needs to be served carefully.

  • The building block amino acids including taurine and arginine
  • A whole lot of vitamins and omega 3.

Vitamins like A and B are required for the cat’s growth. Some of the ideal sources are the liver and kidney, respectively. Some further sources include tongue, heart, and tripe.

  • Some mix of fatty acids
  • Some essential minerals to build file muscle.
  • Hydration needs the right amount of water.
  • Some essential amount of fibers of carbohydrates through rice and corn

So while asking about food preparation at home, do consider the economy. The right amount of energy needs to be served. Any share of malnutrition or imbalance will affect the health of your little feline. That will make all saved money be spent on the medicine and medical procedure aka treatments.

Commercial VS Home Cooked Food

While you wonder Is It Cheaper To Make Your Own Cat Food? It is also important to weigh the benefits over commercially available meals. Retail food is available both in frozen and raw ground form. The nutrition-packed meal is always an easy option. Helps hold time and serves all in one bag. However, preparing it on your own aids to save not only money. But add an absolute lot of love and care.

What to Pick: Cooked or Raw Homemade Cat Food

While we answer Is It Cheaper To Make Your Own Cat Food? with a yes. For people thinking of going for raw food like meat as the sole option. Might sound valuable with the time it may save. But the moment of alert shall be the contamination it brings in. It might include the bones that normal households tend to serve cats with.

As per the expert’s opinion, raw animal meat is not fit for cat consumption. It is filled with unseen bacteria. Some of the common ones include campylobacter, pseudomonas, and salmonella. This can in turn give rise to the varied stomach and intestinal issues.

Some cats that are healthy overall, can fight down the infection. But the weak ones may not fight it down. Moreover, either of them can act as a carrier for fellow felines. The bones can otherwise cause injuries in GIT due to the splinters they shed.

Handful Suggestions For Cat parents Making Cat Food at Home

Overall we answer Is It Cheaper To Make Your Own Cat Food with a yes. Yet it is mandatory to provide backup data. Switching blindly to a homemade diet without any consideration of some common contributors may end in a cataclysm. Here are a few key points to be taken care of.

Time Is Key: Commit if You Can Spare Time

So time is a pivotal factor when preparing food at home. It needs to be prepared and served fresh. It can not be kept in the refrigerator or stored for an extended time. For this long, the food will lose its nutritional content. So setting in the commitment and time is the prime thing. Be ready to add this to your routine.

Switch Slowly from Commercial To Homemade

If you are already feeding the cat with packaged food. Make sure that the transition is gradual. Prompt abruption in the diet plans or food can cause a cat disturbed in mood and GIT also.

You can also begin by mixing portions of both. Or keeping it slow-paced. Without the cat realizing the actual difference. Concerning the Vet is the foremost thing to be done here.

Keep The Nutritional Balance

While switching to homemade cat food. And searching for Is It Cheaper To Make Your Own Cat Food? It is also needed to keep a balance. Not only money is a concern but holding a consonance is also needed. A lot of the recipes are available. Both on the net and otherwise with the help of a vet can be referred for the same.

Try Incorporating The Vet-Approved Recipes

While you plan to switch to homemade cat food. And look for recipes to prepare. Try integrating the vet-recommended diet for cats. The vet is in an adequate position to refer to a balanced diet as per the needs of your kitty.

The vet is the best judge of the cat’s health. It will in fact document data for weight, age, and any health concerns in question. This will save the cat from any trouble or food complications.

Keep The Recipes Intact

While you are all set to switch to cat food preparation at home. Beware of the fact that recipes are meant to be heeded as it is. The recipes are designed specifically for the needs of cats. It comes with a portion of each required element by the cat’s body.

Like every household specialty. Try not to alter recipes to bring flavor or their own uniqueness to them. They fail to realize how badly they affect the nutritional value. For cats, there is nothing like taste alteration as any spice is a big no. Refer a vet in case of any need.

Keep In Touch With Vet

The vet is your go-to guy for all cat-associated needs. The cat will have health-related needs and regular checkups that can be done by visiting the vet regularly. For any recipe queries, arising complications, or viral breaks out. Refer to the vet without a delay.

Incorporate Supplements As Needed

While we put focus on a balanced diet along with savings to your query i.e. Is It Cheaper To Make Your Own Cat Food? It is important to accept the fact that apparently, no diet shall fulfill a cent percent body’s needs. In this case, some supplements will be required. Some of them are ones that will fulfill vitamin, mineral, or fiber demands. Some might be unique to the cat type or needs. The vet can refer to a suitable type and amount of supplement.


How does Homemade Cat food supersede commercial products?

Homemade food takes the right amount of care and love. No branded food can supply this amount of devotion. Making way from the owner’s heart to the cat’s belly.

But technically the benefit is far more. It is free of any additives and artificial content. No stabilizers or gluten will be part of a home diet. So is the case with preservatives and flavoring agents.

Some branded food can initiate hypersensitivities amongst cats. The owner can withdraw such ingredients and help the cat with healthy items. Commercial food can be alluring and all attractive. But nothing can save the health and goodness that comes with homemade food.

What are some important things one should know when opting for cat food preparation at home?

  • Be ready to spare time
  • Follow balanced diet
  • Refer a vet
  • Go for cooked over raw meat.
  • Do not change the recommended recipe.

How is making cat food home a good thing?

Homemade cat food can serve the cat well. It helps save cats from commercial food allergens and artificial content. It can be really good in the case of feline diseases. However, cats need to be served a balanced diet. It can be done by following approved recipes. Or following a vet’s recommendation.

What to choose between Cooked or Raw Meat while preparing food for cats at home?

In the natural scenario, the cat will be eating raw meat. So it will be able to digest in such a setup. However, raw meat when served at home might not be digestible for sheltered ones. The likelihoods of the infection get high. A number of bacteria can invade the intestine and stomach. It is better not to risk cats with raw food. And serve well cooked instead.

Does Homemade Food offer Healthy food options for cats?

Yes, it does. It’s not a yes only to  Is It Cheaper To Make Your Own Cat Food? But also the health usefulness it brings. Nonetheless, to ensure it is complete some set recipes are needed. Plus a vet can be referred to make it customized for your cat distinctly.

Concluding Remarks:

While people question  Is It Cheaper To Make Your Own Cat Food? And focus on the saving part. We tend to address other things that run hand in hand. Yes, it can be economical but demands time. It does help save some bucks but summons extra attention.

One needs to be sure of the recipes one ought to prepare. Plus one needs to be careful of the type, quantity, and category of ingredients to be added. Most of the time, vet help is needed. He helps strike a balance in all ingredients.

Any missing content may affect the health of the cat. Yet the right quantity of protein is the main thing. As a cat is a carnivore by nature. Other minerals, vitamins, and carbohydrates are also essential for the normal build-up of a cat’s body.

While commercial food comes in frozen or granular form. It is easy to serve and handy. On the other hand, home-prepared food needs time to prepare and to shop for each item needed. But when shifting to homemade food, the shift should be unhurried. A mix can be fed too, to get the cat used to it. Some supplements can be used if demanded by the vet.

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