Fancy Feast for Diabetic Cats

It is quite definite to be worried about your cat’s health and diet. And this concern increases when your cat is already suffering from a serious medical condition like diabetes. It’s a good thing that you are here for looking that, ‘Is Fancy Feast for diabetic cats?’ Well, there might be several reasons like it has to offer low carbs and dietic management wet cat foods.

Hence, there are many varieties of fancy feasts classics mentioned here that you could provide your cat with but DO consult your vet about it beforehand.

fancy feast for diabetic cats

Calculate Your Diabetic Cat’s Balanced Diet

Put the weight in KG, approximate age, and choose the activity level from the drop-down list.
The calculator above will give you a rough idea of how much food nutrients your diabetic cat may need. You may correlate this with fancy feast and see if the fancy feast food you have chosen is going to help your cat. Alternatively, you may check with your vet.

Overview of the Diabetic Cats?

Deciding what to feed your diabetic cat with, it is important to understand that what diabetes is and what medical condition your cat is facing.

Only then you can offer a proper fancy feast for a Diabetic cat of yours.

The Diabetes in Cats:

Diabetes in cats is also known as Diabetes Mellitus.

Basic Introduction:

  • It is the second well-known and common endocrine disorder that is found in cats.
  • Studies show that approximately 0.5% to 2% cat population is suffering from diabetes, and the number might increase on daily basis.
  • It is most of the time found in the cats which are overweight or older ones.

General Mechanism:

Diabetic cats face the same mechanism like the one in a diabetic human.

Cat diabetes happens when the cat’s body is not able to make enough insulin, or could not use this insulin properly, which is very important to regulate the glucose which is the blood sugar.

Insulin is defined as the hormone which is secreted in the pancreas and allows the blood sugar- glucose to be absorbed into the human cells and be used as energy later on.

But when diabetes, there is an extreme of glucose in the blood, hence, resulting in a high sugar level in the blood.

As a result, when the body fails to make energy from glucose, it starts to break down other vital biomolecules like proteins and lipids as an alternative.

This is not a preferred situation for the body.

What to feed your Diabetic Cat with?

Thinking of feeding fancy feasts for diabetic cats, the following points must be kept in mind. They would help your cat to lead a healthy life regardless of diabetes.

1.     Feast low on carbohydrates:

Having already increased blood sugar levels, you must feed your cat with food that is low on carbohydrates.

This is because your cat’s blood sugar level is already high due to the failure of insulin, to break it for energy purposes.

So, you do not need to elevate it more as it will cause harm to your feline.

That is why, by the consultation of your vet, go for the diet that contains low carbohydrates that will keep up balance and would not add fuel to fire like situations.

2.    Wet food vs Dry food:

For diabetic cats, one needs to decide the choice of what to feed very carefully.

Keeping in view the blood sugar level in the cat’s body, the food must be chosen fairly. Hence, the debate comes to whether to feed wet or dry food.

Following the reasons that wet food is way better than dry food as a choice for diabetic cats:

·       The Carbohydrate quantity:

When you look through the wet food components, they are low in carbohydrate quantities, in contrast to the dry foods for felines.

Thus, the lower carbohydrate is much needed for diabetic cats. That is why wet cat food is usually prescribed for older cats.

·       The Water Content:

Wet foods also known as liquid foods, offer more water content to the felines as compared to dry foods.

Water is very much essential and preferable for diabetic felines.

Therefore, wet food is again another good option for cats that have already high blood sugar levels. Water is needed to maintain the level of sugar in some instances.

Precautions for wet food:

Wet foods are a good option, but they also needed to have a proper check and balance. You must check the wet food components to know about the carbohydrate content in them.

  • Only choose the wet food with lower carbohydrates.
  • Try to elude the ‘gravy’ of the wet foods. The gravy has the most carbohydrate content in it.

3.    Dietary Fibers in the food:

Dietary fibers are the component in the food that would help to:

·       Balancing the Sugar level:

They maintain the blood glucose level. They help in managing sugar levels to a balanced one.

·       Weight Loss:

Dietary fibers are the ones to help in weight loss. Weight loss is important here because diabetes is said to be associated with felines overweight.

Obesity is also one of the factors that are involved in the reduced insulin response.

Thus, maintaining a good body weight for the cats is also important in managing diseases, like diabetes.

4.   Good Protein Content:

The cats with diabetes must be given good quality and quantity of protein. This is because diabetic cats are said to lose muscle mass, hence, the protein source is really important for them. That is why you could find your cat wandering in cobwebs.

Fancy Feast for Diabetic cats

So, fancy feast cat food could be one of the options to feed your cat with.

What is Fancy Feast cat food?

Fancy Feast is one of the fine mid-grade diets that are easy to find around. They are loved by the cats and is a particularly popular food recommended for cats with diabetes.

Diabetic cats, as mentioned above, generally must be given high protein and low carbohydrate diets. Prescriptions and special dietary foods are very expensive, so many people go for Fancy Feast as an alternative.

It is one of the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) approved food you could choose for your cat.

Common Reasons to use Fancy Feast for Diabetic cats:

Following are some reasons that you could go for a fancy feast for diabetic cats:

1.     Fancy Feast-A wet food:

Dry cat food is said to have a greater number of carbohydrates than wet ones. You would not want to feed your already suffering cat with diabetes with more of them.

Also, they have more water content than dry ones that would balance the blood glucose level of your cat.

Thus, Fancy Feast is a good option as a wet food than dry ones.

2.   Fancy Feast-Lower in carbohydrates:

Studies show that diabetic cats must be given below 10% carbohydrate calories. There might be a number of foods offering low carbohydrate content and Fancy Feast Classics are one of the options.

Also, it has to be a higher protein and lower fat with a lower fat content which is the main attribute of Fancy Feast Classics.

3.    Fancy Feast-More protein content:

Fancy feast as compared to other cat foods contains more crude proteins.

Protein is known to be a very important part of one’s cat’s diet.

And without sufficient proteins, your already suffering cat might be forced to face more adverse effects. Thus, Fancy Feast is a good option to go for.

4.    Fancy Feast Nutritional Information:

A table is given for the nutritional information regarding the Fancy Feast Classic:

Guaranteed Analysis9%N/A2%
Basis of Dry Matter50%14%11%
Calorie Breakdown55%15%30%


From this table, it can be seen that carbohydrate content is way lesser than the protein one and therefore, is good for your diabetic cat.

5.    Flavors and Taste:

Do not worry that your feline would reject them due to bad taste. They are appetizing to have!

Also are present in many flavors, therefore, go for any one of them your cat would like. Cat’s feed nutritional values can be found in Cat Canned and Pouched Food Calorie Count.

Type of Fancy feast for Diabetic cats

Now, Fancy feast is a major category involving many other classifications under it.

The three major classifications are:

  1. Classic Pate
  2. Gravy Lovers
  3. Flaked

Classic Pate-The best option for Diabetic cats:

Of the three above mentioned, classic pate and flaked are preferred options for your diabetic feline than the gravy one.

Classic Pate vs Gravy Lovers:

As we know from the early discussion that carbohydrates are already bad for cats having Diabetes. Thus, one must be careful that the type of Fancy Feast being used is either good or not.

Fancy feast Classic is said to have below 10% carbohydrate content in them, whereas any variety saying the ‘gravy’ has already boosted carbohydrate in them.

So, one should look properly at what to get to avoid any accident.

The Flake Variety:

Some flaked varieties also contain lower content of carbs; therefore, you can go for that too.

Things to know about Fancy Feast Classics:

Following are some points that would help you have some idea about the Fancy Feast Classics generally:

1.     Consult your vet:

The major or uttermost thing is to keep your vet in the loop.

Your feline already is not doing well, and you would not like to mess it up.

So, get the proper recommendation from your vet and then go for the Fancy Feast for your cat.

Your vet can guide you in the best manner about the cat food and when to feed your cat with it with normal doses that are good for its health.

2.    Classic Varieties Available:

The classic varieties that could be given to diabetic cats available are:

  • Classic Seafood Feast
  • Classic Chicken Feast
  • Classic Savory Salmon Feast
  • Classic Tender Beef Feast
  • Classic Salmon & Shrimp Feast
  • Classic Tender Beef & Chicken Feast
  • Classic Ocean Whitefish & Tuna Feast
  • Classic Tender Beef & Liver Feast
  • Classic Cod, Sole & Shrimp Feast
  • Classic Turkey & Giblets Feast
  • Classic Chopped Grill Feast Classic Tender Liver & Chicken Feast

Caution for seafood products:

Remember the best thing to do is to limit serving fish or seafood products to a few times a week.

3.    The price of Fancy Feast cat food:

Here is the estimated price of the fancy feast wet cat food.

But keep in mind, it may vary from variety to variety or maybe changed on daily basis depending upon the company:

Per pound$5.06
Per calorie$0.0123


4.   Buying Fancy Feast for diabetic cats:

You can buy the Fancy Feast for your cats from the following platforms:

  • Chewy
  • PetFlow
  • Amazon

Putting an end

If you were confused with Fancy Feast for diabetic cats, this article would help you sort out the situation pretty much.

Diabetic felines need most importantly high proteins and low carbohydrate diets; hence, the nutritional analysis would state that Fancy Feast could be one option.

Make sure that gravy ones are not meant for diabetic cats due to the high carbs in them, the best is to go with classic varieties.

But everything you do; your vet must be aware of it because he knows the best about your cat’s condition and would give the recommendations that are good for your cat.

Cheers to the happy feeding of Fancy Feast Classics! Additionally if you are want to compare Friskies and Fancy Feast then you may want to go with the latter.

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  1. My cats love fancy feast pates. Seafood ones seems to make one of them throw up especially the dry Purina too, I recently adopted them as they were left in one crate on a Buffalo ,NY beach. They are sweet, One I am worried about, Hungry often, eats little at a time and drinks lot of water, Diabetes? So Fancy Feast pate is the best. A doctor visit is coming up for him. So glad I read your info. No wonder they love yours the best! I feel relieved now that I am feeding them the best. Thank You Christine and Sunny and Baby

  2. Great info. My cat just diagnosed and has always loved FF elegant medleys. She isn’t loving classic pate( no gravy) but is ok w kitten tender chicken feast. Can’t get carb level on that. Can you help? Thanks

  3. Fancy Feast now has other varieties, new “naturals”. Wondering if the carb content is low enough with them as an alternative? The Classics are getting hard to find

  4. The fancy feast turkey and giblets pate has 5% fat, what person of calories would it be? Also, I was using naturals and stopped the turkey had double the salt and they use dicalcium phosphate instead of the tricalcium. Thanks for your article.


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