My Cat wants to go Outside and won’t stop Meowing

If your cat wants to go outside and won’t stop meowing, then you need to do what it is asking for. Meowing is its only way to communicate with you. You might find it cute at first but may end up getting irritated, right? Hence, try to find the core reason for this continuous meowing rather than harshly shutting your pet up. This could be one way to stop your cat from being vocal for no reason.

Let us discuss the causes and also the solution to this behavior of your beloved pet.

my cat wants to go outside and won't stop meowing

Meowing-Best way to grab the owner’s attention

This might often cross your mind that why cat’s meow in the first place?

Like when a human baby cries to ask its mommy to feed, with food or any requirement of them to be fulfilled, a similar phenomenon is followed here.

The cat meows to be vocal for its trouble or desires.

The cat goes for the meowing so that you could understand that something is bothering them, or they want you to do something for them.

Cats do not meow in vain but only when they need the attention and attraction of their owner.

Your feline would meow at you every time it needs you either for taking it outside or feeding it with the food or only for the sake of your love.

And if the meowing is not enough for you to satisfy their craving for attention, then it might swipe at you when you walk by or even lick your earlobe.

Be aware!

Reasons my cat wants to go outside and won’t stop meowing

Well, there might be several reasons that your cat wants to go outside and is meowing for it.

Following are some common answers to your question that my cat wants to go outside and won’t stop meowing for it:

1.      Your cat is in a mood to Hunt:

It is not something unusual that your cat wants to go outside and meows for it consistently.

Cats are the born hunters. They need to satisfy their predatory nature. They prefer to do so by sitting on their toys or hunt on their own.

Therefore, they want to go outside to hunt down or predate by themselves.

And maybe you are not allowing that in some way or paying attention, so your beloved feline is crying for it.

2.     Time for some entertainment for your cat:

Another circumstance when your cat is meowing to go outside is when it is looking for some fun.

It is a definite possibility that your feline is being bored by staying inside the home all the time.

Hence, they are just desperate to go out and find themselves some pleasure.

And if they want to entertain themselves by going outside, they want you to let them go out, thus the meowing.

Let your feline have the fresh air too!

3.     Your cat is discovering the environment:

Just like the natural ability of cats to predate remains and to satisfy them by going outside, they would like to assess their vicinity area.

They evaluate their surroundings by going outside and see by themselves.

They need to do so as they are looking for potential mates or dangers that may prevail around them.

So, they are meowing to go outside to research on their own.

Let them be!

4.    Hey owner, I am just curious!

This is a cat’s nature to be curious. They are just like that. Only curiosity is making them go outside.

They are just interested that something might be happening outside the front door that they cannot ignore.

They might just rush with you when going out or they have to meow to ask you to take them with you.

But the story behind this is just mere curiosity. Hence, do not be worried. You should allow them to go in the streets.

5.    Your cat wants to be with you:

The cats are attention lovers and crave the affection of their owners. They would like you to spend time with them.

Their meowing might be a way to make you understand that they would love to have a walk with you outside.

So, being a good owner, you should follow that wish of theirs.

Take a walk with your beloved feline in the park or anywhere, they would be happy and would also stop meowing at you.

After knowing the answers to why my cat wants to go outside and won’t stop meowing, there should be some way to overcome it too.

Let us look that how to lessen the obsession of your feline with the outdoors.

Stopping your cat meowing to go outside

It might be inconvenient for you that your cat is so much obsessed with going outdoors.

Well, here are some ways that you can make sure that your cat does not meow enough to go outside.

1.      Add some fun to your cat’s indoor activities:

One of the main reasons that your cat is meowing to go outside is that it is done indoors and is bored with the same environment.

No doubt the outdoors has much to offer to your feline friend. The amazing sights and different odors keep them lively being creatures.

The cats find anything they like to have entertained with by exploring and jumping around.

Therefore, you need to make your indoors quite enjoyable for them.

You have to create the indoors like the outside environment.

What you can do to keep your cat indoors?

There are plenty of things you can do to enrich your indoors like outside environment:

1.     Adding fun resources at your place for your cat:

You can add a variety of resources at your place that attracts your feline to run outside like high shelves, some artificial tree-like plants, and some confined spots for scratching like Emery Board.

These things are a must attraction for your beloved cat.

2.     Play with your feline:

The next thing you might go for is to play with your cat at times. Run around with them.

Spending time with them and having fun with them by opting for different means with them would be a turning point.

3.     Keep the cats busy with fun and complex toys:

Give your cat some fun toys and complex ones to play with. They are anxious by nature and would love them.

One more thing is that cats are amused by the treasure hunts. You hide the pieces of the puzzle and make your feline look for them.

Try to create scenarios that your cat might feel at home and won’t bother going outside.

4.    A robotic mouse running around the house:

A robot mouse running around the house might also be a fun thing to catch for your feline and satisfy its predatory nature.

Cats like to hunt by nature, hence, if they get their role in hunting, all that is left for them is eating and take a long nap…

2.     Exercising with your cat:

‘My cat wants to go outside and won’t stop meowing’, this is merely just happening that it’s your cat’s nature.

But the main reason is that it is just bored staying indoors and fed up with the daily lame routine.

Now, you need to do is bring about some changes in your feline’s life so that it prefers staying inside.

To ensure staying home and not going outside, you have to indulge your cat in events that interest them.

Exercising with them and playing are the best option.

Getting enough playtime and exercising with them will make them stay indoors as it would cover their desire to go out.

Working out will wear them out in one way and they would prefer resting, therefore, would not bother you to take them outdoors.

They already got their way of stretching themselves by training with you physically then what is the need to go outside?

3.     Interaction with your cat:

Cats are born attention seekers without any doubt. Behind all the actions, the sole purpose is to be with you whether it’s meowing to go outside.

As an owner, you must involve them in different tricks and treats. Only some cheerful interaction can make them stay home.

Give them the time and attention they deserve and all they will do is being busy with you!

4.     Teach your cat some tricks:

Once you succeed in keeping your feline physically and mentally busy, it will divert their attention from going outside.

Try to have fun with them by treating them and teaching them some tricks.

Cats like to roll over, make them do so. Motivate them to jump on their carriers, it makes them feel playful.

Make them come to you on your call or do the sit-stand when you say and many more!

Such actions might make them learn something new and good. They will better focus on that than meowing to go outside.

5.     A cat door for your feline:

Apart from all your struggles, your cat still wants to go outside. It is by nature, and you can do nothing about it.

If your cat is quite sensible about the outdoors, you might install a cat door for them.

To stop the meowing, which is frustrating for you both, go for an easy way i.e., installing a pet door.

But your cat should be trained enough that when to go outside and when to be home again.

To avoid them going outside the house at night, make sure that the cat door owns a lock. Lock them before going to bed.

Also, to deal with some unexpected situations like losing your cat and it could not find its way back, put some microchip readers or have the pet tags on your feline’s collar.

In any case, if your cat does not return home, you can easily go look for them.

If you could not find them, then someone else will notice the lost feline of yours and through the information on the collar tag, will bring the pet back.

6.    Getting your feline neutered or spayed:

If your cat is not neutered or spayed, another reason that they are going outside to mate.

Both the males and females could be vocal enough when they are in heat and want to mate. Take this account into consideration.

Both of their hormones lead them towards the opposite gender, hence resulting in constantly meowing to go outside.

Thus, get your felines neutered for the best. It is also recommended by most vets.

Because by this, your cat would not be able to go for unannounced breeding, etc.

Also, neutering will reduce the hormonal changes in them and reduce the meowing for going outdoors to find a mate, hence, lessening certain health conditions.

Or by discussing with your vet Q-Tip method can be used to deal with the heat issue of your cat.

What can be done if your cat is still meowing and wants to go outside?

Two safe sides pathways can be followed if your cat is not in a mood to listen to you and stay home:

1.      Train your cat about the outdoors:

Apart from all your struggles, your cat still wants to go outside. It is by nature, and you can do nothing about it.

In this case, you can do is be prepared and train your cat about the outside consequences.

Training must include:

  • Their behavior with other animals in the area
  • Finding their way back home
  • Places where your cat can’t be
  • Do not eat anything they find

And everything that could be dangerous for your feline as you think! As a pet owner, it is all on you that how you bring about your beloved cat.

2.     Go for an Outdoor Enclosure for cats:

Pick up a design and settle some outdoor enclosure systems for your cat.

This enclosure would be pretty much like the outside environment, therefore, will fulfill the cat’s desire to enjoy the outdoor.

There will be no danger like the one you would face when your cat is outside.

This is an outdoor-like setup that would complete all the demands of out of the house but is safe enough for your feline.

Your feline can crash in this place whenever it wants to.

The End

Cats, being creatures, would cherish the outdoors. Consequently, ‘my cat wants to go outside and won’t stop meowing’.

All you can do is understand their desire and fulfill it. Keep them busy, both physically and mentally, to divert their minds from the outdoors.

But still, if they want to be in the fresh air, ensure their safety and your presence with them to prevent any trouble.

It is your pet’s wish, and you have no other choice than to follow it but you can make the rules!

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